Chapter 112: Jade Ornament

Meng Nan followed Old Lady Bai all the way through their house and watched her as she took out her small wooden box. The small wooden box has locked and the key was hanging on the old lady’s neck.

When the old lady took the key from her neck, the jade ornament that was also hanging on her neck was also pulled out. The jade ornament was not something ordinary, it’s shape was very unique. It was crafted by a skilled craftsman. Nothing can be compared to it.

How can such a poor family have such a good thing?

Old Lady Bai hurriedly tucked back the jade ornament inside her collar. She moved in utmost secrecy. Then, Old Lady Bai took out the small box and opened it.

Meng Nan turned and said: “Take out the small box with you.”


Back in the courtyard, Meng Nan asked Bai Fugui, who was next to Bai Erzhu, in front of everyone: “You, have you ever seen this small box of your grandmother? Or have you ever opened it?”

Bai Fugui looked at the Local Magistrate, he didn’t expect that Local Magistrate would suddenly talk to him. He was so scared that he couldn’t speak.

Bai Erzhu busily replied: “This small box has always been under Niang’s care. It was locked up for years. Even I haven’t touched that thing, let alone my son. This matter has nothing to do with him. Daren, you cannot accuse innocent people.”

Meng Nan opened his mouth and said: “This official has never said that this matter has anything to with him. I just want to understand the situation, why are you getting so excited?”

Bai Erzhu added: “Daren, the key has always been with my Niang. It never leaves her body. Also, we’ve never seen the money inside of it before.”

Old Lady Bai felt something bad, but she still hasn’t figured out what was wrong. Her brain hasn’t fully absorbed the situation.

Bai Zhi and Hu Feng smiled at the same time. Its seemed this case has already been solved my Meng Nan.

Meng Nan nodded his head and turned to look at the Old Lady Bai: “This official just saw you open the box. The money was inside, while the lock is intact. The key is also under your care, then how exactly did you lose the money?”

Old Lady Bai hurriedly pointed her finger to Bai Zhi: “It’s her, it must be her. When she hadn’t separated from us, she often works inside the house. She always cleans my room. Aside from her, who else could it be?”

Meng Nan ask again: “What do you mean? She has the ability to take away things out of nowhere? Your small box is clearly locked. The key is with you. If she doesn’t have that kind of ability, how will she going to take the key from your neck?”

“This, this… … I don’t know how she did it, but it must be her, it must be her.”

Meng Nan’s face sank, then he coldly said: “Open the box again.”

When Old Lady Bai was pulling the key on her neck, her hands were shaking. So, the jade ornament was also pulled by her just like from earlier.

The jade ornament faintly shines under the sunlight. The face of the laughing buddha clearly became visible.

When Zhao Lan saw the jade ornament, her face drastically changed. And the fist under her sleeves immediately clenched into a fist.

Hu Feng, who was standing beside Hu Changlin, also felt a strange familiarity inside his heart when he saw the jade ornament.

The jade ornament looks very familiar, he seemed to have seen it somewhere before.

He wanted to crack his brain to remember it, but he really couldn’t remember anything.

Old Lady Bai tucked back the jade ornament inside her collar in a hurry. Then, she opened the small box with shaking hands. It took her a lot of time before she could open it.

The box was very small, it only has the same size as Meng Nan’s palm.

Meng Nan took the small box to the old lady and looked inside of it. Inside, there were only a few scattered pieces and stringed copper coins.

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