Chapter 117: Riches and honor

Meng Nan asked: “You said that the doctors were too cautious to give this medicine to me? If this medicine is for detoxification, then what is the problem?”

Bai Zhi explained: “If the dosage is right, naturally, there will be no problem. The only problem is how to grasp the exact dose. That’s why I said your doctor is a quack. He obviously cannot grasp the needed dosage, so he only uses a little amount. The antidote can also become a poison.”

Meng Nan knitted his eyebrows and stared at Bai Zhi. Her little face was covered with purple bruises, but her eyes were bright and shining like sunshine. Her face was also full of confidence.

Jin Shiwei’s eyebrows just stretched but it knitted again: “What did you say? Once the dosage is wrong, the antidote can also become a poison? Isn’t that too dangerous?”

Bai Zhi suddenly smiled, revealing her a row of porcelain white teeth. Her small dimples on the cheeks were also revealed faintly.

“This is the so-called “riches and honor”. If Daren’s poison can be solved easily, then why it hasn’t been resolved? Without taking a risk, how can you taste the fruit of victory?”

Jin Shiwei wanted to open his mouth again, but Meng Nan gave him a signal to shut up.

Meng Nan said: “Well, I believe in you, I believe you will not let me down.”

Bai Zhi just smiled and no longer open her mouth. For a doctor, the patient’s trust is more important than anything else.

Bai Zhi turned her head and looked towards Hu Feng’s room. His door was still closed. It seems he doesn’t have a plan to lend her a hand.

Now, two more people were added to eat lunch. If no one will give her a hand, then when will she finish cooking?

Zhao Lan and Hu Changlin were working and cleaning the courtyard that has been messed up by the Bai Family. They cannot help her.

So Bai Zhi’s eyes fell on Jin Shiwei’s body: “Jin Shiwei, can you do me a favor?”

Looking at Bai Zhi’s sly looking smile, Jin Shiwei instinctively shook his head: “I… …”

Jin Shiwei hasn’t finished, but Meng Nan cut off his words and nodded his head: “He has nothing to do now. If there is something you need, just tell him.”

What else can Jin Shiwei say now? Who lets this guy open his mouth? Who lets this guy be his master?

Bai Zhi smiled and said: “Then, let’s go Jin Shiwei.”


In the kitchen, Bai Zhi started washing and cutting the vegetables. These were the foods they bought yesterday. She originally wanted to use them for two more meals, but it seems they can only eat them now.

Jin Shiwei was full of sweat while making a fire. This was his first time in the kitchen. And now, he was sitting in front of the stove. It was also his first time to be slaved by a girl… …

It was near afternoon, but Bai Zhi was not in a hurry to make dumplings. She beat two eggs and adjusted its texture with a flour, then sprinkled it with chopped onions. Bai Zhi cooked egg pancakes and heated the half pot of corn rib soup that was left last night. When the pot touched the stove, in a short while, it gives off a unique scent of the flavor of corn with ribs.

Jin Shiwei sniffed the scent and asked: “What is that smell?”

Bai Zhi was putting a salted fish in the pan when she pointed her finger towards the stove: “That is the pot of corn ribs soup on the stove. If you are hungry, you can drink a bowl of it first.”

Jin Shiwei has long been hungry for a long time now. He couldn’t count how many times his stomach growl. So, when he smelled that aromatic flavor, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

“Then, I won’t be polite.” Jin Shiwei shoved another firewood and hurriedly stood up. Then, he took a bowl and a spoon on the shelf.

After uncovering the pot lid, he almost gets drunk with its aroma.

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