Chapter 12: Sexy Man

Bai Zhi also went inside and picked up a few ordinary clothes.

Village Chief Li took the tubs from Hu Changlin’s hands and said, “Hurry, let’s go. I’ll send you two girls in there before this heavy rain pours.”

Zhao Lan responded with a quick step and pulled Bai Zhi out the courtyard with Hu Changlin.

But, just as they walked halfway in the road, the heavy rain poured down. So, they trotted and came in first in Hu Changlin’s house. Hu Changlin said to the mother and child: “You guys take a shelter here first. When the rain stops, you go and clean the cabin. So, that your quilt will not get dirty and wet.”

With this agreement, Village Chief Li borrowed a piece of clothing to Hu Changlin and went back to his home in the rain.

Hu Changlin then led Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi to sit in the living room. But, their butt hasn’t touched the chair, when they heard a noise in the backyard. Bai Zhi and Zhao Lan quickly followed behind Hu Changlin.

However, it turns out, Hu Feng came back from the mountain. He was sitting half-naked in the backyard and washing his clothes soaked in sweat.

As the raindrops fell on his sturdy body. The crystallized water drops continued to slide, from his smooth back, up to his navy blue colored waistband. Which made him look extremely hot and sexy.

His tan skin didn’t lessen the handsomeness of his face. A face that was enough to kill all the women.

Bai Zhi swallowed her saliva, as she continued looking at the young man’s bare body.

Hu Changlin spoke with a smile: “Hu Feng, from now on, Zhao Lan and Zhi’er will live in the cabin. But now, because of the rain, they stayed first inside the house.”

Hu Feng looked at Zhao Lan and nodded his head. He then swept his eyes towards Bai Zhi. His eyes didn’t stay long staring at them, he continued washing his clothes.

Hu Changlin said: “Don’t mind, Hu Feng. He originally doesn’t talk much. It’s not because you’re not welcome here.”

Zhao Lan smiled and nodded. “I know that. When I went to the mountain to pick wild vegetables, I nearly fell on the slope, Hu Feng saved me. I haven’t thanked him, but he left.”

Hu Changlin laughed: “There is such a thing. I’ve never heard of it. You two sit first, I’ll go and prepare the dinner. Just eat dinner here, before you go to the cabin to rest.”

As soon as Bai Zhi heard his words, she pulled up her sleeves and said: “I’ll go too. I’ll help you prepare dinner. Where is the kitchen?”

Hu Changlin waved his hand and said, “You don’t need to. You also have wounds on your body. Go and have some rest. Once your wounds healed, I won’t stop you.”

However, once Bai Zhi found the kitchen, she walked straight in there without looking back: “I’m not hurt, it’s only skin injuries. I’ll be fine in a few days.”

Hu Changlin’s eyes swept over Zhao Lan. Zhao Lan felt bad inside her heart. Her daughter was hurt like this. But, because they were staying in someone else home and they will eat, her daughter was forcing herself to work: “If she wants to do it, let her do so. It’s just her cooking skill is bad. Please forgive her in advance.”

My cooking skill is bad?

Bai Zhi smiled, the previous Bai Zhi’s cooking skill was bad. But she, her cooking skill was no worst than the head chef in a nine-start hotel.

However, aside from the pots and pans, there was nothing else inside the kitchen, but vegetable seeds.

After searching for a long time, she finally found a jar of rice at the bottom of the cabinet. The jar was only as big as an ordinary cylindrical bottle. So no need to mention about four people’s meal. Even two people cannot eat with this amount. In the memory of dead Bai Zhi, she has never seen, nor eaten a white rice before. She only eats rice soup all the time. No wonder she was very thin.

The Bai Family has 5 acres of land. If all their harvest will be sold, it was enough to feed the whole family. However, the Bai Family used their earnings to support Bai Xioafeng’s studies.

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