Chapter 40: 100 year old wild ginseng

Hu Changlin took the bamboo tube and drank the spring water. Although it was not that cold, it was a great satisfaction in this summer heat of the afternoon.

Hu Changlin handed the remaining half of the water to Hu Feng, but Hu Feng refused to accept it. Saying he was not thirsty.

Hu Changlin scratched his head: “Oh, look at my memory. I forgot you don’t like sharing utensils with other people. I should have let you drink first.”

Hu Feng didn’t answer, he got up and walked towards the bamboo bag and took out two yacon fruits from the inside. Then, he took out his dagger and began peeling them.

“What is that?” Hu Changlin couldn’t help but asked, he was happy inside his heart. Hu Feng seemed harvested a lot more this time, now that he went with Bai Zhi in the mountain.

Hu Feng cut the yacon fruit several times. His movement was very fast. They didn’t even see how did he cut it. The yacon fruit was peeled and cut in just a short moment.

Snow lotus herb.” He only spoke three words and handed it directly to Hu Changlin: “You eat them first.”

Hu Changlin naturally wouldn’t be polite to his son. He took a bite of the yacon fruit. The taste was sweet and it was crispy. He actually didn’t know how to describe the delicious taste. It taste new and special.

His first yacon fruit hasn’t been swallowed, but Hu Feng was already cutting the second one. Then, handed it to Zhao Lan: “You eat.”

This was the first time Hu Feng talked to Zhao Lan. Last time, when she almost fell to the hillside, Hu Feng passed by and helped her. At that time, she wanted to thank him, but he just left. Last night, she was eating in their house, but he never spoke with her.

So this time, Zhao Lan was somewhat flattered and quickly reached out her hand and took it.

However, she didn’t hurry to eat, instead, she handed it to Bai Zhi: “You eat this. The snake meat you ate was small. You must be hungry.”

Bai Zhi pushed her mother’s hand back and said: “Niang, didn’t I said before? When Hu Feng dug these yacon fruits, I already ate two. Now, I’m still full, I don’t want to eat at all. Besides, there were still a lot of them in the bag.”

Hu Changlin looked at Bai Zhi and couldn’t help but ask: “Didn’t you said you wanted to go to the mountain to pick up some herbs? Did you find any?”

Bai Zhi got up and looked at the surroundings. When she was sure no one was around and listening. She whispered: “Hu Bo, we dug a hundred-year-old wild ginseng. After we sold it, we will divide it into two.”

When Hu Changlin heard her words, his jaw almost drop to the ground. He thought he heard it wrong: “What did you say?”

Bai Zhi took the wild ginseng from the bottom of her bag: “This is it. Hu Bo, how much do you think we can sell this wild ginseng?”

When Hu Changlin saw the wild ginseng. He was obviously very excited. He wanted to touch it, but he was afraid to break it. So, he retracted his hand and sighed: “This big wild ginseng seems a hundred-year-old. You can sell it for at least 100 silver coins.”

100 silver coins?

Zhao Lan’s eyes widen several degrees, her voice even trembled: “How much is it? 1, 100 silver coins?”

Hu Changlin waved his hand: “I am not really sure, but I’ve heard people talked about it before. They said those rich people in the town rarely found wild ginseng. They could only find and bought common ginseng worth dozens of silvers. So, with its size, I supposed it could be sold for 100 silver coins.” 

The former Bai Zhi has never been to the town before. Her knowledge was very limited. Bai Zhi couldn’t even find any helpful idea in her memory at all.

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