Chapter 55: Six silver coins

Doctor Lu felt strange, why did the old lady suddenly change her mind? Although he has doubt, he didn’t think much about it. Doctor Lu went to Bai Dazhu’s side with his medicine box to bandage his hands. Every time Doctor Lu move his hand, Bai Dazhu screamed miserably. His tragic cries seem endless and echoed in the courtyard.

Even if he died, Bai Zhi doesn’t want to give him acupuncture treatment. He deserved this pain. This pain was the so-called his retribution. For injuring Hu Changlin and Zhao Lan’s hand.

After the bandaging was finished, Bai Dazhu’s screams gradually ended. His face was as white as a paper. His lips were bitten, so blood was oozing out.

Doctor Lu ignored Bai Dazhu and packed up his things to the medicine box. Then, he turned around and asked the old lady for the money.

Old Lady Bai started complaining about a headache, chest pain and shortness of breath. But, there was actually nothing wrong with her body.

“Old lady,  just now, you said you’re going to pay 6 silver coins. In front of the Village Chief, do you intend to write it as a debt?” Doctor Lu raised an eyebrow and looked at the old lady coldly.

Old Lady Bai’s face redden, her voice become as small as the mosquito: “Who, who said we will write it as a debt? It’s just, we are tight in money right now. We can’t get silvers.”

“Isn’t it the same as a debt? You don’t have money in your hands. You can’t get money. You waited for me to finished Bai Dazhu’s treatment first, before you said those words. Since when did I, Lu Zhangchun was wronged and bullied like this?”

When Old Lady Bai saw the changed in Doctor Lu’s face, she hurried put on a smile on her ugly face and said: “Lu Dafu, what are you saying? We are village folks in the same village. Our Bai ancestors lived in this village for a long time. Since when did we have an account to you?”

Doctor Lu then stretched out his palm: “Since you don’t have an account with me, give me the 6 silver coins. Nothing more or less.”

Old Lady Bai laughed a couple of times and said: “Truth be told, the 2 silver coins that were handed to you yesterday was the bottom of our pocket. It is really impossible to bring out a money right now. How about this, you wait for two months, and when we got paid, we will pay you back. What do you think?”

Debt? Ha Ha Ha!

Doctor Lu smiled and laughed: “Old Lady, do you still remember? 3 years ago, Bai Xiaofeng got a cold. I gave him the medicines, you also said you will write it as a debt. That was a total of 7 silver coins, but did you pay me?”

3 years had passed, but the 7 silver coins were still unpaid. However, they were pretending like nothing happened.

Not to mention, 6 silver coins? It will really be strange if the old lady pays.

Old Lad Bai knocked her head and said: “Look at my memory, I thought I already paid that. I didn’t remember it at all. Why didn’t you remind me?”

Yes, this old lady will really blame him to fight back.

“I am not here to make you pay for your old debt. I am here to ask for the 6 silver coins. Take it out and pay me.”

Old Lady Bai turned her head and look at Village Chief Li: “Village Chief, this thing is really troublesome. I’m not the one who invited Lu Dafu, but he was asking for 6 silver coins. That amount is not small, where can I get that amount in just a short period of time?”

Village Chief Li doesn’t know if the old lady was telling the truth or not. But at the moment, he knew that this old lady will not give the money.

Village Chief Li think for a moment and got an idea. Then, he opened his mouth and said: “Since you can’t pay right now, then let’s write an IOU with the agreed time of payment, how about that?”

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