Chapter 70: Raising other people’s son

Mrs. Zhang almost coughs up blood, how did she marry such a man?

Old Lady Bai’s cold eyes, once again swept to Mrs. Zhang’s face: “You old wench, now that your no longer a woman from the mountain, you dared to shout separation? Did we treat you badly? Didn’t we give you enough food and clothes?”

Mrs. Zhang also tried to calculate, so she frankly said: “I’m not talking about foods and clothes. I am talking about Xiaofeng, first sister-in-law’s son. Xiaofeng can go to school. But, my son who was also a member of the family and at the same age cannot? So why do our family need to keep working hard to support Bai Xiaofeng studies?”

Mrs. Liu busily said: “Sister-in-law, you shouldn’t speak like a stranger. Xiaofeng is your’s and second brother-in-law’s nephew. In the future, when Xiaofeng become a big official, our family can enjoy the blessing. You and second brother-in-law, will be able to enjoy it too, right?”

Others don’t know Bai Xiaofeng’s true character, but Mrs. Zhang has clear eyes, so why she wouldn’t know? For someone like Bai Xiaofeng, who knows if he can passed the official test. However, even if he became a big official, will he help a poor relative like her or Bai Erzhu? Mrs. Zhang will not believe it. 

“I don’t expect any blessings. All I want now is to separate. I, Zhenzhu and Fugui can grow vegetables to eat. We don’t want to work and raise other people’s son anymore.”

Old Lady Bai felt distressed for Bai Xiaofeng. Especially, when she heard Mrs. Zhang said other people’s son. Her heart couldn’t help but feel in pain, so she pointed her finger to Mrs. Zhang: “Zhang Shumei, you are now really capable, you can manage the family’s business now ah. But since when did you have the right to speak? Separation is not something for you to decide. You only have to do your part, you shouldn’t control other things.”

After the old lady finished, she turned to Mrs. Liu and said: “What are you still doing here? Aren’t you going to do your business yet?”

Mrs. Liu returned to her senses and rushed outside to go.

Old Lady Bai angrily looked back at Mrs. Zhang, then turned around and went inside the house.

Mrs. Zhang was so angry, she wanted to vent her anger to Bai Erzhu, but Bai Erzhu ran away.

Mrs. Zhang didn’t even try to dry their newly washed clothes. She packed up a few clothes and pulled Bai Zhenzhu outside the house.

“Niang, where are you going to take me?” Although Bai Zhenzhu didn’t go outside the house, she clearly heard the quarrel outside.

“I can no longer stay in this house. You and I will stay at your uncle’s house for a few days.”

Bai Zhenzhu was reluctant, but her mother dragged her away. She doesn’t want to beat in front of the villagers, so she has no choice but to go to the neighboring village.

Old Lady Bai didn’t know that her second daughter-in-law and granddaughter went away. She waited for Mrs. Zhang to call her to eat. But, when her stomach started rumbling, she looked for Mrs. Zhang, but she didn’t see even her shadow. Even Bai Zhenzhu was gone.

Old Lady Bai was so angry, her mouth kept swearing and swearing. Her face looked very angry. How will she eat? Cook for herself? Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi were outside. Mrs. Liu went to Bai yang Village. Mrs. Zhang ran away. All the people who do the housework was gone, she was left all alone.

Bai Zhi and Zhao Lan were on their way to Hu Changlin’s house when they encountered Old Zhao’s ox cart on the road. Old Zhao regularly pulling this ox cart of him and make a trip to the town. Other villager’s who wanted to go to the town also rent his ox cart in advance for 5 copper coins.

So at this time, the person who was sitting in the ox cart was Doctor Lu.

When Bai Zhi saw Doctor Lu, her eyes lit up. She suddenly had an idea, and so she stopped the ox cart.

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