Chapter 80: Yang Sigen

Bai Zhi was not also willing to show weakness: “Retribution? What are you saying? I didn’t do anything wrong, so why would I be scared? I am only standing here. People who secretly do bad things should be the one who must get worried about this so-called retribution.”

How will Mrs. Liu know that things will get back to her? Mrs. Liu was so angry that she was trying her two sons teach Bai Zhi a lesson. But suddenly, she heard Old Lady Bai shouting out her inside the big house: “What is all this noise? Get back here soon.”

Mrs. Liu doesn’t want to listen to the old lady’s words, but in the end, she only pulled her two sons and leave.

“Niang, that dead girl, Bai Zhi, used the pork lard I saved and hurt me. Why aren’t you letting Dabao and Xiaofeng teach her a lesson?”

Old Lady Bai took a deep breath and coldly snorted at Mrs. Liu: “Are you crazy? Three days later, the Yang Family will come and pick her up. If you hurt her, how are you going to explain to the people after three days? Where is your brain?”

Mrs. Liu suddenly realized it. Originally, her mother-in-law was considering this fact. No wonder they were not allowed to hurt that dead girl. Because after three days, the Bai Family no longer need to live with that dead girl. No one will go against her anymore. 


At night, the villagers usually were gathering at the small river near the entrance to the village. Men were bathing in the upstream water, while the women were chatting and washing their clothes. The water in the river during the midsummer was very cold, so at this hour, most women only came to gossip and didn’t wash clothes.

“Have you heard? Bai Zhi from the Bai Family suffered miserably this time under the old lady and Liu Shi’s hands.”

“Eh? You mean that girl you came back to life? I just saw her and Zhao Lan strolling in the village this morning. What happened to her?”

“I heard that Bai Zhi was badly hurt. Although she came back to life, she can no longer bear children. How will she get married in the future? So tell me, isn’t that miserable?”

“Really? With just a few hits, she can no longer bear a child? Who told you that?”

“Who else, aside from Lu Dafu? Today, Lu Dafu and I went to the town. I asked him how is Bai Zhi’s condition. Lu Dafu refused to tell me at first, but after asking for several times, he said in some difficulty that Bai Zhi’s lower abdomen was damaged. She could no longer bear a child in the future.”

“Oh, this Bai Family are really too much. Bai Zhi is a clever child. How did she end up like this?”

“Well, that’s because the old lady has a poisonous heart. When her husband and third son fell on the roof, they were also badly injured. But, Old Lady Bai was very reluctant to spend money on their medical treatment. In the end, her husband and third son died. Leaving Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi in the hands of those bullies. The Bai Family are not afraid of retribution.”

There were a lot of women chatting by the river. With just a simple sentence, in a blink of an eye, Bai Zhi, who was beaten by the Bai Family and can no longer bear a child, spread in the whole village.

The Bai Family didn’t go to the river to wash their laundry this time. They were very busy discussing about how they will spend the 20 silver coins. So, how can they come to the river to chat? The villagers know everything about the issue, but the Bai Family don’t.

Although the Baiyang Village and Huangtuo Village were separated by a few miles, there were relatives among the two villages. So, in just two days, the rumors about Bai Zhi’s situation reached up to the Baiyang Village.

Yang Sigen carefully inquired things about his future wife, so he learned that this Bai Zhi, was the same Bai Zhi that came out from Mrs. Liu’s mouth.

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  1. Woah.. What a smart excuse… If she really got a child in the end she could say that heaven love her, it is a miracle or she find great medicine 👏

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