Chapter 107: Notorious

With all the interview in the morning, they all seem a bit tired. Including the producer that with He Lingxiang, so when he sees such a beauty his mind started to itch.   

“Wow, this girl looks very pretty ah! What is your name?”

He Lingxiang also looked at her with his handsome face that looks like a gentleman, but also with his cold and indifferent temperament. He is so close to her, but Yun Shishi didn’t even show the slightest reaction as if he is an air that couldn’t be seen!

Yun Shishi turned herself to go and completely ignored them. The two of them couldn’t help but get annoyed. The producer said “Hello!”, but she still didn’t look at them. Immediately, He Lingxiang felt an anger in his heart and reach out his hand to catch her but still, she expressionlessly turned and leave.

Yun Shishi doesn’t want to have the slightest interaction with He Lingxiang. This man is too horrible, she doesn’t want to have any connection with the man.

He Lingxian sees it and made a loud cry, “Ohh!”. His rounded eyes look straight at the back of Yun Shishi and coldly mock: “What the hell! That girl have an attitude!”

“Hmmp! Probably that girl came for the audition that’s why she doesn’t know the entertainment industry’s rules. But still, how dare she ignore you and act lofty!” Then, the producer turned and look to He Lingxiang, “What I said is right ah!?”

He Lingxiang ignored him but got more interested in that beautiful girl. He chases after her and grabbed her arm: “Students, I’m talking to you, why are you ignoring me?”

“This little student, you shouldn’t be doing this!” The producer also came and look straight at her on the side.

Things became a battle of wits!

“Shishi, just ignore him. He doesn’t look like a good person.”

However, they didn’t notice that by hearing her name He Lingxiang’s eyes suddenly lit up a bit!

“Shishi” He frowned and said her name several times more. Then, he tightly holds Yun Shishi’s wrist: “Student, I can see that you have a good temperament and looks beautiful. Why don’t you participate in the audition? The chances are high for you to be picked up as the actress!”

Yun Shishi faintly said: “Thank you for your concern, but I consider myself mediocre and cannot catch the director’s eyes.”

“Why not? I can see that you look more beautiful than those models and newbie actresses that have thick makeup. Even if you can’t be chosen right now, that doesn’t mean you won’t get an opportunity.” He Lingxiang lean close to Yun Shishi’ body and whispered. His voice sounds a bit hoarse: “I don’t know if you have heard my name. But I am also a director if you want I can make you the actress of my next film… …”

Yun Shishi got surprised, she suddenly moves a stepped away from him. But, he was holding her arm so she couldn’t move. She raised her eyes and slightly louder her voice:  “… … Let go!”

“What? This student, I offer you an opportunity but your dropping my table?” He Lingxiang coldly said.

Xiao Xue’s smile suddenly faded and got angry with He Lingxiang when she saw that they were arguing. But, Yun Shishi immediately grabbed her arm and said: “Xiao Xue, don’t! I can see that they are not good people! If you confront them, there might be an accident!”

Xiao Xue ignored her, she coldly brushed off her hand and went toward He Lingxiang.

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