Chapter 112: The Iron tree blooms

From the outside, there are a lot of rumors about him. They said that even though he has a fiancee, they live apart because he has a sexual orientation problem and that is still a big question.

However, these are just some speculation of other people!

There are also rumors that his fiancee is infertile and Mu Yichen’s mother is actually someone else.

Over the years, these issues made Grandfather Mu Sheng so anxious and made his hair turn white!

As a result, Grandfather Mu Sheng considerably focus his attention on fixing their family issues. Leaving him no other choice but to let them get married sooner and settle down the issues.

But, Mu Yazhe refuses to get married. Letting Mu Wanrou stay as his fiancee and make her a big joke.

Although Granfather Mu Sheng rarely heard a rumor, he did actually get into an annoying trouble.

In those previous years, he got so busy looking for a surrogate mother for Mu Yazhe. He started to choose from the high-class ladies up to the low-class ladies outside the country. But, because he is a very careful person he didn’t find anyone that match up to his taste. He met countless women, but only a few are desirable.

That time, Grandfather Mu Sheng was like an ancient emperor that was harshly demanding for an imperial concubine.


Thinking about it, the two of them keep looking at each other and seems like they were exchanging a few words. Which made the other people want to make a guess.

This time, He Lingxiang couldn’t help but get dumbfounded! That Yun Shishi, what exactly is her status?

Yun Shishi knows that those people behind Mu Yazhe are not simple because she recognized that one of them is the Mayor of the city. Some time ago, she had seen his face in a newspaper and also has some impression of him.

After a while, there were messy footsteps that were coming not far away from them. These men don’t know what the man’s intention, but they disdain abuse and unwanted noises.

These men are working as an assistant to the producer that was with He Lingxiang. Once they received a call from him, they rush over thinking that the man in the middle was the one that making a trouble.

However, when He Lingxiang looked back and saw those assistants his face turn gray in shock!

He turned his face and glared at the producer’s side. Those assistants have heard what happened, so obviously they rushed to this area to see the commotion. But, looking back to He Lingxiang, they couldn’t help but wrinkled up their eyebrows.

Yun Shishi turns her head to the direction where the sound came from and saw a few men walk in with an attitude. It is not difficult to see that someone was backing at them and that person is no other than He Lingxiang. But in the end, they cannot help but stay near the door even if they don’t know what was He Lingxiang is actually thinking. With He Lingxiang’s qualifications, he can easily control these assistants. However, these assistants don’t know who exactly is the real big man right now.

“Director He, who are these people? Why are they standing near the door?” One of the assistants ask He Lingxiang, then turned and said: “Go! Go away quickly! I’m sorry, but you can’t stay around here and disturbed the directors for the selection.”

The noise went down, but surprisingly everyone looks calm but the color of their face didn’t change. The assistant once again look at He Lingxiang and couldn’t help but put his arm around his shoulders and laughed: “Director He, who are these people? Are they the new kids that don’t know who you are and make you unhappy?”

When the assistant pointed out his finger to Xiao Xue, He Lingxiang’s face turns darker. And when he pointed out Yun Shishi his attitude become more arrogant and said: “Or that stinky girl?”


He Lingxiang breath a mouthful air to calm down himself, then turn around to leave the assistant. But when the assistant saw that he seems about to escape, he asks: “Director He, why aren’t you speaking?”

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  1. I think the reasons why he doesn’t want to get married to his fiancé because of YSS. He fall in love with her, he longed for her and wanted to be intimate with and most of all she is the mother of his children, of which he only knows one child of his own. I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Have a blessed evening.

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