Chapter 144: At least, try to use this!

For twenty years, he even felt that he is not Mu Sheng’s flesh and blood. He doesn’t have any feelings at all whenever he act according to Mu Sheng’s orders.

If he will track back his life, he could say that everything is just a step by step process.

In the end, Mu Sheng got very satisfied with his performance. So, when he turn adult he put the largest share in his name, but in exchange, he and Mu Wanrou should be engaged.

And so, he didn’t reject Grandfather Mu Sheng’s proposal and accepted the position.

But now, everything seems like in chaos ever since that woman enters his life.

In the business world, Mu Yazhe always acts like an emperor of the empire. He’s always so proud and has a big courage. After all, every move he makes can affect the life and death of financial industry.

A man that is fully taking a conquest in life is the exact reflection of his image.

But now, he found a woman that ignited his desire. So, he wanted to truly conquer her.

Especially tonight, Yun Shishi’s elegant appearance and smile made him breathless.

In just one look, the heaven would even bow to her stunning beauty!

However, her elegant smile has nothing to do with him.

When he looked at her that time, his mind travels back six years ago. She was restlessly lying in bed, while her eyes were covered with a silk cloth so she wouldn’t be able to see him. When he arrived, she got panicked, scared and helpless. However, he couldn’t stop so he just bites the bullet and caters her.

His fingers caressed her long hair and when his body got connected with her. He really felt good, so he couldn’t help but think that it will be much better if he will keep her together with his kids. But then, she just quietly disappears.

However, he met her accidentally and they spent a crazy night together once again. After that, he noticed that his body always get out of control whenever he’s with her and he actually longed for her. So, he asked her to be with him.

But, she refused.

She only said to him: “No one has the right to put a price tag on me. If you want me…

Then, she pointed out her fingertip on his heart: “At least, try to use this!”

Can a heart really be use to get someone?

Isn’t it money and power that could settle everything in this world?

But then, … … she smiled so beautifully to Gu Xing Ze.

At that moment, his heart got very disturbed.

Damn it!

And this woman added more unpleasant feelings on him.

So, Mu Yazhe turned his head and no longer look at Mu Wanrou. Then, he coldly said: “Take Yichen upstairs.”


The nanny on the side immediately took Little Yichen’s small hand on Mu Wanrou’s hand. Then, they walk away with Mu Yazhe.

Mu Wanrou looks at him until he’s completely gone. At that moment, her heart turns very cold.

That man’s heart still doesn’t belong to her.

So, her heart couldn’t help but feel pain and jealous. And also felt an extreme hate.

Yun Shishi are you a reincarnation of a fox? How can you hook a man’s heart so easily?

Is it because you have a beautiful face?

But, what if I ruined your face? Do you think you can still act like a flower and attracts bees and butterflies?

Just you wait!
I will completely destroy you in tonight’s party!

Mu Wanrou gritted her teeth and continue cursing her: ” Yun Shishi, you can just die and go to hell!”


“Yun Shishi!”

Inside the venue, Yun Shishi heard someone call her name. So, she couldn’t help but stop from walking and got puzzled as she turns around.

After entering the venue with Gu Xingze. Gu Xingze got surrounded by the media and took a picture of him as if their cameras are like guns that are aiming at him. Even some reporters got beaten and pushed badly first before they could even get a short interview with him.

So dangerous!

Yun Shishi could only sweep away her feet just to escaped, but then someone calls her.

And when she turn around, she found out that the person who called her is actually Yang Mi.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 144: At least, try to use this!

  1. MYZ, why don’t you just reveal the fact to your son and let him brings his mother to you, she won’t refuse any of her son any way.
    Or have one more child with her, it will work. ^-^

  2. “I stole your life but somehow you keep taking back everything that rightfully belongs to you, how dare you!”


    1. LOL I know, right?! Why does she feel entitled to the things that belonged to ShiShi to begin with? Smh

  3. Excuse me? I don’t know if I got this wrong or not but isn’t Mu Wanrou the one who stole something from someone? Isn’t she the one that stole the identity of someone hence became able to live so lavishly the way she is right now? What right do you have to b*tch about her “fiance” being “stolen” from her by Yun Shishi? In any case, if Mu wanrou had not stolen Yun Shishi’s identity Yun Shishi would have been Mu Yazhe’s fiance. What’s more is that she f*cking stole Shishi’s only memento from her mother!! She stole Shishi’s everything! Shishi did nothing wrong to her and she did not deserve to live the way she did! No matter how I look at it, Mu Wanrou is the thief in this situation. Thank you very much for your hard work!!

    1. *sigh* my sentiments exactly, she’s such a hypocrite that I’m amazed lightning hasn’t struck her yet…wouldn’t be suprised if where ever she walks she leaves misfortune to others.

      ‘Mu Wanrou gritted her teeth and continue cursing her: ” Yun Shishi, you can just die and go to hell!”’

      Exact sentiment back attcha, waiting for that moment when everything is revealed – she probably wouldn’t no where to shove her face in (advice- in the gutter, where trash belongs).

      Thanks for the update 🙂

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