Chapter 153: Dangerous fragrance

But, through the hazy moonlight, she could faintly distinguish that the room seems like a luxurious presidential suite.

The decorations look like a European style and look extremely expensive. She could also vaguely see a king size bed that could even accommodate five-person at once.

The glass window was slightly open, so the cool breeze could come inside and made the red curtain slightly fly.

“Ahm? I think I went in the wrong… …”

Yun Shishi turned around immediately, but the door was now closed.

She got surprised with the sudden change of the situation so she stretched out her hand to the door knob. However,  no matter how much she twists the door it won’t open.

The door was locked?

Yun Shishi got very surprise and tried to knock on the door forcefully: “Are you still there? Why did you lock the door? Is anybody still there?”

But, no one responded.

Yun Shishi has a serious night blindness, so after she tried groping around the wall a few times but still failed to find the switch. She already gave up.

The deep silence of the room made her really nervous.

So, she walked to the direction where the glass window is, to open up the curtain so the moonlight could light up the room.

However, when she was about to pulled the curtain. She heard a strange movement coming from behind her. It seems that there is someone else inside the room.

Yun Shishi took a deep breath. The room was still so dark so she couldn’t see much and could only hear light footsteps with a strong atmosphere coming close to her.

She wanted to turn around immediately, but suddenly a cold hand covers up her eyes.

Yun Shishi tried to struggle and resist, but her hands were easily got bound and she could no longer move.

The tall figure of that someone bullied her and pressed her body to the window.

So at that moment, her bare back tightly got pressed on the cold window.

And she felt cold instantly.

Yun Shishi got scared, she wanted to shout to ask for help.

But, she hasn’t said anything, when a hot and soft lips block her voice and mercilessly ravaged her lips.

That tall man hugged her tightly in his arms. He is like an agitated monster. He didn’t even give her a chance to react and just aggressively devour her lips.

Yun Shishi extremely felt embarrassed, so she tried hard to struggle to turn around. But, when she suddenly raise her head, she saw a pair of breathtaking eyes. At that moment, she got stunned and shocked.

Because of the hazy moonlight, Mu Yazhe’s cold and solemn face but still look very handsome reflected in her eyes!

This was the first time she had ever look at him this close.

His eyes are very narrow, but its coldness makes his eyes looks breathtaking.

His two eyelashes are thick but slender, just like the wings of a black butterfly that looks so deep and charming.

His body also has an elegant fragrance, but she knows that it’s not because of perfume but it’s just his natural scent.

Yun Shishi just stares at him blankly, even though her flawless back was leaning tightly on the cold window glass. The window is so cold but his eyes are even colder.

Mu Yazhe looks so noble and arrogant just like a high ranking overlord.

Their body were already tightly closed together, but he still leaned her more close on his chest and lowered his head. And under the darkness moonlight, he lightly bites and kisses her lips.

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  1. Mu Yashe seems like you really like YSS very much why don’t you just get rid of that despicable fake fiancee of yours and marry YSS so have your happy ever after. Thanks for the chapter and to the sponsors.

  2. Omg… More! More! More!
    Damn why he can’t get rid of the b*tch Wanrou…
    Really makes one wonder how they’d both react wjen they find out the truth that she’s the one he is supposed to marry afterall…

    Ah… Well… I wonder, will he eventually be teaming up with Youyou to win her? Doesn’t seem like he knows how to use his heart afterall, he needs a guide through this… Prob…

    Well, thanks for all the hardwork translating~

  3. i honestly am not rooting for MYZ. I find him to be quite despicable. I hope she gets together with the actor but we all know that is not going to happen sadly

    1. Same here… there is a big leaping step between Domineering and just plain Rapey. In this setting I cannot even see how she choose Mu instead of GZ. All he has going is shared kids and? High position dependent on whims of family which is why the betrothal still valid….. ? but with a thick thigh to hug I think she can keep custody. If feels like it do visitation trades a la Parent Trap.

  4. Damon mz for taking advantage of yss. Gz, you are too slow. Yss, u don’t fall for mz cos Gz is better for u. Thanks

  5. Ohh MYZ got jealous with GZX , he make his move by providing her a new dress to wear , trick her to go in a private room to be alone with her hmmm what a man .
    Oh my I can’t wait , I want more chapter 🙂 wahhh ….

    Thanks again for translating every chapter and your hard work 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading ^.^ I already posted chapter 154 to 160 on my site. I also post in Novitranslation bcoz my site crash sometimes *fufufu*

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