Chapter 188: Stepped on me!

So, when Yun Shishi was about to pass through her side, Lu Jingtian secretly slide her foot under her skirt like a ghost… …

Perhaps that time, Lu Jingtian’s eyes were too sharp. Because it got attracted Yun Shishi’s attention.

Earlier, Yun Shishi had witnessed how Yang Mi tripped Yun Na. So right now, she was paying great attention to her foot.

This Cocktail Party is a very important occasion. Gu Xingze didn’t hesitate to use his own popularity to back her up. So, she knows that she should cherish this opportunity and maintain the highest standard of elegance.

When Yun Shishi saw the look in Lu Jingtian’s eyes, she looked warily on her feet. And because of that, she soon noticed the trick she was doing.

However, Yun Shishi still acted like she didn’t notice at all. She just lightly holds more Gu Xingze’s arm and calmly passed by Lu Jingtian’s side.

But, when Yun Shishi was about to reach Lu Jingtian’s foot. She mercilessly stepped her high heeled shoes on her… …

“Ah … …!” Lu Jingtian couldn’t wait to see Yun Shishi’s embarrassing state. But instead, she suddenly felt an extreme pain on her toes. Because of that, Lu Jingtian had a cold sweat on her forehead and couldn’t stop herself from screaming out loud.

Yun Shishi’s high heeled shoes are very delicate because it has long and thin heels. On the other hand, Lu Jingtian was wearing a pair of pedal high heeled shoes that looks like a fish with an open mouth to match up to her clothes.

Yun Shishi deliberately stepped on her bare toes. And because she stepped on her with force, her nail on the toe almost had a small cracked. And her bones also got broken.

Because of her broken bones, the pain almost pierces up to her lungs.

Lu Jingtian suddenly fell to the ground.

Today, she decided to wear a very short skirt without any specific reason. She also didn’t wear leggings. So, when she screamed out loud, the media was able to catch her embarrassing state very quickly.

Lu Jingtian didn’t show the pain she felt in her face, but her tears keep falling down on her cheeks.

“Yun Shishi!”

When Tang Yu saw the scene, she sharply calls Yun Shishi’s name. Then, she pointed out her finger on her: “You did this intentionally, right?!”

With the sudden turn of events, Yun Shishi also felt scared and got stunned on the spot. She even covers her mouth with her hands to cover up her shocked.

The sudden accident caused quite a stir.

Gu Xingze stands in front of Yun Shishi and glared at Tang Yu. Then, coldly said: “What are you saying?”

With his cold stare, the atmosphere around them also turns cold.

Tang Yu got so shocked with the look in his eyes, but still, she tried to say: “This newcomer doesn’t know her place. She even dared to step on Miss Lu’s feet!”

Miss Lu is the most commonly addressed of the people in the Entertainment Industry to Lu Jingtian to show their respect for her.

Yang Mi and Hanyu Yan are both popular artist, so they didn’t need to call her that.

On the other hand, Tang Yu just recently got popular, so she can only address her as “Miss Lu”.

Gu Xingze’s face was still expressionless when he said: “Yun Shishi stepped on Lu Jingtian’s feet? Did you see it?”

Tang Yu didn’t witness it, so she could only answer: “No… …”

Yang Mi and Hanyu Yan were standing far from them, so they didn’t want to come forward.

And also, President Mu Yazhe and Mu Wanrou are near the scene. So, it’s better not to get involved with them.

“Yes … … She stepped on me!” Lu Jingtian on the side said in full of grievances: “She used a lot of force. Big Brother Xingze, I feel like my toes are broken… …”

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    I hope you have pleasantly resolved things Reading this novel is wonderful. But, you must take care of yourself first. Thank you for doing the translation for us.

  2. Thanks for the chapter. Missed you while you were gone. Hope you and your friends can get things resolved. I can relate to the frustration hang in there.

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