Chapter 19: Good people are being bullied

Yun Li Qin looked down at him coldly and finds his innocent little face unsightly. Her fast heartbeats were channeling a fire inside her, she squints her eyes and slapped his cheek, “What are you saying?! Get away from me! Move, move, move!”

Youyou was hit in the face, he slowly bowed his head and touched his cheek. Some of his hairs were covering his eyes, so no one can see what his actual face expression was and his pink lips pursed tightly.

Yun Shishi heard her slapping sound action, she immediately rushed out from the kitchen and hugged Youyou. She saw Youyou’s red cheek, her angered and sadness increased and her eyes turn cold.

Father Yun saw this and became furious too, he stood up and rushed in front of Yun Li Qin. He raises his hand high wanting to slap her face, but he hesitated. In his frustration, he just lowered down his head and tightly grips his other hand on his clothes.

Youyou lifted his little face and saw his grandfather. Although half of his cheek was still swelling, he said with an elegant smile, “Grandfather, don’t fight! Today, Youyou learned the words, Harmonious Family in school!”

Yun Yechen’s hand got stiff in the air but still hesitated for a moment to put down his hand. His eyes show a mix of complex bitterness. Yun Li Qin was shocked by his anger and turn stiff. After a few more seconds, Yun Yecheng turned around and pour a water for him.

Youyou is a very sensible child, he felt that having Yun Li Qin as his wife was his great misfortune! He had thought about divorcing her before, but Yun Li Qin cry out so loud to him for many days, that made their neighborhood get nasty to them!

Yun Shishi carefully looks the palm print in Youyou’s face, she raised her head and looked deeply at Yun Li Qin. Then stood up and pulled Youyou to the kitchen.

This dinner, as always, changed in taste.

When Yun Na arrived at home the atmosphere was gloomy. In her dismay, she suddenly remembered her childhood age, she grew up without Yun Shishi before, so no wonder Yun Yecheng and Yun Li Qin treated her like a little princess and pampered her. She could hold her parents in her palm and can set thousands of demands from them.

Until one day, there is another “daughter” that broke into their harmonious family of three. She took away more than half of her father’s love, and at this point, this father is no longer her father alone, her heart couldn’t help but miss those days.

Yun Shishi is perfect, fast learner, has high grades, sensible, she is too good, that made her father like her more, so Yun Na’s eyes cannot tolerate her presence and can only hate her.

Even this time, Yun Na was still in the rebellious stage, for her Yun Shishi is an “outsider”, she’s full of jealousy towards her. And You You? In her heart, he’s an eyesore, a bastard and has no father to recognized!

On the dinner table, the four of them stayed silent.

Youyou from time to time is picking some food to put in his grandfather’s bowl and chatting with Yun Shishi in an interesting manner. The atmosphere ease a little.

Although Yun Li Qin and Yun Na are not happy to see You You, but in front of Yun Yechen, they cannot be more presumptuous.

After dinner, Yun Yechen received a phone call and need to go out, he speaks a few words to Yun Shishi, then hurried went away.

Yun Shishi doesn’t want to stay in there for more, quickly pick up the dishes and intend to go, after washing them.

Youyou cutely help her clean up, his small hands are struggling to hold the bowls, but still following closely behind her and want to hide in the kitchen. His heart is a little bit afraid of Yun Li Qin and Yun Na, now that his grandfather is gone. He helped Yun Shishi by wiping the dishes.

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