Chapter 190: IQ Level

This little kid called his own mother… …beautiful sister?

Yun Tianyou has always been calm. But right now, the corner of his lips keep twitching and his mind got messy.

If that is the case, then what will this little kid call him ah?

Inside Yun Tianyou’s mind, he cannot help but imagine Little Yichen standing in front of him and shouting towards him:


From outside, Yun Tianyou looks very tender, but he’s imagination can sometimes be so cruel.

Is it because his brother was so stupid that’s why he was the one Mu Yazhe abandon?

With that, compared to Little Yichen, Yun Tianyou despise Mu Yazhe more… …

They have the same genes, so why he should worry about his brother’s IQ ah!

Kidding aside, Yun Tianyou is sure that the IQ level of the four of them in the family is definitely above average.

After thinking like that, Yun Tianyou mercilessly cast aside his thoughts. What four of them in the family? He doesn’t recognize this father and brother, so what four ah?

His family only consists of him and his mommy.

Others are not included!


Lu Jingtian was caught off guard with Little Yichen’s sudden speech. So at that moment, her face turns dark and feel very embarrassed to the point that she forgot that she was crying. Lu Jingtian laughed inside her mind. And inside her heart, she couldn’t wait to kill this child.

If he was only an ordinary child, she must have attacked him a long time ago.

However, this child that was standing in front of her is Mu Yazhe’s beloved child. She hasn’t forgotten. She will never forget that whenever Mu Yichen was with Mu Yazhe. Mu Yazhe’s face always turns very gentle. So, it can be said that she must treat this child gently.

After all, the love of Mu Family from this child is self-evident.

So, if she really wants to marry into the Mu Family later, she must get along with him, right?

She must make this child like her so that he won’t get on her way when she finally enters the Mu Family.

Lu Jingtian ignored the pain she felt, then she smiled while saying: “Baby Yichen, you must have seen it wrong! Why would I do such despicable thing ah!?”

Little Yichen look at Lu Jingtian’s eyes that were full of contempt, then tenderly replied with his childish voice: “Daddy told me a man should be honest all the time and be responsible with his words until the end. So, I won’t lie, I saw it very clear! I saw that you stretch out your foot to trip this beautiful sister!”

Hearing his words, Yun Tianyou almost fell to the ground with Little Yichen’s childish assault.

On the surface, this little kid looks very cold. But, his IQ level was only on far to a kindergarten. He thought that this brother of him also inherited their family’s excellent genes, but it seems he is not that smart ah.

Yun Tianyou covered his face in embarrassment.

On the side, Li Hanlin nodded his head. He thinks that child is a typical six-year-old child. Unlike, Yun Tianyou who is high in IQ but low in EQ.

However, with Little Yichen’s words, all the people present in the party started their own discussion.

“Children doesn’t lie. Not to mention, he is from Mu Family! Their discipline must be harsh. So, that child is definitely not lying.”

“Yes, I think Lu Jingtian is only jealous of Yun Shishi ah. Women can’t avoid getting jealous. Tonight, Yun Shishi is so beautiful, she must have grabbed a lot of people’s attention. Because of that, some people who had a bad heart want to embarrass her.”

“Hays, the newcomer will always be oppressed by old ones. Yun Shishi hasn’t made a debut, so she will naturally experience… …”

“I really feel sorry for her… …”

… …”

Lu Jingtian burst into tears: “I didn’t… …”

“Well, there is a CCTV camera over there.” Little Yichen suddenly said while pointing out the camera on the side: “With its angle, it probably captures what happened, right? Play it back, so that the truth will come to light!”

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  1. O_O clever child. Your brother actually has your mom’s actor genes. He probably act like his age so people won’t be on guard around him much and spilled secret XD.

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    1. YiChen appears to be more average than Youyou . He may be as smart as his brother hiding certain aspects of his character. Sort of staying under the radar.

  4. I think it’s cute that Youyou is mad at Yichen for calling their mother “Beautiful Sister”. The thing is out of The 4 of them Yichen is the only one that does know ShiShi is his mother. He might have his suspicions and he is definitely drawn to her. But also how can Yichen call her mother in front of that room of people it would be such a scandal, pity YouYou can’t think that far. That his brother could actually be smart and be protecting their mother as well by calling her “Beautiful Sister”.
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    1. But I don’t think that ye Chen even knows shishi is his mother yet? He only felt close to her right? Somehow becuz if his intuition

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