Chapter 203: Blocking

“Ai Lun your performance today is awesome… …”

“What performance? Which one?” Ai Lun who was in a  good mood tried teasing her. 

 “Either in bed … … or … …in… haha… …” Mu Wanrou ambiguously replied, as if she was confused. But, she was pointing her finger at his chest.

Seeing her seductive movements, Ai Lun couldn’t help but get attracted and wanted to possess her again: “Wanrou… … Can we do it more?”

“No, you’re too greedy! We’ve done it twice already, so stop it!”

“Ha Ha! Ok, I’ll stop!” Ai Lun obediently let her go.

With that, Mu Wanrou continues fixing her make up carefully and elegantly.

Yun Shishi, let’s see if you can still escape this!


The black Santana car continues driving along the way towards the West Lake Villa.

However, they don’t know why the car behind them suddenly started flashing its headlight. And because it’s light constantly flashing inside the car, their eyes started aching.

The sports car’s engine is too loud as if it’s a roaring lion that’s prying at them.

“What’s wrong with that car? Is it after us?!” The driver asks while looking at the side mirror of his car. But because the lights of the sports car are long ranged, his eyes almost turn blind because of its flash.

The sports car is Bugatti Veyron’s limited edition. It’s worth almost 10 million. So, the owner is self-evident.

“Just leave him alone and keep driving!”

The hotel concierge doesn’t care about the sports car, that’s why he just told him to keep driving.

However, the sports car started beeping: *Beep, Beep, Beep*

Seeing that the black Santana car doesn’t have any plan to stop. The driver of Bugatti Veyron stepped on its clutch and throttle. And in the middle of the road, the Bugatti Veyron drift in front of them and tightly blocked their way.

The driver got frightened, so he quickly stepped on the brakes. Their car was only a few steps away on the Bugatti Veyron when it stopped. So, the driver got stunned and got a cold sweat.

The hotel concierge got also shocked, but he hasn’t had time to react when the driver of the Bugatti Veyron open its door. And against the moonlight, a tall man started walking towards them.

The driver was full of curiosity, so he asks: “Who is that guy?”

“Who knows? I don’t know him either…”

Mu Yazhe went near the back side of the black Santana car, then looked down. There, he saw Yun Shishi leaning against the back seat with closed eyes and twisted eyebrows, as if she’s enduring a pain.

Mu Yazhe elegantly lifted up his eyebrow, but his thin lips remain cold.

After lowering the car window.

The driver stuck out his head and started cursing: “Is there something wrong with your head? If you want to die, you can die alone! Don’t include the other people!”

However, Mu Yazhe just simply said: “Unlock.”


“Unlock the door.”

In the Bugatti Veyron, another figure came out.

Tang Yu went out of the car and walked near the edge of the road to throw up.

She had drunk a lot of wine earlier. But, all the way here, they drive so fast. They even drive away through a few number of red light. However, in order to maintain her beautiful image, she didn’t dare to throw up inside the car.

“What are you doing? Why are you blocking us? Are you a robber?” The driver got nervous so he asked.

But, is he blind? Why would a million worth car owner be a robber ah!

“What the hell are you doing?”

“My woman is sitting inside of your car.”

The driver’s lips twitch: “Are you kidding me? Your woman? Who are you ah?”

“I don’t have a long patience.”



In the deafening silence of the night, a gun fire suddenly sounded.

And in the next second, a gun was already pointing at in the middle of the driver’s eyebrows.

The black gun that was touching his skin is so cold.

So, his face turns pale and his lips started trembling. And soon, a “Click” sound of the door being unlock resounded.

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  1. Nice. Hero saving damsel in distress. Just… Is he a hero? Sure not a demon lord? If after this MYZ take her on another round of bed fight, I’ll think that it’s more like demon lord kidnapping a troubled princess. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    1. You betcha She is the sacrificial lamb. Now who is her intended partner. Not Mu Yazhe so what is planned?
      Thank you for the update

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