Chapter 222: Embracing her in her sleep

He pressed her under his body to take her in his possession.

Yun Shishi resists, but because her actions are not as intense as before. Her weak struggling is not worth mentioning for Mu Yazhe.

His love had reached the deepest part of her, but Yun Shishi could only bury her head into his neck and tolerate it.

The charming beautiful girl under him looks like a cat that was wronged. It keeps on grunting. And from time to time, it was weakly protesting.

Her warm breath keeps curling around his ears. So, no doubt Mu Yazhe was also experiencing a torture in disguised.

As we all know, the more she teases him, the more Mu Yazhe couldn’t control himself, to the point where he can turn into a beast and swallowed her whole.

And regarding in this kind of event, Mu Yazhe is very energetic. He can do well more than her physical body could handle. So, it is really a mystery that she’s still alive.

There were many times Mu Yazhe wanted to swallow her whole.

But her body was so soft, so he’s very reluctant. He pressed himself to her many times to meet his need, but eventually, he retreated.

Yun Shishi eventually reached her needs, but she got so tired so she just lay her limp body on the bed and doesn’t even want to move.

Her eyelids become as heavy as a pole. She cannot open them. And soon, she fell asleep. 

The huge room got filled with a very charming atmosphere.

Mu Yazhe’s heavy breathing slowly calmed down. But when he calmed down, he secretly wondered since when did he learn to stop eating until his full?

Yun Shishi was lying on the side. Her body was curled up and her head was lowered. Her messy hair was scattering in the pillow. And some of it was covering her cheek. She looks like a fawning cat.

Her sleeping posture has always been in this curled up position. Mu Yazhe has read a psychological study before, it said that if a woman is always sleeping in this kind of position, she felt the lack of security.

And because of her helpless look, Mu Yazhe couldn’t help but feel pity.

Mu Yazhe lowered his head and look at her. And for some unknown reason, he realized something.

This woman is like an ancient evil enchantress. She has an ability to make a person confuse. She’s just lying there motionless and quiet, but she can always make a person confuse.

Mu Yazhe took her into his arms and lifted her up in the bed. And then, he brought her to the bathroom to clean her body.

After some time, he called the servants and ordered them to change the bedding.

Yun Shishi was uncertain if it’s a dream, but she felt a warm hand gently wiping her body with a towel. 

And then, that person brought her back to the bed. His long and strong arms were wrapping around her waist. Embracing her in her sleep.

The whole night, her ears could hear a loud and strong heartbeat.

*Ba-dump, Ba-dump, Ba-dump* But, she doesn’t know why, regardless of its loud noise, she find peace of mind.

As if she felt being cared.

This night, she slept extremely well. And it’s been so long since she had experienced this kind of peaceful dream.

In the past, her sleep has always been so shallow. And she always fell asleep at dawn.

But this time, when she wakes up again, the sun is already shining and she felt her stomach was grumbling.

Yun Shishi turned around and looked at the clock on the bedside. In there, she saw that it was already passed in the afternoon.

Her sleep was so deep, so even her clock body forgot the time.

The window was opened a bit, so the wind was blowing the curtain in the corner. The wind that was blowing feels fresh. And it feels so different to the atmosphere in the hotel.

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  1. Mu Yazhee is very conflicted. He doesn’t know how to manage his emotions. He loves her , but is afraid to love her. He torments her sexually to show his love and his desire to possess her. He follows her to protect her from other predators. But he is the strongest of all the predators because he has a piece of her heart. He is tender and comforting when she has had all that she can stand. Is it necessary for her to give a total surrender? Is that what he is looking for? Great chapter Thank you

  2. Poor Prince Charming!
    the Evil Sorcerer has cast the spells [soul ownership via offspring custody] [RETRIEVE summoning][JUMP] [obsessive fear mind control technique] [CHARM] [PTSD] [Stockholm Syndrome] 12th level [ENSLAVE] and has a +20 DEF against Good Aligned saving throws. Even though you had level 99 [Heroic Aura] and a 20 +50 CH….. it was not enough. You were moving her heart but he has bound your Princess body and soul. Even if she died he probably has a necromantic seal on her and enslave allows him to roll her d6 in her stead.
    She as falling for him. The second lead to Youyou is da shiz! MYZ is the main male VILLAIN lead (or has anyone seen.. no male villain that is not a side character/ 4 chapter cannon fodder)

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