Chapter 243: Indifference

“… …?”

Youyou’s blank face immediately sank: What are they doing here? 

In the past, once he sees him. He will immediately put on his innocent and lovely appearance. And then, he will well-behaved call him grandfather.

But, right now, seeing Yun Yecheng’s face after reading those reports made him felt indifferent and distant. 

Youyou’s eyes lighted up, he suddenly remembered something, so he smiles weirdly: They came to ask for something, right?

“Youyou? … … Is, your mom at home?” Yun Yecheng asks with a bit cramped face.

“Come in and talk.”

Youyou opened the door to let them in, but his appearance looks extremely different.

So, from the moment they came in, Yun Yecheng and Yun Liqin couldn’t help but carefully look at him.

Yun Yecheng felt strange: This child seems different from before… …

But, to say what is exactly different? Yun Yecheng couldn’t say a thing or two. He only knows that this child suddenly becomes so indifferent. His little face still shows a smile, but this smile looks cold. A smile that is very different from before.

Youyou was aware of what Yun Yecheng is thinking. So, he glanced at him with very sharp eyes. On the other hand, Yun Yecheng couldn’t help but get shocked with this!

Those eyes look so sharp. Sharp eyes that shouldn’t exist for a child like him!

“Youyou, what’s wrong … …”

Why are you suddenly so cold?

In the past, he always called him grandfather so kindly. So, what is wrong with him? Yun Yecheng couldn’t make a guess.

Yun Liqin coldly snorted: “How bold! You don’t even know how to greet your elders. I don’t know what your mother is teaching you, that you don’t even know such a basic rule.”

“What did my mom learn from you, may I ask?” Youyou replied coldly.

“You!… …” Yun Liqin couldn’t react on time. And due to anger, her face become stiff.

This kid has changed, he changed …

In the past, even though she treats this child like his invisible, he still always obeys her words. He still always calls her grandmother sweetly. But today, he’s not only impolite to her but also talk with a very sharp tongue?

Especially, that face of him? It was extremely cold. In just one look, you’ll feel like your surrounded by ice!

And in just one look, her spine almost quivered.

“Devil, you’re a devil!… … That’s right, you came from your mother’s womb. Your mother doesn’t know shame. That’s why she gave birth to a bastard son like you. You don’t know who’s your father. You don’t know how to respect your elder. What a great family ah!”

Youyou patience got exhausted, so he said: “Did you brush your teeth?”

“Huh?” Yun Liqin didn’t understand the meaning of his words, so she got a little dumbfounded.

Youyou casually said: “This is my home, so pay attention to what you are saying. Especially, if you don’t want me to drive you away.”

“You … …!” Yun Liqin wanted to say something more.

But, Yun Yecheng who could no longer tolerate the situation shouts: “Just shut up!”

Yun Liqin got very surprised when she sees him staring at her bitterly. So, originally, those words of him refer to her!

Yun Yecheng looks very angry. So, even though she wanted to speak, in the end, she didn’t open her mouth.

Because, this time, there is an important matter.

Youyou elegantly sits back on the sofa, then he looks at Yun Yecheng with a cold smile and said: “Grandfather, my mom is not at home. But, if there’s anything you need, just say it.”

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  1. Youyou’s like a beast!!! Damn. But he’s super adorable. I bet those old peeps is asking help cause of what happened to that thief and srsly that grandpa needs to grow some backbone. 😒

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!

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