Chapter 264: He doesn’t need a father


Why did he come?

He thought his mommy will come alone. But, she brought him here?

Youyou’s face becomes tight, as his thin lips become stiff. Inside his heart, he was very upset.

This is the first time he had seen this man closely. The first time he saw him, this biological father of him, was only in a financial magazine.

At first, he thought that his picture was edited. After all, why would there be such a perfect man in this world, right?

He looks so handsome. He looks mature and calm. He has this extraordinary atmosphere. around him Especially, that cold face of him, it was very daunting even though it was only a picture.

The last time he saw was at that cocktail party. At that time, he personally had seen his handsome feature and tall stature. And it turns out that there was really a perfect man that exists in this world.

Up until this moment, the father and son were still looking at each other. Mu Yazhe was looking at the little guy, while the little guy was looking at him with calculating eyes.

Truly an exceptional man!

Yes, he is also an overbearing man.

He must be the same as him, he must also be a possessive man. His body emits an overbearing atmosphere. No matter where he goes, this atmosphere swallows the whole area.

This is his biological father.

When he was younger, he had no father beside him. So, whenever he sees the other children had a father, he couldn’t help but feel envious. He couldn’t help but feel at lost.

Why does the other family have a member of three? Why do the other children have a mommy holding their hand and a father holding their other hand? While him, his other side was empty. Why is it like that?

He often sees the other children riding on their father’s shoulders. Whenever he sees that his heart felt jealous!

His father must be also tall!

If he was with him, nothing in this world could scare him.

If he was with them at home, his mommy wouldn’t be looked down upon by others and won’t be bullied, right?

That concept grow deep inside his heart, so he couldn’t help but feel resented.

Why did daddy leave mommy all alone? He asks his mommy that question several times before. But, his mommy always evades to answer it and never gave him a formal answer.

Gradually, the concept of father vanished in his heart.

If there is no man in their family, then he will become the man.

He will protect his mommy by all means.

Perhaps in Li Hanlin’s eyes, he is so matured and very different from the other children. But, he didn’t know that he was very scared to be alone. He only hides it carefully.

In front of Yun Shishi, he is sensible, well-behaved and extremely obedient.

In front of Li Hanlin, he is two-faced, calm and extraordinary courageous.

He doesn’t need a father!

He doesn’t want to share his Mommy to anyone else!

Just by thinking about this, Yun Tianyou hugged Yun Shishi tightly.

This man is slowly taking away his mommy. He shouldn’t sit idly.

“Mommy, why didn’t you go back home for two days? Youyou was all alone at home, feeling scared… …”

Yun Tianyou was leaning his little face on Yun Shishi’s shoulder. His small thin lips were trembling while uttering those words. His voice sounds hoarse from sobbing. His choking words can make any person feel distressed.

However, while making a splendid voice act, his eyes were coldly staring at Mu Yazhe’s face without a change in emotion.

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  1. The oh so perfect MYZ eh??? Oh dear~
    But with this I can really say that Youyou is like 60-70% like MYZ and the remaining percentage is from his mom🤔

    Thanks for the chapter~

  2. The sword has been drawn. You You doesn’t plan on taking any prisoners. Mu Ya Zhe get braced.You You is in the house and you are the enemy

    Thank you for this update

  3. it isn’t Mu Yazhe who is at fault ,nor is YSS ,but it’s that damned artificial faced fiancee of his ,if it weren’t for her ,they would have been married and lived as family ,not as enemies …well ,all he can do now is try to get better (which would be hard) with Tianyou.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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