Chapter 281: Waiting for you

Yun Shishi said: “What is there to be afraid of? Dad, as long as you won’t be blinded by them and you won’t give them a face, I’ll be fine. Later, I’ll give you a warm home. Don’t you want me to watch you grow old? You raised me for a long time. Now, it’s time for me to repay your kindness!”


Obviously, he owes her so much!

Yun Yecheng felt move, again and again, his lips trembled as he nodded his head.

Although Yun Shishi is not his biological daughter, she is more filial than his biological daughter. That’s why even though he had a wolf-eyed daughter, he’s quite relieved. Because he had a thoughtful adopted daughter like Yun Shishi.

This time, he didn’t refuse, but said: “Let’s talk about this later! When I divorce her, I’m sure she won’t be willing to give up the remaining property. She’ll ask for separation property!”

“Separation property?” Yun Shishi took a deep breath: “That woman will still have the nerve to ask for that?”

“I will not give it to her! I don’t feel guilty. Fortunately, when I bought our apartment house, I registered it under your name. Even if we divorced, she can’t get her hands on it. It was her own fault anyway, who said she can be so evil. I, Yun Yecheng never mistreated her. I have a clear conscience. But, she wronged you!”

Yun Shishi was a bit shocked.

So originally, their three-bedroom apartment house was under her name?


When the father and daughter came out of the balcony, they didn’t know when the nurses surrounded their area. Yun Yecheng suddenly saw the handsome man standing next to the bed.

“Who is this… …?”

It seems he was the one he had seen before.

Seeing his father asking about Mu Yazhe, Yun Shishi look at Mu Yazhe with guilty eyes and said: “Oh, he is my university professor named Mu.”

“At such a young age?” Yun Yecheng staggered a bit. The handsome man is clearly only 27 or 28 years old. His handsomeness is compelling. He looks very young.

The man raised his perfect and delicate face. His handsome face is similar to British nobles. And It feels like he came from a royal family, his atmosphere is very imposing!

Obviously, he was young, but he was extremely matured and introverted.

And in front of an old guy like him, he still looks very arrogant!

Yun Yecheng couldn’t believe it, but he convinced himself. “Oh, it turned out, you’re Shishi’s professor. Hello! You look really young.”

Mu Yazhe cooperated, he nodded his head but didn’t say anything. His attitude is very cold.

“This… what’s going on?” Yun Shishi saw the room was filled with nurses. She thought there was an accident.

“Changing room.” Mu Yazhe simply said.

Yun Shishi suddenly remember. The hospital director seemed had mentioned that they will transfer to the VIP room.

But… …Why there are so many nurses?

Yun Shishi saw the nurses from the inside, up to the doorway looking at Mu Yazhe with glimmering eyes.

A bit earlier, the hospital director ordered these several intern nurses to help the patient transfer to the VIP room.

However, when they entered the ward, they saw a handsome man stroking the little patient’s face. The godly perfect guy instantly strikes their heart.

“My God, the patient’s relative in the ward 702 is so handsome!!”

“How handsome?”

“He’s even more handsome than Superstar Gu Xingze! And he looks like a noble. He must be very rich!”

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