Chapter 298: Hungry!

A young master who had foods and clothes all the time haven’t seen an instant noodle soup.

Is someone as rich as him, doesn’t eat noodle soup?

They do.

But, this kind of noodle soup were foods of ordinary people. In which an aristocrat like him will never have a chance to eat.

Yun Shishi was silent and somewhat speechless.

After putting the spoon and chopsticks on the table, the man naturally picked up the chopsticks and continue eating.

“... …”

I can’t believe he was eating so well. 

Outside the window, the sunlight was reflecting from the window sill.

Mu Yazhe’s back was straight. And even though he was eating noodles, he still has this elegant behavior. He was eating quietly and didn’t even make a single sound.

Yun Shishi believes that he was a real aristocrat. His strict etiquette training since childhood was revealed at this table.

His hands were only holding an ordinary bowl. However, every gesture he made has this elegance that can only be seen from a high-class noble.

This temperamental was not an act. It was the result of hard work during childhood. His strict etiquette training was carved up to his bones.

Yun Shishi reluctantly licked her lips, as she saw her food was robbed by this man. She then turned back to the kitchen to make another one.

When she came out again, Mu Yazhe had quietly finished eating the noodles in the bowl. However, it seemed he was still savoring the taste.

Yun Shishi took a glanced at the bowl. In there, she saw her bowl was clean. She didn’t even saw a single drop of stain on the table.

Noble rituals are tiresome.

Don’t he feel tired?

Yun Shishi secretly sighed inside her heart. Then, she sat at the table, hold her bowl and was about to start to eat. But, she saw Mu Yazhe deeply looking at the bowl in her hands.

… …”

“This is mine!” Yun Shishi murmured in displeasure. After all, the noodles he had eaten was originally hers.

Seeing the look in his eyes, Yun Shishi quickly protected her food, in fear of being snatched away. And to be sure, she warned him: “This bowl of noddle is mine.”

“Give me another bowl,” Mu Yazhe demanded with a righteous looking face.

Yun Shishi clearly saw the hunger in his face. They didn’t eat last night, so it’s only natural for him to be hungry.

However, Yun Shishi frowned and said without hesitation: “If you still want to eat, cook for yourself!”

Mu Yazhe looked at her straight and said: “I don’t know how.”

“You don’t? Then, stay there hungry!”

As she finished, it was no surprise that the man has a dark and sullen face.

Yun Shishi was feeling a bit satisfied. This man has bullied her so many time. This time, she finally took revenge! She will make him watched her eat with a big smile!

Serves you right.

Yun Shishi said to herself with satisfaction. She picked up her chopstick and started slurping the noodles.

“This is good… …”

Yun Shishi didn’t eat the noodles as elegant and quiet like Mu Yazhe. She made some low noise.

If you are eating noodles, you have to slurp it!

Yun Shishi was really hungry. So, she was too lazy to act like a lady in front of him. She stuffed a mouthful of noodles in her mouth.

If your eating noodles, it’s fine to make a sound.

Mu Yazhe frowned a bit. This woman in front of him had no image of a fine lady. But, he doesn’t know why, seeing her eating as noisy as this, made him think that noodles were more delicious above all.

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  1. I gotta agree with Ai Hrist. I also like seeing them like this and somehow I have an image that YSS would be like “humph. This *slurps* is how you should eat noodles” looking at MYZ with a triumphant look 😂

  2. Mu Ya Zhe likes this simple meal. How could he enjoy it so much? It has three things he really needs….sustenance, companionship and fun

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