Chapter 364: Yun Shan Shiyi

“Young Master Gu, I… I didn’t know his identity at first.” Yang Shoucheng wiped his sweat on his forehead with his sleeve. His face looked very ugly.

“You didn’t know? No way.” Gu Jinglian leaned gracefully at the table and played with the chocolate in his hand, then faintly said, “I can see that, you clearly didn’t put Jinglian into your eyes!”

Yang Shoucheng’s face changed in color. He was so shocked: “Young Master Gu, you shouldn’t misunderstand me! I didn’t know before, that Gu Xingze was your younger brother… …”

Gu Jinglian’s lips curved into a smile, but his voice has a trace of irritation: “Oh, Yang Shoucheng. You were so brilliant in Hong Kong before, even I, Gu Jinglian can’t control you in there. But since you stepped into the capital, you should know, who’s territory is this!”

“I know… I always knew…”

“You know? You know, but you still dare to act superior in my site?!” Gu Jinglian stood and walked fast, as his leather shoes heavily stepped Yang Shoucheng’s hand and cursed: “Do you know who’s name was deeply engraved in this capital? In this capital, who do you think you are? In my family’s site, you dared to become unruly, do you think I’ll let you go with this?”

Yang Shoucheng no longer had a color in his face. At this moment, his mind was thinking the ins and outs of the event for a thousand times. And suddenly, he realized what Gu Jinglian was pointing out. But when he realized it, his face became pale.

“Don’t dare… … Young Master Gu, you misunderstood me, I definitely don’t have such intention. I don’t remember having such an intention, you know me… …” Yang Shoucheng nervously grabbed Gu Jinglian’s trouser and begged for mercy. 

Too bad, he also didn’t know that such a poor show was a taboo to Gu Jinglian.


Gu Jinglian’s thin lips slightly curve with scornful, his eyebrows knitted in disgust: “Look at this, you dirtied my trouser, what should I do now?”

After he finished, Gu Jinglian kicked Yang Shoucheng away from him.

Yang Shoucheng embarrassingly rolled over the floor a couple of times. He curved his body next to the table and his face was swelling red.

Yang Shoucheng took a deep breath, as his eyes have an inexplicable emotion. The next moment, he saw a well-trained man crouching next to him, with a blank facial expression.

Scream after scream sounded… …

In the room, blood flows like a river.

Yang Shoucheng, who has a very painful expression on his face, held his broken hand.

He kept wailing and rolling like a wolf tumbling on the ground.

Gu Jinglian indifferently took a glanced and turned away, leaving the private room.

Qin Zhou and Ji Lin also followed.

When Gu Xingze was also about to leave, he walked close to Yang Shoucheng and grabbed his neck, then warned him coldly: “I’m warning you, don’t you dare have other thoughts with her!”

The “her” in his mouth was naturally referring to Yun Shishi!

Yang Shoucheng was in extreme pain, so even though he was confused. He nodded his head vigorously. He was only relieved when Gu Xingze left.

When Gu Xingze left the room, he took out his mobile phone and saw Yun Shishi’s message. Saying it was very late, so she must go back.


The car drove all the way to a villa.

Yun Shishi looked through the window and saw that it was already dawn.

At the entrance of the villa, there was a big boulder, carved with the words: “Yun Shan Shiyi”

Yun Shan Shiyi was the name of the villa.

This villa was completed a year ago but still has no name. The person in charged carefully selected a couple of names and asked Mu Yazhe’s advice. But, Mu Yazhe casually replied: “Yun Shan Shiyi, how about that?”

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