Chapter 254: Life-saving, the patients are crying (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu injected a serum to the child and fed him a strong antipyretic drug. Then, she hanged the IV fluid and cleaned the child’s wound.

The child seems to be feeling uncomfortable, he constantly twisting his body. Lin Chujiu opened her mouth and said: “Don’t move, we will finish soon.” The child relaxed his body, but he’s still humming in pain… …

When Lin Chujiu finished, half an hour had passed. The guard and Little Zhou were waiting patiently. No one dared to disturb Lin Chujiu. They just stared at the carriage door, waiting for Lin Chujiu to come out.

When the door was pushed open, the guard and Little Zhou’s eyes widen at the same time. The guard sighed in relief, while Little Zhou was eager to ask something: “Young Miss… …”

“Madame, the master of our family is married.” The guard calmly corrected Little Zhou. Little Zhou changed his addressed to Lin Chujiu: “Madame, how is my brother?”

Although the teenager was eager to know his brother’s condition, he didn’t act rash. And even if he knew Lin Chujiu’s identity was not ordinary, he didn’t reveal a timid personality like ordinary people. He seems like not children of a poor family.

“He’s okay for the time being. I need to go back and let my people give him the medicine. He needs a good rest now.” The child’s fever hasn’t decreased. The poison in his body hasn’t been cleared. But, Lin Chujiu couldn’t give him any more medicine right now. She has to wait for tomorrow to come.

“Thank you, Madame. You are a life-saving grace. In this life, I, Zhou Hean, will offer my life to repay you.” The teenager easily sold himself and vowed with closed fists.

Lin Chujiu shook her head. “No, I didn’t save your brother to ask for your grace. Where do you guys live? I will send the medicine tomorrow.”

“I…” Zhou Hean lowered his heads, he didn’t know how to answer.

Lin Chujiu understood their situation: “Do you have no place to live?”

“I sold our house before to come up with money to treat my brother’s illness. I’ll just wait for madame’s people here tomorrow, can I?” Zhou Hean looked at Lin Chujiu with hope. He was afraid to hear Lin Chujiu’s rejection.

“Your brother needs to recuperate. What will happen to him if you don’t have a place to live?” Lin Chujiu looked at the boy in front of her and asked in a goodwill. Then, she said: “I will help you and your brother book a room in the inn. You two live there temporarily until your brother gets better. How about it?”

“Madam, this can’t be.” Zhou Hean busily refused. He bowed his head and said: “I, we already owed you a lot.”

“It doesn’t matter, whether you owed me big or small. When you grow old and earn a lot of money, you can repay me.” The boy in front of her was not a lazy person. It’s just, he was too young to bear this responsibility alone.

She was once this young before, she knew very well how to live in helplessness at the young age.

“Thank you, Madame. You can rest assured, once I earned money, I will definitely returned everything to you.” Zhou Hean didn’t refuse this time. Not because he wanted to take advantage of her, but because he knew his brother’s situation. And indeed, it’s not suitable for his brother to live in an old temple.

“Let’s go, I also need to change my clothes.” Well, she has spare clothes inside the carriage. Otherwise, she has no choice but to go home.

Considering that both Zhou Hean and his brother were still young, Lin Chujiu found a nice inn for them to stay. She paid a month worth of rent for the room and meals. She also gave Zhou Hean some silver coins. Once his brother woke up, he needs to buy some things that could make up for his brother’s malnutrition.

Zhou Hean wanted to refuse, but when he saw how thin his brother was. He could only close his eyes and accept it. This time, he didn’t thank Lin Chujiu.

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