Chapter 326: Distressed, not dead (Part 1)

Xiao Tianyao has no plan to let him go!

As soon as Su Cha turned around, Xiao Tianyao raised his right hand and flicked the brush, hitting all the way Su Cha’s calf. Su Cha’s leg softens and fell on the floor.

*Tud* Su Cha who fell on his knees and got slammed on the floor couldn’t breathe in pain. He even failed to climb for a long time: “Wangye, if I became disabled, who will do errands for you? Who will make money for you?”

“Benwang will prepare a wheelchair for you.” Xiao Tianyao said while showing a letter in front of Su Cha: “Benwang wants to know who incite behind the scene, to let Imperial Concubine Zhou take over Ci Entang.”

“I will definitely check it out.” Su Cha didn’t dare to refuse this time, but Xiao Tianyao still didn’t let him go: “And since you are so interested in Benwang’s private affairs, benwang will give you a chance. Benwang hopes for you to bring back the normal Wangfei before the expedition.”

This so-called normal Wangfei was the Lin Chujiu who was not arrogant to him. The one who will not shut her door to him. And then, their relationship will return to that time when he was receiving his medical treatment.

At that time, Lin Chujiu was very cute. The two of them were also very harmonious. Whenever Xiao Tianyao thought of it, his lips will unconsciously curve into a smile.

He really couldn’t understand why they ended up like this when they were so good before.

His father was right in the end, a woman shouldn’t be pampered or else their gallbladder will get big!

“This… Tianyao, I can’t do this!” Su Cha directly lies on the floor pretending like a dead person: “Tianyao, you’re the one who hurt Wangfei’s heart, not me. So, how would I know what to do?” He doesn’t have a lover, nor a wife. So, how he will know how to get along with a woman? 

“You can do it for bewang’s sake. There’s still half a month. Su Cha, don’t let benwang get disappointed.” Xiao Tianyao said with a threat and added before Su Cha could even speak: “Get up and get out!”

Su Cha who was given an impossible task gorgeously left!

Xiao Tianyao continued sitting in his study room while pondering where he will sleep tonight.


Su Cha doesn’t really want to get involved with Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu’s affairs. But, thinking about Xiao Tianyao’s past, he couldn’t bear it. He hesitated, but in the end, he decided to go to Lin Chujiu to have a talk.

In order not to be misunderstood, Su Cha even took Liu Bai with him. The three of them sat in a small pavilion in Xiao Wangfu. Then, Su Cha personally made a tea for Lin Chujiu.

“Wangfei, please… …”

Lin Chujiu took the tea but didn’t drink it at all: “The one who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions. Su Gongzi personally made a tea for me, I just couldn’t bear to drink it casually.”

“Wangfei call me Su Cha.” Su Cha said so casually as if he didn’t hear  Lin Chujiu’s ridicule.

“Addressee is not that important. Su Gongzi, why are you looking for me?” Lin Chujiu said and put down the tea on the table.

Tea or whatever, she will not drink it. However, Su Cha was indeed a very good looking man. He was like tranquil water, so elegant and noble.

“It’s not a big deal. I just heard a little news and I wanted Wangfei to listen to it.” Su Cha throws in bait to make Lin Chujiu interested. However, Lin Chujiu replied indifferently: “I don’t dare to listen.”

“Wangfei, this is related to you.” Su Cha smiled calmly, but his heart was actually crying.

Didn’t they say that women are very easy to coax? So why is it their Wangfei so hard to please? She doesn’t even give him an opportunity to create the right atmosphere.

“Can I not listen?” Lin Chujiu has already guessed what Su Cha wanted to say.

The attitude of Xiao Wangfu people has proved that the matter last night has spread.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 326: Distressed, not dead (Part 1)

  1. So wagye lets the fox in the hen house? Nice logic, let another guy coax your wife. I really don’t know how XTY brain work.
    And this relationship was really harmonious – intimidation, using as a shield, drugging to enter the bed, even touching her wounds so they hurt more as punishment, but LCJ was cute beacuse she was a polite pushover (but of course he wants her to be strong and independent where she should expect help from so called husband – a clear denial his own expectations).

  2. idiot, this IS the normal wangfei, she’s finally letting you see her real self, that actually means you got closer to her than you ever were… harmonious relationships aren’t built in a day, not real ones anyway.

  3. Who said women and villains are hard to raise? I think Xiao wangye is the hardest to raise, he wants a cute loving wife also independent and strong woman who obeys him unconditionally and then loyal and smart. Even he can not find that kund in heavenly realm. He is an absurb man.

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