Chapter 336: To teach, completely think of herself as a master (Part 1)

The banquet met a bloody scene, everyone’s interest became low. The Emperor also seemed unable to cope up with it. He seemed to intend to end the banquet in advance.

The palace officials have no other opinion about it. What else can they do if the emperor wanted it, right? But, Nannuo Yao was unwilling.

She wanted to use this banquet to step on Lin Chujiu’s head and let Lin Chujiu make a fool of herself in public. Now that her goal has not yet been reached, how can the banquet end?

As for Ji Fengyu?

He also thought that the banquet was over.

The banquet tonight was clearly to welcome him and Nannuo Yao. However, Nannuo Yao became the center of attention because of her savageness and arrogance. And he… …

No matter how much he behaves, he was only ignored. He can’t do things Nannuo Yao did.

Whether it was intentional or unintentional, with the cooperation of palace officials, the banquet gradually quieted down. No one even talks. The emperor almost looked like ready to announce the end of the banquet. But before the emperor could even open his mouth, Nannuo Yao stood up again.

“Huangshang, this princess said before that she wanted to exchange knowledge from the young miss of the east, this princess doesn’t know if it still counts?”

Nannuo Yao was deliberately picking a fight again, the emperor would like to frown his eyebrows, but his mouth said with a smile: “Of course, it still counts.” This southern princess, does she really want to choose a husband?

She was so focused to compete and attain victory, but is there a man willing to marry her?

Nannuo Yao looked very pleased, so she asked with a happy face: “Since your Highness said that it still counts, can I pick a person to learn?”

“Who do you want to learn from?” The Emperor asked, but he actually has no interest.

Nannuo Yao certainly noticed it, but she pretended not to know, she ignorantly said: “This princess heard in the south, Xiao Wangye’s vision is of a different caliber, even the most talented woman in the world, Miss Lan Xi, didn’t enter his eyes. This princess thinks that Xiao Wangfei is better than Miss Lan Xi, so this princess wanted to ask Xiao Wangfei to teach me a thing or two.”

Nannuo Yao’s words were full respect, but how come everyone will not know the actual meaning of her word “teach”, it’s just… …

They couldn’t understand why this Nannuo Yao always targeting Lin Chujiu.

Does Princess Nannuo Yao want to marry Xiao Wangye that’s why she’s always stepping on Lin Chujiu’s head?

Many people think of this possibility, even the emperor thought of this, but… …

The Emperor will never allow Xiao Tianyao to marry the Southern Princess. However, if Nannuo Yao wanted to bite Lin Chujiu and fight against Xiao Wangfu. He will gladly watch the show.

The Emperor looked at Lin Chujiu with a smile on his face: “Xiao Wangfei, since Princess Nannuo Yao made a request, you teach her a thing or two.”

The Emperor knew that Lin Chujiu doesn’t have any talent in this kind of thing, but he deliberately refused to give Lin Chujiu a chance to escape. He was trying to provoke a gap between Nannuo Yao and Xiao Wangfu.

Lin Chujiu knew that she couldn’t escape tonight, so she didn’t panic when she heard of this. Xiao Tianyao wanted to speak for Lin Chujiu, but Lin Chujiu held his hand tightly and said: “Prince Nannuo Yao, what do you want me to teach you?” 

Her tone was cold, there was a high momentum. But other people still couldn’t help but get worried about her. Everyone present knew that Lin Chujiu has no skill in chess, calligraphy, and painting. What should they do if things turn out ugly?

Nannuo Yao’s lips slightly twitch, but there’s still smile on her face. She proudly says: “Chess, calligraphy or painting, Xiao Wangfei you can choose what you want.”

Nannuo Yao’s temper was bad, but she can get the Southern Emperor’s love. Obviously, although she was arrogant, she has talent.

“Four Arts of the Chinese Scholar? Then, Princess Nannuo Yao, let us hear you play guqin, someone come… … give Princess Nannuo Yao a guqin.” Lin Chujiu completely think of herself as the master of the event and ordered people around.


* Four Arts of the Chinese Scholar (zither, Go, calligraphy, painting)

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