Chapter 434: hands, never been afraid of blood on hands (Part 2)

There will be no rumor outside, no one will know that the emperor sent his men to search Xiao Wangfu. Xiao Wangfu will not lose face, so Lin Chujiu can just let them go.

“In this regard, this wangfei believes that today’s thing will not spread.” Lin Chujiu nodded her head, but when everyone thought that there was hope, Lin Chjujiu added to say: “The dead cannot pass news. Before you check, this wangfei set a rule. And since you don’t want to check again, let’s proceed to the rule.”

Lin Chujiu faintly said, as if what she’s saying was not about killing people but just picking up some vegetables for dinner.

When Commander Li heard Lin Chujiu’s words, his face got pale. He lifted his face and said: “Xiao Wangfei, I am the commander of Imperial Guards, you have no right to dispose of us.” Does this woman think she’ll have a chance to succeed?

If he can kill, he will not let them go, Xiao Wangye was not in the capital. Even if something happened here, the emperor will just punish them at most. Lin Chujiu was only a woman, she can’t fight them head-on.

“It’s not for you to decide whether I have the right or not. In my Xiao Wangfu, I have to act according to the rules of my Xiao Wangfu.” Lin Chujiu glared at Commander Li, her eyes were filled with murderous intent: “Commander Li, if this wangfei said she will do it, I will definitely do it. Otherwise, if this thing passed out, who will put me in their eyes in the future.”

“Wangfei, you can’t…” Commander Li still wanted to argue, but Lin Chujiu waved her sleeve and directly ordered: “After a column stick of incense, except for the four people in the flower hall, everyone must be executed. You mustn’t let them walk out of Xiao Wangfu.”

As soon as Lin Chujiu finished saying those words, she turned around and walked towards the inner courtyard… …

She didn’t want to hear the medical system’s alarm, telling her to save people.

“Wangfei, we are innocent, please spare us!” Commander Li went forward to plead for his men, but he was stopped by the shadow guards hiding in the dark. The other imperial guards were also treated the same. They wanted to fight back, but before they could even pull their sword, the shadow guards stopped them.

“Everyone, forgive me!”The shadow guard lifted his sword and slashed it to the imperial guard in front of him.

The imperial guard to the side was shocked and hurriedly struggled hard: “No, let me go… … let me go, I am an imperial guard, you dare!”

“Wangfei, forgive me, forgive me!”


From behind, countless screamed of the imperial guards sounded. There were sounds of fight occasionally, but Lin Chujiu just listened and stayed emotionless… …

She knows that everyone can only live once. She knows that each life was important. She knows that she was being childish. She knows that she was cruel. She knows that those imperial guards were innocent, but what about it?

In this era, if she doesn’t kill, she will be killed.

The imperial guards broke in Xiao Wangfu. Was it really to find the assassin?

She was not stupid!

Since the emperor knows the person who injured Princess Fushou Zhang, how could he not know that Jing Chi and Tang Tang were not originally Xiao Wangfu’s people?

The Emperor sent his imperial guards to come and search, originally to know the defense of Xiao Wangfu. If she let these people leave, she was only waiting for her death.

The emperor will not let her and Xiao Tianyao go.

Besides, even if she gives in this time. If a similar event happened again, where will she retreat?

In order to protect Xiao Wangfu, in order to survive, she must harden her heart.

Even if her hands got covered with blood, she will not hesitate… …



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  1. She did what she had to do. Why would they expect it from XTY and not her just because she’s a woman? Pffff.

    Thanks for the update!

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