Chapter 448: To ruin with flattery, how to clarify (Part 1)

It was no secret that Nannuo Yao went to the Xiao Wangfu in the middle of the night to seek medical advice. Although Lin Chujiu has the ability to put things down, why should she waste energy to help Nannuo Yao?

Because of the doctor’s work ethic, she will not tell Nannuo Yao’s condition to anyone, but it doesn’t mean she will help Nannuo Yao to hide it if she exposed it herself.

She was a doctor and not a Virgin Mary. Even if sympathy with others, it depends on people.

This news reached the palace. Whether it was the emperor, empress or Ji Fengyu, they were very curious about what Nannuo Yao will decide?

But of course, what they were more curious about was what happened to Nannuo Yao? What made Lin Chujiu propose to her to get out of the east country in exchange for medical treatment?

When Nannuo Yao heard this condition, she didn’t explode in anger, which was really shocking.

“Go and check it out.” The emperor admitted that he was also very curious about Nannuo Yao’s condition. However, he doesn’t want Nannuo Yao to leave the east.

Nannuo Yao was unruly and arrogant, she was hostile to Lin Chujiu, and kept causing Lin Chujiu troubles. Nannuo Yao was a very useful knife for the emperor. The emperor was planning to use Nannuo Yao to deal with Lin Chujiu, so how could he let her leave?

The empress didn’t put Nannuo Yao into her eyes. Nannuo Yao’s departure will not affect her plans. She didn’t let anyone check Nannuo Yao’s condition, she will just stand still and watch the play.

Ji Fengyu also didn’t check Nannuo Yao’s illness. No matter what illness Nannuo Yao had, it has nothing to do with him. What he wanted to know was if he could cooperate with Nannuo Yao.

Yes, he wants the two of them to cooperate, but he will not control Nannuo Yao’s life and death. Compared to Nannuo Yao, Ji Fengyu was more concerned about the battles on the front line, and how he will complete the task his imperial father gave to him, without making Xiao Tianyao turns against him.

“This is really troublesome.” Ji Fengyu wanted to complete the task of his imperial father but dared not to offend Xiao Tianyao, and so he was in a dilemma. He doesn’t know where to start.

However, at this moment, Ji Fengyu received a pouch, which contained a piece of paper. On the paper, there were words written ‘Ruin with flattery’.

Ji Fengyu doesn’t know who gave it to him, but he knew it was a good idea. Ji Fengyu looked for the west’s scout in the east to start making plans… …

Within three days, the capital was full of rumors about how superb Lin Chujiu’s medical skills were, and how she can turn back the dead to life. The news about Princess Nannuo Yao personally went to Xiao Wangfu to seek medical treatment also spread.

In the beginning, there were still many people who did not believe that Nannuo Yao went to Lin Chujiu. They knew Lin Chujiu have medical knowledge, but not to the point where the Princess of the Southern Country will personally ask her for treatment.

Not until Meng Daren went to Xiao Wangfu with many gifts to thank Lin Chujiu for curing his son’s illness. After that everyone believed that Lin Chujiu’s medical talent was really good.

Who doesn’t know that Divine Doctor Mo himself said he was not sure if he can Meng Xiuyuan’s illness, but now Lin Chujiu cured him? So what does that mean?

Lin Chujiu’s medical skills were far better than the famous Divine Doctor Mo.

As a result, the rumors became more and more dramatic. People in streets, alleys, tea houses and pubs were talking about how good Lin Chujiu’s medical skills were. Even the news that Lin Chujiu cured Xiao Tianyao’s leg problems and Xiao Zian’s unknown disease spread in the capital. Divine Doctor Mo’s long term reputation also unexpectedly got damaged.

“Divide Doctor Mo is a mad doctor,  how can you compare him to Xiao Wangfei, who doesn’t seek fame and just saved the people’s lives?”


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