Chapter 82: Leaving the hellish place

Yang Sigen said: “Who said that? Do you think you can still deceive the people in the Huangtou Village? This news has spread up to our Baiyang Village. Do you still dare to deny it? Do you think I, Yang Sigen, is easy to be bullied?” He said as he revealed his strong arms.  said He licked his sleeves and revealed his strong arms.

Yang Sigen work as a mason. He usually builds a house of the people and he does other physical work. So, when he pulled up his sleeves, people could see how strong he was.

Old Lady Bai lived up to this age. If she easily gets scared, then she was not from the Bai Family. Old Lady Bai yelled at Yang Sigen: “You can’t scare me. This is Huangtou Village, not your Baiyang Village. You can’t act wild here.”

“I am wild? Good, good, I, Yang Sigen will let you know, the meaning of wild.” Yang Sigen was so angry when the old lady looked down on him. He felt like she was simply slapping his face.

“Brothers, give me a hand.” Then, he rushed inside the big house with a wooden stick. He smashed all the things inside and didn’t let go a single thing.

Seven or eight strong men followed Yang Sigen inside the big house. They also rushed with a wooden stick in their hand. They didn’t even let go the door. Everything was ruined by them.

Old Lady Bai was so anxious to jump and stop the bullies, but she didn’t dare to go forward. With those people’s strength, it was enough to smash her body like a pot.

Old Lady Bai pulled Bai Xiofeng to the side and said: “Xiaofeng, hurry. You go to Village Chief Li’s house and say that there are murderers in our village. They want to kill people and set a fire.”

Bai Xiaofeng went outside in a hurry. Although Bai Erzhu and Bai Dazhu were big grown-up men, they don’t have the courage to fight. They only stood there watching. They wanted to try to talk, but because of the loud smashing sounds, their voice couldn’t be heard.


Zhao Lan wanted to go out and see the situation, but she was stopped by Bai Zhi: “Niang, we can’t go out now. In this situation, the old lady will not listen to anything we say. This is a natural incident. If we won’t go out now, we can leave this hellish place today.”

Zhao Lan’s eyes lit up: “Is what you’re saying is true?”

Bai Zhi smiled and nodded: “Of course, it’s true. When did I lie you?”

Zhao Lan also thinks the same way. Now, everyone in the village knows that Bai Zhi can’t have children in the future. This was a big trouble. And as long as a doctor will help them confirm this case to the Bai Family. Naturally, the Bai Family will refuse to keep feeding two useless people.

The only choice was to separate.

Thinking of this, Zhao Lan was in a good mood. She went back to her bed and sat down. She will wait for the Bai Family to call the two of them.

When Bai Xiaofeng came back, the things inside the house where all smashed. Even the big tank in the backyard was not spared. His small shed for his study, and as well the pots in the kitchen were all destroyed.

Old Lady Bai sat on the ground and cried. She swears and swears until she gets exhausted.

“Stop, what are you guys doing? Why are you smashing things?” Although he was an old man now. His body still has the atmosphere of a real elder. He can confront Yang Sigen and the others.

Yang Sigen walked outside the big house with the wooden stick in his hand and asked: “Who are you? Are you also from this Bai Family?”

Village Chief Li said: “I am the chief of the Huangtou Village. I am asking you, why are you causing trouble for no reason?”

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