Chapter 10: Showdown (Part 1)

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Lin Furen (Madam Lin) didn’t take Lin Chujiu seriously. She hadn’t even bothered to guard herself. Her thoughts might not have showed on her face, but her eyes couldn’t completely disguise them… …

Scorn, contempt, hatred, intention to kill … …

These feelings of her couldn’t escape Lin Chujiu’s eyes: Hey stepmother, you really hated the original owner that much. You’ve already poisoned her but it still wasn’t enough.

Lin Chujiu secretly sighed and said, “Lin Furen (Madam Lin), I’m sure you know better than me what you have given me all these years and what you have added in the food, right? I think you just don’t want others to know about it, right?”

“Chujiu, what are you talking about? Mother cannot understand you.” Lin Furen (Madam Lin) hid her thoughts from Lin Chujiu’s puzzled-looking face without mishap. But of course, her eyes could only hide half of it.

Really, her stepmother’s acting is superb. Too bad Lin Chujiu didn’t go along with her acting. She said: “If Lin Furen (Madam Lin) wants to continue her act, I have no opinions about it. But now, I no longer have an interest to act with you as a loving pair of mother and daughter. I will marry tomorrow, and as for more than ten years of acting, I’ve already have enough of it. As of today, I want you to… …”

Lin Chujiu’s words hinted that she was only playing along with Lin Furen (Madam Lin) before, and that she hadn’t imagined that Lin Furen (Madam Lin) would be so stupid.

Lin Furen (Madam Lin) didn’t want to believe her, but she could see Lin Chujiu’s sharp eyes. She didn’t know why her heart couldn’t help but feel fear. At that moment, her deceased elder sister’s image emerged in her mind: “Jiejie (Elder Sister) have mercy, you have no resentment with your Meimei (Younger Sister), right?”

Lin Furen (Madam Lin) had always felt that her sister had been aware of her evil deeds, and that she only chose not to mention it. That her elder sister looked at her like she was a clown jumping up here and there. And now, Lin Chujiu gave her the same feeling … …

Lin Furen (Madam Lin) noticed that she was actually afraid of Lin Chujiu!

No, no, that can’t be true.. …

Lin Furen’s (Madam Lin) chest tightened, she wanted to justify herself, but Lin Chujiu didn’t give her an opportunity, as she said: “Lin Furen (Madam Lin), I will get married tomorrow, can I know what dowry you prepared?”

Dowry is a woman’s private property, she may be marrying a crippled husband, but he is still a member of Royal Family. It would be better if she has her own money in hand.

“Dowry?” Lin Furen (Madam Lin) was completely stunned. In the end, what does she mean? How much does she know?

“Yes, I haven’t seen the list for my dowry.” Lin Chujiu said with her innocent looking face. But, her eyes were full of threat.

This time, Lin Furen (Madam Lin) tried to comfort herself. Her eyes turned dark because she couldn’t lie to Lin Chujiu… …

She knew that Lin Chujiu had actually known the truth, which is that she affectionately coaxed her to cheat her!

The hell!

Lin Furen’s (Madam Lin) nails embedded in the palm of her hands, but she didn’t feel any pain. At this time, she became very angry. Her body kept trembling.

She had been played by her for so many years. And all of these years she thought that she had completely fooled Lin Chujiu, but who would have known that she was the fool.

All these years, Lin Chujiu might have been laughing at her in the dark. Lin Furen (Madam Lin) wanted to tear Lin Chujiu’s body, but… …

She can’t do anything right now, she can only sit and watch Lin Chujiu sitting there proudly, with an attitude of a winner.

How hateful ah!

Lin Furen’s (Madam Lin) eyes turned red, but Lin Chujiu didn’t show the slightest care and only smiled. She said: “Lin Furen (Madam Lin), don’t look at me like that. I will get married tomorrow and if something happened to me today, how will you explain yourself to the emperor? What will you say to Prince Xiao? How will you continue your act as a loving wife and mother ah?“

That victorious appearance, how would you say that she’s pure and innocent.

Lin Furen (Madam Lin) really wanted to kill her right now, but she could only grit her teeth and say: “What do you want?”

Now, she cannot kill Lin Chujiu and can only appease her. But later, she will think of a way!

What do you want?

This is really a big problem … …

Lin Chujiu hadn’t thought about what she really wanted. She had merely wanted to put things out and give her good stepmother a little warning in order for her to cease her dirty tricks. But… …

Now she has come and offered a fortune, Lin Chujiu didn’t mind having a personal fortune.

Please forgive her humble life. She has always been a simple person. Aside from money, nothing can really give her a sense of security.

Lin Chujiu believed that Lin Furen (Madam Lin) would not make her dowry look bad. But, a dowry is a dowry and a personal fortune is a personal fortune. Lin Chujiu doesn’t mind adding more personal fortune for herself.

Looking at Lin Furen’s (Madam Lin) hands on her veil, she saw that Lin Furen had twisted it so bad. Lin Chujiu kindly said: “Lin Furen (Madam Lin), for so many years Fuqin (Father) has been working so hard. I’m sure the family’s property is quite good, why don’t you give me a little bit more for my dowry?”

“How much do you want?” Lin Furen (Madam Lin) felt relieved that she could solve this problem with money. Because money had never been an issue.

How much?

Lin Chujiu didn’t know how much the Lin Family’s property had accumulated, so she didn’t know how much money would make Lin Furen (Madam Lin) suffer.

Negotiation is a technical skill. Although Lin Chujiu didn’t know how exactly she would negotiate with her, she knew a little about modern negotiations.

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