Chapter 101: Feelings and believe in me for once (Part 2)

“Wangye, your forehead is full of sweat. Why aren’t you saying anything?” Lin Chujiu said with a bit of complaint.

And while speaking, she leaned forward and gently wipes Xiao Tianyao’s forehead.

At that moment, Xiao Tianyao’s body got stiff. But then, he quickly relaxes his body so even Divine Doctor Mo didn’t notice anything.

Lin Chujiu maintain her calmness as usual, but she knows very well that she’s not calm at all.

Lin Chujiu is very close to Xiao Tianyao, so she couldn’t help but stare and focus on his eyes. In the end, she finds herself getting attracted to it. Because of that, Lin Chujiu’s heart beats so fast once again. Lin Chujiu want to leave, but Xiao Tianyao pulled her hand and said: “Sit down.”

His voice is so soft. And it’s completely very different to his usual tone. So, Lin Chujiu can’t find any reason to refuse.

But of course, this time, she didn’t refuse because of fear. She willingly agreed because of Xiao Tianyao’s current attitude.

A cold-hearted and overbearing man revealed his gentle side, so who wouldn’t drown in happiness?

Lin Chujiu sat down next to Xiao Tianyao. But, Xiao Tianyao still continues holding her hand. His grip in her hand has a bit of strength, but not to point where Lin Chujiu feels in pain.

This is the first time Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu got close together. They got close not because there were assassins, daggers or arrows, but simply because the atmosphere becomes warm.

Seeing them like this, Mo Yuer couldn’t help but gritted her teeth. But still, she didn’t avert her eyes.

And started fantasizing that Xiao Tianyao is very considerate of her and smiling warmly.

That picture is too beautiful to imagine, so a person couldn’t help but get addicted.

Divine Doctor Mo noticed Mo Yuer’s abnormal behavior. He got worried, so he finds a reason to send her away.

However, Mo Yuer doesn’t want to leave. Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu are having a heart warming moment, so who knows what will happen next if she leaves. In order to prevent something to happen, she mustn’t… …

Take away her eyes on them!

Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu are very similar in some aspects. Sometimes they could be both extremely self-centered. Mo Yuer was standing there, but her existence didn’t even affect them. They just continue doing what they want.

Divine Doctor Mo’s acupuncture treatment today seems very fast. Because after inserting the silver needle, he will immediately twist or tremble the needle. And then pull it out.

Seeing how Divine Doctor Mo twist and tremble the silver needle, Lin Chujiu’s eyes couldn’t help but brightly shine. And if only Divine Doctor Mo is not a hostile type of person, she would desperately ask him to teach her… …

However, Lin Chujiu knows very clearly that no matter how hard she asked Divine Doctor Mo. He won’t teach her his skill.

Xiao Tianyao continues watching Lin Chujiu’s facial expression. And when Divine Doctor Mo finally left. He asks: “Do you want to learn the art of needles?”

“Mmm.” The atmosphere seems very good, so Lin Chujiu answered immediately based on what’s inside her heart.

“Divine Doctor Mo’s skill is good, but he is not suitable to be your teacher. After benwang‘s treatment, benwang will find someone to teach you.” Xiao Tianyao’s words sounds as light as the wind. So, Lin Chujiu got dumbfounded and ask: “You… … You’ll find someone to teach me?”

“Mmm. Why? You don’t like it?” Xiao Tianyao’s words still sounded very light, but this time, it’s feels like a feather that is tingling Lin Chujiu’s heart. So at that moment, Lin Chujiu’s heart flutter. Her mind went blank and her tongue got sstiff, so she could only barely say: “No, no, I… … I like it.” 

Lin Chujiu’s heart beats fast when she suddenly think that her speculation yesterday might be true. Xiao Tianyao might actually like her. However, it’s not right to speculate this kind of thing. Because if she was wrong, wouldn’t it be embarrassing? 

Lin Chujiu force herself to calm down, then ask: “Can… can I ask why?”

“Can.” Xiao Tianyao smile and then nodded. But, is he really going to answer?

Well, it depends on Lin Chujiu’s further performance… …

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