Chapter 102: Dragon Soul and only because she’s the Wangfei (Part 2)

Divine Doctor Mo got stiff. And the proudness in his face faded. So, he said with a bit discomfort: “Half of it.”

Although it’s not the whole plant, it can already be considered as a big fortune. However, Xiao Tianyao still can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. Fortunately, he is good in hiding his emotion. Xiao Tianyao added some volume in his voice and praise Divine Doctor Mo: “Dragon soul is very rare. To get half of it, it is self-evident that Divine Doctor Mo is truly an extraordinary person. Benwang really admires Doctor Mo.”

Hearing this, Divine Doctor Mo’s mood turn good. So, he even modestly added: “Wangye, this old one only accidentally find this dragon soul. So for so many years, this old one was very reluctant to use it and just want to keep it for Yuer. However, now that Wangye’s royal body needs it, what’s difference does it make to Yuer.” 

The meaning of Divine Doctor Mo’s words is very obvious. But it is understandable, so Xiao Tianyao simply said: “Benwang understand. Doctor Mo could feel at ease.”

“With Wangye’s words, this old one could really feel at ease.” Divine Doctor Mo secretly felt relieved. He thought Xiao Tianyao would be angry because he didn’t bring out Dragon Soul a bit sooner. It seems Xiao Tianyao is not so stingy.

“Wangye, please wait for about quarter of an hour, this old one will prepare the dragon soul.” Xiao Tianyao knows that he must promise something, or else Divine Doctor Mo will not use the dragon soul to him. So, obviously, he only said those things for Divine Doctor Mo to have peace of mind.

Divine Doctor Mo was about to leave, but before he completely left the room. He looks at Lin Chujiu who is standing behind Xiao Tianyao with a strange smile on his face. Lin Chujiu didn’t see the expression on his face, so her face looks softer like usual. Only her knows that her mind is in really a terrible state.

She cannot tell why she feels this way. She only knows her heart feels like there was a hole.

Lin Chujiu took a deep breath to conceal her emotions. Then, she smiles like always and said: “Wangye, do you want me to help you to sit on the couch so you could rest?”

“No need.” Xiao Tianyao said, but he waved his hand for Lin Chujiu to come in front of him: “Come closer.”

“Wangye, what’s the matter?” Lin Chujiu came forward and half squat in front of him.

Because she knew Xiao Tianyao is a man that doesn’t like looking up to anyone. He had always look down upon the world, that’s why he even look down on the current emperor.

“Are you unhappy?” Xiao Tianyao asks right straight to the point. However, Lin Chujiu answer him with unchanged emotion: “How could that be? Wangye’s legs will finally be healed. So I am truly happy.”

“Really?” Xiao Tianyao obviously doesn’t believe her. So, Lin Chujiu said with determined tone: “Of, course.”

Lin Chujiu is really happy because she believes that she will soon be free. After all, once Xiao Tianyao’s legs were healed, her existence would no longer have any value.

And now that Mo Yuer is sure will be his concubine. Her presence will no longer be essential. And when that happens, her only way to get out of here is to play dead or missing.

“You are lying.” Xiao Tianyao said while staring at Lin Chujiu. And after a few minutes, he leaned forward and touches Lin Chujiu’s face. At that moment, Lin Chujiu’s body got stiff and didn’t dare to move.

Xiao Tianyao’s big hand move up close to Lin Chujiu’s eye. Then, he said: “Whenever you lie, you keep your eyes wide open and then deliberately look in their eyes.” To prove that you’re not lying.

“Yes, am I?” Lin Chujiu’s mind went blank, so she really doesn’t know what to say.

“Your heart knows very clear if the answer is yes or no.” Xiao Tianyao’s fingers stop beside Lin Chujiu’s eye. So, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but focused her eyes on him. And in Xiao Tianyao’s eyes, she saw nothing but her own image… …

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  1. Ah, i have a feeling that LCJ want to run away, from her own feelings or from XTY. And when XTY finally learn to love her. What a mess *shakes head*.

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