Chapter 103: Stop and harmful to human body (Part 2)

However, there is no need for him to say that because Lin Chujiu helped Xiao Tianyao to take off his clothes. And then, Housekeeper Cao who is guarding outside went in and helped Xiao Tianyao to get into the tub.

“Hmm.” The moment he sat in the tub, Xiao Tianyao’s face grimaced because of the pain he felt, but then he quickly restores his calmness.

The room was full of fog, so a person could guess the actual temperature of the water in the tub. And because of the high temperature of the water, Xiao Tianyao’s body flushed red immediately and his face was covered in sweat. Lin Chujiu didn’t wipe his face, she just stood there quietly while watching Divine Doctor Mo doing another acupuncture treatment. After that, Divine Doctor Mo left the two of them, so she sits on Xiao Tianyao’s side and started “reading.”

Divine Doctor Mo added some herbs two times more in the tub, but he hasn’t added the dragon soul yet. However, when Mo Yuer finally refined the herb she was concocting in the mortar. Divine Doctor Mo took out the dragon soul.

This is the first time that Mo Yuer had seen Xiao Tianyao’s naked upper body. So although they were separated by fog, Mo Yuer’s face flushed in red due to shyness, but… …

Because of the high temperature inside the room, everyone’s face is also red and covered in sweat. Besides, everyone’s attention was focused to the dragon soul. So, no one really paid attention to Mo Yuer.

Wangye, the herb that will be added to the dragon soul is now ready. So, I will now add the dragon soul. The process will be painful, but please bear with it.” Divine Doctor Mo’s voice was trembling a bit.

Because he really doesn’t want to take out the dragon soul. And now that he will use it, he couldn’t help but feel more dismay.

Benwang will endure.” Xiao Tianyao pursed his lips, but his eyes look brighter than before. Because deep inside his heart, he’s very excited.

“Yuer, come in here and help father to add the concocted herbs.”Divine Doctor Mo never forgets to create an opportunity for his daughter. But for the sake of having the dragon soul, Xiao Tianyao didn’t say anything.

When Mo Yuer made sure that no one had guessed what she was thinking. She calmly approached while looking straight ahead. And just like what her father had said, Mo Yuer added the herbs little by little.

After half of the concocted herbs were added, Divine Doctor Mo readied the dragon soul to hand over to his daughter.

The dragon soul looks as red as blood. Once this special herb was refined, it looks like the dragon’s blood so it was named as the dragon’s soul.

The dragon soul is very rare, even its shadow is very hard to see. So, most people couldn’t find them. But occasionally, some poor quality dragon soul comes out once every century, just like the dragon soul that was in Divine Doctor’s Mo’s hand. But, even though it was described as that, it can already be considered as the best.

Earlier, Divine Doctor Mo personally concocted the dragon soul and then he put its extracts to a small bottle. But right now, he decided to hand it over to Mo Yuer so that she will personally pour it in Xiao Tianyao’s tub.

Mo Yuer took the dragon soul bottle to her father’s hand very carefully. As if there was a very solemn ceremony going on.

When Mo Yuer opens the bottle… … an annoying smell was blown. Lin Chujiu frowned, but because Divine Doctor Mo and Xiao Tianyao look calm as usual. She thought that phenomenon must be normal.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t understand a thing, but she didn’t ask anything. She just remains silent and watches Mo Yuer pour the dragon soul in the tub slowly.

*Flip… … Flop… …*

The bright red liquid look as harsh as blood. But, it doesn’t smell bad. And surprisingly, it smells so good.

Lin Chujiu thought that the world she’s currently in is amazing because such a magical thing exist.

However, right after that, the medical system suddenly issued a level 2 alarm: Warning! Warning! Poisonous gas was detected.


Lin Chujiu got dumbfounded. But then, the medical system issued another alarm and it even increases to level 3: Warning! Warning! Warning! The poisonous gas is harmful to the human body. Please leave immediately!  

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  2. Everyone get ready for the darkest time of this arc *packs everything and evacuates* hope that LCJ will be ok. I really dont want to drop this novel because of XTY if he harms her and crosses the bottom line.

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