Chapter 105: Broken-hearted and it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me (Part 1)

Cannot provide any evidence?

“Lin Chujiu, is that your explanation to benwang?” Xiao Tianyao’s heart turns cold. And his hands that were soaked under the water turn to fist.

If he could, he wanted to strangle Lin Chujiu. This is the first time he believed to a woman. But, what was the result ah?

This woman stabbed him in the back.

“No!… … I really can’t prove an evidence now. But, I didn’t lie to you. I swear on my life that this medicinal bath really has a problem. So, come out now… … come out for now, okay?” Lin Chujiu felt like her heart got stabbed with a knife. But because she doesn’t want Xiao Tianyao to stay inside the bathtub. She tried pulling him out, but Mo Yuer pushes her on the side.

Wangfei, why don’t you spit it out from your mouth what is wrong with my father’s treatment? In order to heal Wangye’s legs, my father has taken out the dragon soul that he treasured. It will help Wangye’s legs, so he didn’t hesitate. So, what makes you say that my father wants to harm Wangye?”

“I never said that Divine Doctor Mo wanted to harm Wangye. I only said that there is something wrong with this medicinal bath.” Lin Chujiu looked at Xiao Tianyao, but Xiao Tianyao only remains silent. So, Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer understand that Xiao Tianyao doesn’t believe her.

Because of that, Mo Yuer had the courage to get angry more and said: “Wangfei, although I grew up roaming around in different countries, you cannot slander me! You have no evidence to show in front Wangye, so what the hell are you up to?”

Mo Yuer’s cold eyes started swelling with tears. As if she had experienced grievances.

Wangfei, don’t you know that your not only slandering me but also forcibly interrupting my father’s treatment to Wangye? You even broke Wangye’s medicine. Don’t you know that because not even half of the bottle of dragon soul had been poured in the tub. Wangye’s legs may not only heal but also get worse? So in the end, you just want to kill Wangye, right?”

Mo Yuer’s accusation is very serious. But, Lin Chujiu didn’t show any care to her words. Because she only cares about what Xiao Tianyao will say: “You really don’t believe me? If I only want to harm you, then I should have… …” killed you on that night of our wedding.

“That is why benwang is giving you an opportunity to explain.” Xiao Tianyao admitted to himself that he really has a long patience when it comes to Lin Chujiu. Because if he doesn’t, Lin Chujiu has long been dead.

“Explain? If I can explain it, then I would have said it long ago. Xiao Tianyao, you know very well that the people around Divine Doctor Mo are suspicious. So, why can’t you believe me ah?” Lin Chujiu seldom cries in front of people. Because as an orphan, she knows that tears won’t be a big help. But this time, she really cannot help but cry.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t really want to cry in front of other people. But, she reaches her limit, her heart could no longer the handle the pain.

Lin Chujiu’s crying face looks heartbreaking, but her tears cannot move anyone. Because Divine Doctor Mo even dared to add: “Wangye, what Yuer said is not wrong. The amount of the dragon soul that has been poured is not enough. So, it may not cure your legs, but rather increase its injury. Half of the dragon soul is already not an enough amount. But because it was a thousand years old, adding some herbal medicine to it will increase its effect. But, Wangfei had shattered the rest, I’m afraid that Wangye’s legs will… …”

“Divine Doctor Mo, do you really have to rub more salt into the wound?” Lin Chujiu was interrupted by Divine Doctor Mo. But still, she tried to explain: “I don’t understand what the dragon soul is. I only know that this medicinal bath has a problem. So, if Wangye will continue staying in there, something wrong will happen.” 

“May I ask Wangfei what is wrong in this medicinal bath? Can Wangfei point it out?”  Divine Doctor Mo is also trying to be tough. Because he is sure that he didn’t make any mistake. So, he confidently asks her.

“I also want to know what exactly is wrong here.” If she knows the answer, then she would have said it long ago. The medical system only reminded her that there is poison, but it cannot tell the reason. 

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  1. XTY is annoying me, can’t he effing just give in a little talk about going back on his own word, is not she had ever done anything to harm him, so what makes it so hard for him to believe unconditionally just once?

    anyway thanks for the chapter!

  2. She’s crying XTY. I’m crying for her. Why can’t XTY just believe her once, she saved his soldiers. He already knew that her medical skill are superb. I hope she will be distant with XTY after this incident and XTY will be crippled beyond cure. Hmph serves him right.

    Translator-sama can I order another male lead? One who is better than XTY?

  3. But seriously,if i were in XTY’s position,i would demand an explaination,you just cant break other people’s medine without proper reason

  4. I hope after this LCJ will leave XTY for real. Let him know the true meaning of “only know what is the real treasure after lose it” 😤

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  5. XTY BAKA!! She shed tears for you and yet, still you don’t exit the tub. (Sigh) I can only say, LCJ… you started falling for a difficult and cold guy who has major trust issues. Won’t be surprised if he doesn’t even trust his own right hand man. Really problematic.

    Anyway thanks for the chapter! Can’t wait for the next (^ ° ^) Fighting!!

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