Chapter 107: Evidence and calm down (Part 2)

Divine Doctor Mo knows what Xiao Tianyao really feels. That’s why even though there’s still dissatisfaction in his heart, Divine Doctor Mo couldn’t help but feel happy for his daughter. Divine Doctor Mo didn’t say anything anymore, he just retired and leave. Because he wants to stay with Mo Yuer.  

Inside the room, only Liu Bai and Housekeeper Cao were left. Housekeeper Cao carefully explains the other trivial things. He wanted to mention Lin Chujiu’s condition, but in the end, he didn’t dare and just quietly retreated.

When the others left, Liu Bai carefully ask: “Tianyao, are you alright?”

“What do you think?” Xiao Tianyao’s eyes move and locked them to Liu Bai.

Liu Bai’s face flashes with a trace of embarrassment: “Tianyao, today, I really don’t know anything.”

“You should know.” Xiao Tianyao’s voice was very cold. Because of that, sweat started popping out from Liu Bai’s body: “Tianyao, today, I neglected my duties. So, I dare not to explain myself.”

Every time Xiao Tianyao will have his medicinal bath. Liu Bai must protect him in the shadow. But, today, Liu Bai wasn’t there.

And if Liu Bai was there, he can stop Lin Chujiu the moment she shouted and rushed in. Nothing like this will happen, so it can be said that… …

Liu Bai is not there today, that’s why all this thing had happened.

“Where did you go?” Xiao Tianyao tried to restrain his anger.

However, Liu Bai didn’t say anything… …

Seeing him like this, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but sneer: “Seeing you like this, it must be related to Mo Yuer ah.”

“Tianyao, Miss Mo has nothing to with it. So, don’t get angry with her.” Liu Bai immediately explain. However, it only provokes Xiao Tianyao’s anger more: “Nothing to do with her? But, because of her, you neglected your duties, right?”

“Tianyao, no one expects that Lin Chujiu will suddenly harm you, I… …” While explaining, Xiao Tianyao’s eyes turn sharp, so he could no longer continue.

“Who told you that Lin Chujiu harmed me? And who said that you can call out her name?” Xiao Tianyao roar in anger because he could no longer hide it.

Lin Chujiu’s action today made him really angry!

And she failed to live up to his trust.

“Tianyao, you know very clearly that what I’m saying is true. You almost died because of her, but you still want to cover for her?” When it comes to that part, Liu Bai was very confident: “As for her name, she’s not qualified to be called your Wangfei. Wangye, you can no longer hide her hideous intent.”

“Are you finish?” Xiao Tianyao didn’t cut him until he finished saying his words.

“Yes. I’m finished” Liu Bai’s courage has diminished. And when he calms down, he bows down his head and admits his fault.

“If you’re done, then listen to what benwang will say.” Everything happened so quickly, Xiao Tianyao was very inconsiderate because Lin Chujiu failed to explain herself. But now that he had calm down, he understands some things.

At least, he finds her words not entirely untrustworthy.

“Lin Chujiu didn’t know the effectiveness of the dragon soul.” This thing alone is enough to explain why Lin Chujiu didn’t hesitate to interrupt the treatment.

“Lin Chujiu didn’t harm benwang.” If she really wants to harm him, then she wouldn’t crash herself to the bathtub.

“There must be really something wrong in today’s medicinal bath.” When Divine Doctor Mo told him his condition, he felt something wrong. He suspected that his legs didn’t get worse because of the dragon soul’s side effect alone. There must be something else.

“You, you mean to say … … Lin Chujiu is saying the truth?” This time, Liu Bai was dumbfounded.

Divine Doctor Mo’s every move and every action was being monitored. But, he had escaped everyone’s eyes?

“Maybe,” Xiao Tianyao believes that Lin Chujiu didn’t want to harm him. But, her sudden action made him suspicious. Lin Chujiu wanted him to believe her even though she can’t present any evidence… …

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 107: Evidence and calm down (Part 2)

  1. Heavy price to pay though, since it’s obvious Xiao Tianyao wasn’t directly affected by the poison hence she has no proof, what makes the most sense in terms of verifying that there was poison is… she’s the one that’s poisoned.

    I suppose the next question is who’s going to cure her because I highly doubt “Divine Doctor” Mo’s going to be so kind as to do it without compensation.

    Although there’s a somewhat good thing that Mo Yuer is the one who applied the poison in the end(at least I’m assuming she is based on how she broke the clip over Lin Chujie), given her love for Xiao Tianyao, it’s unlikely that the poison can’t be cured at all.

    1. Oh my god!!! You’re right, I forgot about the pool water LC was soaked in (together wih her blood)… She really did want to become strangers with XTY!!!! I hate them both he and LF… The burning rage in my heart wants to explode!!!!! Argh!!!!!

  2. XTY now can think rationally, but it’s all too late already. LCJ will no longer be LCJ he once knew. Even if LCJ escape from death, she will no longer treat everyone the same especially XTY. Really pity for LCJ. This novel really gave me a bad after taste ….but must endure cause i like LCJ. Hope she will meet male supporting role and be happy with him.

  3. When you trust and was broken , you can pretend to forgive but never forget, it will be really hard to be back to it original self

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