Chapter 108: Rebuttal and two possibilities (Part 1)

While Xiao Tianyao was asking Liu Bai’s whereabouts. Su Cha and Doctor Wu went to the treatment room to make an inventory once again and check all over the place. They had check every corner of the room and didn’t even spare the walls, but… …

“Nothing was found.” Su Cha who is with Doctor Wu came back to report. Liu Bai was standing there in silence, but it seems the two of them didn’t even see him.

“There is no problem with the medicinal bath and the dregs. And all the used medicines are in their rightful amount.” Doctor Wu said and added: “As for the dragon soul, when we arrived, it already evaporated on the ground, we could no longer find any trace of it.”

With this result, Lin Chujiu was once again proven to be lying!

Xiao Tianyao formulated a lot of reasons inside his mind for Lin Chujiu. But, when he heard Doctor Wu’s words, he couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. But, after a long of a silence, he still asks: “There might be a drug that was added in the dragon soul.”

“There was none.” Doctor Wu answered and then said, “I have checked all the things that were inside the treatment room. There were no additional grams in the dragon soul. I have also checked Divine Doctor Mo and Miss Mo Yuer’s clothes and jewelry, but there was no any suspicious thing to it. I also carefully checked the white jade hairpin, it was broken, but I didn’t find anything that can affect Wangye’s treatment.”

“Benwang understand.” Xiao Tianyao simply said and then closed his eyes. Meaning: he doesn’t want to talk about this matter anymore.

Seeing that he no longer wants to say anything, Doctor Wu bowed his head and then walked out. But, before coming out from the door, Doctor Wu heard Xiao Tianyao said: “Tonight, you’re not allowed to go anywhere.” Meaning, he is not allowed to see Lin Chujiu.

“This insignificant one understands.” Doctor Wu felt bitter, but because he doesn’t want to stir up more trouble. He decided to listen to his words even though he feels sorry for Lin Chujiu.

Why is he feeling guilty anyway?

Is it because he has seen Lin Chujiu’s determination in doing things?

Doctor Wu shook his head and just walk away. But when he saw Housekeeper Cao waiting from the outside, he didn’t say anything. He only pointed out his finger to the direction of the prison and then shook his head. Doctor Wu walked fast and no longer wait to see Housekeeper Cao’s disappointed face.


Inside the room. Xiao Tianyao and Su Cha continue discussing today’s issue.

“Today’s thing, how do you see it?” Xiao Tianyao took the initiative to asked.

However, Su Cha didn’t answer. Instead, he asks with a bit hesitation: “Wangye, do you trust Wangfei?”

“She … … is Lin Xiang’s daughter.” Trust is a very heavy word. Lin Chujiu repeatedly made him feel amazed in her ability. Because of that, he can tolerate her more and more, but what was the result ah?

“Wangye, I understand what you mean.” Su Cha looks at him gently and sighed: “Wangye, you didn’t saw the confrontation between Wangfei and Lin Xiang. They are a father and daughter, but their words are full of gunpowder. It didn’t look like a planned conversation. So far, I don’t think Wangfei has done anything to seek forgiveness.” Even today, Su Cha believes that Lin Chujiu has nothing to feel sorry about Xiao Tianyao. 

“Well, benwang trust her.” That is also why he didn’t immediately take her life. He gave her opportunity to explain herself. And even now, because of her words, he let his people find any source of suspicion.

Su Cha felt relieved, so he continued: “Wangye, although Wangfei’s actions were very impulsive, you know that it’s definitely for your sake. You may not know it, but Wangfei… … ”

“What happened to her?” Xiao Tianyao asked eagerly and looked up. But, when he senses that Su Cha seems can see right through him, he coughed to cover up his embarrassment: “She can’t ask for anything now. But, benwang will still try to hear what happened to her today.”

Su Cha is very considerate, he didn’t ask anything regarding his reaction but only said: “Wangfei’s condition is very bad. Her injuries almost look like she had a fight. She’s bleeding all over her body and still unconscious. The guards didn’t dare to touch her, so she’s just lying there in prison with full of blood.”

Although Su Cha deliberately exaggerated his words, it’s very close to the truth. So, there’s not much any difference, right?

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