Chapter 108: Rebuttal and two possibilities (Part 2)

Xiao Tianyao used the barrel as his bathtub. So even though there was no water inside, he still needs two guards to lift it up. So, right now, he can see how much effort Lin Chujiu has put when she crashed herself.

“Her wounds … …” Xiao Tianyao said and then paused for a moment: “Let Doctor Wu check her condition tomorrow.” He just said to Doctor Wu not to go anywhere tonight, so if he suddenly sent him to prison, wouldn’t it show that he’s contradicting himself.

Su Cha has a sense of propriety, so he no longer mentions Lin Chujiu. And as for Liu Bai’s negligence, Su Cha didn’t mention it, he only stated his doubt regarding in today’s issue.

“Wangye, today, I feel really strange. I’m not very familiar with Wangfei, but when I saw her treating our guards, I saw that she is not the kind of person who acts without a plan. But today, Wangfei was in a hurry and there were many loopholes in her actions. As if she really didn’t intend to do that.” In other words, Lin Chujiu’s actions are not premeditated, it’s just something really suddenly happened.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao agreed with Su Cha’s words. On the other hand, Liu Bai doesn’t agree, but he has no right to speak.

Su Cha continued: “Wangye, today, did Wangfei make any unusual movement?”

“Unusual?” Xiao Tianyao thinks for a moment. He was about to nod, but then he shook his head and said: “None.” Lin Chujiu’s unusual behavior earlier is an exception, because it was the cause of his teasing.

“There was none, but she got desperate. And judging from Wangfei’s words, we can boldly guess that Wangfei didn’t know the effectiveness of the dragon soul. So, she interrupted the treatment not because she wanted to harm Wangye, but because she really knows something went wrong.”

“You’re deducing that something went wrong, but you didn’t find any problem with the medicinal bath or before the treatment started. Benwang was inside but didn’t sense any problem. Lin Chujiu herself was also inside, but she didn’t say anything before the treatment started. It was like, she suddenly turn crazy and started shouting.” Xiao Tianyao wanted to believe Lin Chujiu, but her actions are doubtful.

“Why is she so determined that there was something wrong in the medicinal bath? Because of intuition?” With that kind of answer, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but laugh with mockery.

At that time, if Lin Chujiu gave him a plausible explanation, he will stand by her side no matter what, but… …

Lin Chujiu didn’t explain anything, she only keeps saying that there was a problem.

So, how can he trust her empty words ah?

As a matter of fact, because of Lin Chujiu’s interference, his legs injuries did not only worsen but also endangered his life. So, him, not killing Lin Chujiu is already showing mercy.

“This, even I, couldn’t understand.” Su Cha reluctantly sighed.

He could no longer think of an excuse and also could no longer think of a sentence.

“But because Wangfei had mentioned this matter, again and again, I think we’ll just have to check it once more. Who knows if we can suddenly find something.” Su Cha still doesn’t want to give up, because his intuition is telling him not to.

“Su Cha, that’s enough!” Because of Su Cha’s favoring attitude, Liu Bai could no longer keep his silence. And even though he knows Xiao Tianyao is still angry with him, he said: “Did Lin Chujiu gave you magical potion to end up like this? Because she said so, we’ll busily tire ourselves? And because she said so, you wouldn’t care that Tianyao ended up like this?”

Liu Bai angrily looked at Su Cha, but when Su Cha only looks at him with disapproval. He couldn’t help but say: “Su Cha don’t be deceived ah! Who knows if she just deliberately acted poorly, so that Tianyao wouldn’t hold a grudge. Her actions didn’t look predetermined? Well, that’s because she didn’t expect that Divine Doctor Mo will use the dragon soul. And as for she didn’t know the effect of the dragon soul? I think she’s the only one who knows the answer to that.”

Liu Bai continues saying what he wants regardless of what Xiao Tianyao and Su Cha is thinking: “You said Lin Chujiu is smart and doesn’t act without a plan. Yes, I can see that too. Because she did not only broke in Xiao Wangfu successfully but now you’re defending her too! So, isn’t she so brilliant?”

With Liu Bai’s series of questions, Xiao Tianyao and Su Cha couldn’t open their mouth… …

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  2. Come on… if she really wanted to hurt XLT, she already got into enough proximity to do so. More importantly, if she wanted him dead, she lost her best chance by not poisoning him at his weakest point (i.e right after he got pushed out of the bath.)

    Also getting real sick of Liu Bai’s bias for Mo Yuer. Gonna be real happy when his face gets slapped.

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