Chapter 109: No good and to go and see (Part 1)

After hearing everything he said, Xiao Tianyao and Su Cha couldn’t afford to argue. Because Lin Chujiu really cannot show an evidence… …

If Lin Chujiu showed an evidence to prove that her words were true, then they wouldn’t need to have a dispute like this. Xiao Tianyao wouldn’t have a hard time to decide.

After a moment of silence, Xiao Tianyao said: “Su Cha, arrange some people to monitor Divine Doctor Mo and his daughter. Liu Bai, go and monitor Lin Chujiu.”

Su Cha has no objection, but Liu Bai was unhappy: “You still don’t trust Miss Mo? It’s very obvious, that she didn’t do anything wrong.” In the eyes of many, Lin Chujiu was the one who made a mistake.

“Not doing anything means a person is not at fault? Then, if Wangfei ended up not doing anything, then she’s not at fault too, right?” Su Cha bluntly said and didn’t even gave Liu Bai a face.

“Liu Bai, are you saying that you’re not at fault because you didn’t do anything today? Don’t you think that, if you were there and have done something, this accident wouldn’t happen? Tianyao will also not… …” Su Cha didn’t continue saying his words, because Liu Bai’s face was already very pale. 

Liu Bai put all the blame to Lin Chujiu, but forgot he himself made a grave mistake. And he made that mistake because of Mo Yuer. If Mo Yuer didn’t ask him something, then today’s incident wouldn’t happen.

“Wang, Wangye … … please give punishment.” Liu Bai didn’t dare to explain himself. He just directly kneels on the ground.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t look at him, he only looks at Su Cha and said: “Find out and then punish.”

When that time comes, his punishment would be heavier. Liu Bai didn’t understand, but he didn’t dare to say anything. He only went outside with Su Cha.


Inside the room, Xiao Tianyao rubbed his sore eyebrows and leaned against his bed. And while leaning, he cannot help but think about Lin Chujiu.

“In the end, what do you really want to do?” Xiao Tianyao felt an irritation in his heart. Because Lin Chujiu’s words keep echoing in his mind: Xiao Tianyao, we don’t owe each other anymore. So, let’s return from being strangers!

He felt like he has lost something… … and he won’t be able to grasp it back.

And the more he thinks, the more he felt irritated. Xiao Tianyao opens up his eyes, he looks at the roof and then smiles: I must have been possessed by a devil.


In the huge prison, aside from Lin Chujiu, no one else was there. And after the guards have covered her with a quilt, no one else came to see if she’s still breathing.

After the crashed, Lin Chujiu got badly hurt. She was unconscious but got awaken around midnight because of the cold. Lin Chujiu’s body was frozen cold and her lips were trembling. So, under the moonlight, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile.

How can you be so impulsive ah?

You just get what you deserve. 

Did you actually think Xiao Tianyao will be with you in life or in death?

After thinking like that, Lin Chujiu closes her eyes. And her tears started flowing. Lin Chujiut lie on the ground quietly. Trying to put down her emotions.

She is Lin Chujiu, but she’s not really the eldest daughter of the Lin Family in the East Country. She’s the Lin Chujiu of another foreign country. And in order to survive in there, she studied well and live as a good person.

If Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want to believe her, then it doesn’t matter. She will no longer believe in Xiao Tianyao. She will only believe in herself. She will only believe that she alone can protect herself. She will no longer believe whatever he will say.

Lin Chujiu tried lifting her left hand. She tried moving it gently, but her eyes become teary once again because the pain is unbearable. Lin Chujiu learn that she hurt her bones, so she felt afraid to move.

But because doctors usually don’t have a self-care. Lin Chujiu wipe her tears and access the medical system. Hoping that the medical system could diagnose her current condition.

She didn’t need to take out something to access the medical system. She doesn’t need to make so much effort. So, Lin Chujiu has no other worry besides the result of the diagnosis.

Internal bleeding, multiple fractures, rib fractures, excessive bleeding… …

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27 thoughts on “Chapter 109: No good and to go and see (Part 1)

  1. LCJ .. I’m crying right now….. come here to mommy… let me hug you .. my dear LCJ, just forget about that damn XTY…
    find another ML, what you have to do is to get out from the wangfu and live in the community. Set up your own clinic. Be happy ..

    1. Agree… can the other male lead be the prince who also has problem with his legs… the 3rd prince if am not mistaken

    2. Huwaaaaaa. I can’t stop my tears even though I’ve red this chapter for so many times. My sister Chu Jiu Jie Jie is so pitiful. Huwaaaa

  2. “He felt like he has lost something… … and he won’t be able to grasp it back.”

    Oh I am so gonna enjoy his misery when he tries to get whatever he lost back.

    I can’t believe they all actually left her with her internal injuries. Ya’ll are dead to me especially you Liu Bai or something, and except Su Cha.

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    1. I look forward to him groveling but somehow I feel like things won’t necessarily turn out like that. This story really doesn’t follow a lot of the main tropes other of the genre do. He reminds me more of Long Fei Ye from PGC than any other male leas

      1. Long Feiye was more domineering and cold than that XT and it sure took almost 300 chapters before we actually saw Giant Ice cube melting..

        Maybe he won’t actually grovel… but I’d sure would like to see him regret. I wouldn’t want our female lead to easily forgive him either. That would just annoy me to a whole new other level.

  3. Those injuries… Damn. That’s ridiculous.

    Preventing Doctor Wu from attending to her just because he already laid down an order? She’s pretty likely to not even survive the night at this rate. What the everloving **** are those guards doing.

    If my heart wasn’t cold to the entire household with the exception of Su Cha and Housekeeper Cao, it definately is now.

  4. “He felt like he has lost something… … and he won’t be able to grasp it back.”

    Damn righ you won’t you f.cking ass!!! And holy sh.t those injuries, are they caused by the pool? The fake dragon soul? Poor Chinju… Now where’s my torch and pitchfork, gonna go destroy Xiao Mansion and XTY!!! Argh!!! So frustrating!!!!!

      1. Just being a bit of a devil’s advocate here, but frankly, Su Cha taking care of the doctor and Liu Bei taking care of LC makes sense, they’ve both expressed bias for the other side so it’s intelligent to make sure that they don’t try to cover anything else up.

        I mean Liu Bai’s already been an ass and covering for Mo Yu’Er getting rid of him. If he was there now, there’s a possibility Mo Yu’Er would even get away from the residence without paying a pound of flesh.

        … Not that it helps my worry over LC being okay though. Heartless bastards just leaving her alone without providing basic medical assistance…..

        1. There is a possibility that Liu Bei will kill LCJ in the cell in order to protect Mo Yu’er. He will kill LCJ …. and what i really sad about this is …he can came up with 1001 excuses to legalise his action of killing LCJ… he is soooooo blind with love that he can’t see the truth.

  5. They are all DEAD MEAT!!… damn, it’s so frustrating that she has to suffer like this. I recon Lin Chujiu should just pair up with Su Cha, who gives about that stupid ML Xiao Tianyao. Let him grovel in despair for this.

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  6. This novel is written well, translated well, and has lots of action.

    But why do I feel like it is a third rate novel? The main lead is dumb and blind like a mule. He basically only cares about his own ego – this is not ice cold anymore. Either he is interested in the FL or not. If he is he should care at least 1% that shes hurt, ‘betrayal or not’ – the way I see it he doesnt care.

    The female lead – as much as I like her – is wallowing in masochism and self pity – self induced by the way. Okay, she made a mistake of admiring the ML, and does things for him again and again – but isnt sometime soon enough? Even if it is not a modern time she IS initially a modern time woman – and hopefully at least a little self-sufficient. I know this isnt that kind of novel, but by now any character realistic or not realistic would have bailed from the ML side. Honestly and seriously.

    Each new chapter I wonder if its still worth to read further- to torture myself with this. *sighs deeply*

    Many thanks for the translation!

  7. Thank you for the chapter.
    I kind of want to strangle these people. I can come up with loads of reasons not to tell people, especially already hostile people, about your skills/pocket universe/foreknowledge/etc from the future. I still want to smack the transmigrated characters for not coming up with better reasons for their sudden changes of course, or bizarre warnings. Just make up something semi-believable, and then fix the situation. Baffle them with b–baloney.
    I always want to beat the tar out of the other main-type characters. Waffling over trust, taking 3 years to rediscover human emotions, constantly threatening the transmigrated character… ugh.

    Now, with all that said, the previous commenter, Ari, says the internally modern woman would pick up and leave in this sort of story. This setting does not leave a non-magically-martial woman to leave. She is essentially the property of her parents, who keep a close eye on her (and in this case, try to kill her slowly, so it won’t be too obvious) – until she is married off, at which time her new owner is the inevitably more famous, more powerful man whose people will always be watching, even if they like her. Unless she is an invisible woman in a world where nobody can sense that sort of disturbance in the environment, she’s going nowhere the husband doesn’t send her.

  8. Hello Som,

    As I said, this is not that kind of story, but lets think:
    If a person from modern times transmigrated into an ancient somebody, even if initially it is not customary in THAT world to do so, with the mindset of a modern person, AND the apparent smarts that she has – as we all see her outsmart people left and right, being outstanding in medicine and so on – she has many weapons to do so.
    Fake her own death or an ‘unmentionable illness’ (to be outcast etc) – just as example to your “invisible” thing. Or disguise herself and hide out.

    As “property” of that ice block with a face, he will not want to lose his “face” by proclaiming his wife ran away, ye? Plenty of options for her to hide out somewhere earning money with her skills and living way way better than she is now – even though ppor. But yeah, the story would be “boring” then, apparently so nope, not this kind of story…

    A pity she has spent her time in the mansion just blindly following behind the ML getting hurt again and again… Sometimes I think the author wants to show off how ‘pitiful and mistreated’ the FL is… always frustrating to read “And she collapsed againg, or almost collapsed after he did that and that, but she still tried her hardest not to show it..”
    Even if there are notions of her “being sick” or “dying soon” in recent chapters – he never cared. He doesnt know that she may survive! – He only cares about him, his comfort, his legs and his wishes.
    As seen from the quote “The only reason he has not killed her proves that he trusts her” – right? He is not cruel enough to kill her, but also not generous enough to let her live… because right now his *wife* to be is lying in her own blood in a cold cell with organ ruptures and rib fractures – which will kill a normal person if shes not treated. And he still doesnt know that she has that medical system. Yeah right. Alright I will stop my rambling here.
    Would be a major red card for any woman – or any person – however being a dispensable tool is apparently okay for the FL to sit still and just compain but do nothing. Well, not like she can do anything atm anymore… *sigh*

  9. This hurts so much! I want to go in the story and drag a doctor to her side but I know I have no power to do that. She is so pitiful.

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  11. i dont want her with the third prince cause then it will just be more rotten royal family drama which will be twice as worse in the palace if not more

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