Chapter 109: No good and to go and see (Part 2)

The results were really comparable to the accident earlier.

But, what should she do? It’s not appropriate for her to move. However, she needed an immediate blood transfusion. She needed an immediate care and treatment!

Should she go up and find a ghost to save her?

“Next time, don’t do anything stupid.” Lin Chujiu turn her face to the side and look outside through the prison window. And while staring at the moonlight, her tears silently flows… …

Her two arms were injured. There is no way for her to move. The medical system itself cannot take out the medicine.

Lin Chujiu’s consciousness is fading. But because she was in too much pain. Her eyes that wanted to have a rest couldn’t do so. The pain doesn’t want her to let go.

“How did you let yourself end up like this? Where did the selfish Lin Chujiu go?” Lin Chujiu’s tears cannot stop from falling. But right now, she cannot even afford to wipe her own tears.

At that very moment, Liu Bai arrives and saw such scene. His heart felt uncomfortable. But in the end, he stops looking at her and didn’t say a word.

Tonight, it seems everyone is destined to have a sleepless night … …

Because of the pain, Lin Chujiu was unable to sleep. On the other hand, Liu Bai just sits on the roof and think while holding his knee.

Is he wrong about her?

Xiao Tianyao and Su Cha also didn’t sleep. Words alone wouldn’t be enough as an evidence, so they might at least find something to back up her words. Because if not… …

They wouldn’t be able to find the people who instructed Lin Chujiu.


Xiao Wangfu’s security is very tight inside and out. So, even if a person stared the whole day in Xiao Wangfu to observe. They couldn’t get any news. And because of that, the emperor inevitably getting a bit impatient.

After the whole day and another three hours. They didn’t receive any news. So, they don’t know if Xiao Tianyao went into trouble.

“Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan, go there and find out.” Seeing that no news will come, the emperor become more impatient.

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan doesn’t want to go. But, when he saw the poor look in the emperor’s face. He swallowed back his words and just silently retreated.

Time passes by and the sun is already shining. However, they haven’t received any ‘good’ news from the Xiao Wangfu. Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan haven’t also returned in the palace. So, the emperor has no choice but to postpone his speech about Xiao Tianyao’s death. And because of that, the emperor couldn’t help but felt grievances.

No ‘good’ news arrived, so it means Xiao Tianyao is still alive!

With this, the emperor felt like he had eaten a fly and wanted to vomit.

And for him to be able to endure, the emperor summoned Lin Xiang early in the morning and ordered him to visit Lin Chujiu. He must visit her out of concerned and not because of palace issues.

Lin Xiang smell something fishy. He understands the emperor’s intention, so he immediately said that he will take his wife to visit Lin Chujiu.

Lin Xiang haven’t gone long when Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan came back.

“Reporting back to the emperor, no news hasn’t come out from the Xiao Wangfu. I fear, this lowly one is keeping an eye on.” Seeing that the emperor’s face doesn’t look so good, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan make up a sentence: “Huangshang, Xiao Wangye is very strict. Even if we didn’t succeed, Xiao Wangye might probably not in a good condition.”

This is absolutely possible, but … …

“But, there is another possibility, that is, the dragon soul successfully cured his legs. And Xiao Wangye doesn’t want to leak any news about it.” The emperor’s face becomes gloomy because that result is what he hated the most. Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan immediately kneel, but he didn’t plead for mercy.

Inside the hall, if a needle will fall, it’s falling sound could be heard. Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan didn’t dare to breathe. While the emperor only looks at him and rubbed his temple: “Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan… …”

The emperor hasn’t finished saying his words when he suddenly heard a sharp cry: “Huangshang, Huangshang, Third Prince is in danger. Third Prince is vomiting blood. Guìfēi niángniáng ask huangshang to go and see… …”

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  1. Ugh. I hope that XTY would realise how suspicious the emperor is, asking for their well being out of nowhere and hopefully connect the dots. The earlier he realises this, the earlier I get to see him in pain. UGH.

    LC T_T T_T

    Thank you for the update!

    1. XTY knows that the emperor is trying to kill him, what he doesn’t know is if something unknown, that they can’t detect or find any evidence of, nearly killed him and LC saved him, or if LC was colluding with the emperor to try and kill him and he was just lucky to survive.

    1. I even smash, bashed, punched, kicked, tortured murdered Liu Bai in my dreams, he was just looking?!!!! Like damn you!!!! Somebody help this poor girl…. Like XTY, you’re much more of a douchebag now, you even surpassed the melted iceberg’s coldness…. At this rate, it will be no wonder if she really died!!!! T.T uwaahhh!!! (๑ १д१)

  2. Pain. So much pain.
    These illogical-except-when-it-suits-them hindquarters of a horse men! Someone grow a spine and get her a doctor. If she dies, they’re all toast, and if she lives, she will find anyone who specifically did not help, and destroy them. Xiao Tianyao may survive this, but he may be almost the only one.

  3. I feel so much pain T_T what th hell with that damn male lead XTY.. i want to ripped your head to see what just are you thinking! And that damn LB i wish you will awake from being possessed before you’re death.. so you will feel regret.. ouhhhh!! I want all of you feel regret to the 18th hell!

    Thanks for your hardwork for the chapter.. wait for the next one ^_^)/

  4. I mean while it’s annoying, it’s perfectly logical to not listen to her…she’s mad suspicious lol, can’t explain and interrupting a delicate and critical procedure? One that will save his disability that has been taunting him for a while?

  5. Heart break for LCJ. No one her. Hope she will learn & remember well that not to loose her heart or feel for XT. Be stranger & go away to live your life.

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