Chapter 110: Visit and she can do it (Part 1)

No need to speak further, because once the emperor heard the third prince’s name. He rushed immediately to go. And as for Xiao Tianyao’s issues?

The emperor had already given his orders to Lin Xiang. So, it’s now Lin Xiang’s responsibility.

When Su Cha received Xiao Tianyao’s order, he went first to Lu Yuan’s residence. And in there, he found the white jade hairpin, but it was broken. And it has no any poisonous substance when it was checked.

Mo Yuer’s white jade hairpin was checked by Lin Chujiu. Doctor Wu also checked it after the incident but didn’t find any problem. Which shows that Mo Yuer is really innocent. But to make sure, Su Cha went to Mo Yuer’s place and check her stuff. However, in the end, he didn’t find any suspicious thing.

Everyone was busy all night to prove Lin Chujiu’s words were true, but they still didn’t find any proof. Because of that, people started thinking that Lin Chujiu is only lying. And she only wanted to harm Xiao Tianyao.

“Wangye, what should we do regarding with this matter?” Su Cha asked after reporting all of his findings.

“Keep monitoring the people involved.” Now that the situation still ended up like this, Xiao Tianyao stops making a move for the meantime.

“Alright.” This time, Su Cha didn’t dare to defend Lin Chujiu.


The next morning, Divine Doctor Mo checked Xiao Tianyao’s condition like usual. But this time, his face looks very ugly: “Wangye, your legs disease is getting worst. I can now only leave it to your fate.”

“Doctor Mo’s medical skill is bad?” When Xiao Tianyao’s heard Divine  Doctor Mo’s words, he understands what he means, but… … he doesn’t want to agree.

“This old one can only do his best.” Divine Doctor Mo is clever, he didn’t pick up a fight or argue.

He wanted to fight for his daughter’s place. He wanted her to be Xiao Wangfu’s Wangfei, so why would he smack Xiao Tianyao’s face.

Benwang will trouble Doctor Mo.” Xiao Tianyao also didn’t let himself be aggressive. He just indifferently closes his eyes.

Divine Doctor Mo didn’t say anything. Xiao Tianyao himself also stayed in silence. The whole treatment hour was spent in quietness, until Divine Doctor Mo open his mouth and said: “Wangye’s blood vessels didn’t get damaged, this is an excellent thing.” In other words, Xiao Tianyao’s leg injuries were not really beyond hopelessness.

Divine Doctor Mo said a completely opposite thing, which shows that he didn’t retreat to his responsibility.

Xiao Tianyao felt relieved, but he didn’t show it on his face. He only said: “Doctor Mo had a hard time.”

When Divine Doctor Mo left, Xiao Tianyao stared at his legs for a long period of time. And after a long while, he couldn’t help but knocked down his own legs. But after that, he finally stretched out his wrinkling eyebrows.

If his legs were completely destroyed, then… …

Lin Chujiu will end up dead even if she really didn’t intend to harm him. But now that… …

His legs can still be cured. And Lin Chujiu actually didn’t instruct by anyone to harm his life, then he can only make her suffer a bit.

Xiao Tianyao wanted to arrange things for Lin Chujiu, but Housekeeper Cao suddenly came in and reported: “Wangye, Prime Minister Lin Xiang came and wanted to see Wangfei.”

“Lin Xiang? In this time of the event? Did news spread into the palace?” Xiao Tianyao felt unhappy and upset.

If a person says that Lin Xiang came out of coincidence, Xiao Tianyao will never believe it.

“Wangye, our security is very tight from inside and out. So, no news was spread.” In this point, Housekeeper Cao can guarantee Xiao Tianyao. Especially now that there is an incident, he strictly controls everything. So, it’s impossible for the news to spread.

“If no news spread, then why did Lin Xiang suddenly want to see Lin Chujiu?” Xiao Tianyao asked while tapping the table with his fingertip. The tapping sounds very aggressive. So, Housekeeper Cao felt a tingling sensation in his scalp. But because he couldn’t react, he just secretly curses Lin Xiang inside his heart.

After a long while, Xiao Tianyao finally spoke, “Let Lin Xiang wait until you brought back Wangfei to her room.”

Meaning, they will drag out Lin Chujiu in the prison.

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