Chapter 113: Master and no worse than this (Part 1)

Although Xiao Tianyao said that he only need to try his best in saving her. Doctor Wu didn’t dare to slack off. However, his skills are very limited, so in the end, he can only give his best. And as for Lin Chujiu’s survival, that would depend on her luck.

While Doctor Wu is very busy in treating Lin Chujiu. Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan was also very busy in securing Third Prince Xiao Zian’s life. Third Prince Xiao Zian’s life is also in danger, but Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan’s medical skills are far greater than Doctor Wu, so… …

Xiao Zian’s life is no longer in danger. He can continue to live, but they still can’t find the cause of his illness.

Huangshang, Third Prince’s condition is getting more and more serious. He needs to be treated as soon as possible. If this incident happened again, this subordinate cannot guarantee that Third Prince will be saved.” What Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan said is true, but… …

The emperor doesn’t want to hear it, so he said: “Zhen know, you can leave.”

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan knows the emperor’s temper, so he didn’t dare to persuade him once again and just quietly retreated. The Emperor stayed inside Qing Palace to accompanied Imperial Concubine Zhou and Third Prince Xiao Zian. So, he didn’t heard the news about Xiao Wangfu. Instead, it was Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan who heard about it first.

When Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan learned that Xiao Tianyao decided to accept Miss Mo as his imperial concubine, his facial expression slight change. And when he arrived in his home, he went to the northwest part of his small yard.

In that small yard, there was a man with a white hair and crippled legs that was sitting in a wheelchair. He looks about 50 years old, his eyes have no trace of life and his skin in his hands are wrinkled. Showing that he’s really at an old age.

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan came and walked towards the crippled old man, then said: “Master, I just received a news. Xiao Wangye decided to accept Divine Doctor Mo’s daughter as his imperial concubine.”

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan doesn’t look much younger compared to the crippled old man. But still, he exceptionally spoke with him so much respect.

“Accept Mo Yuer as imperial concubine?” The crippled old man said with ridicule: “Yes, that old man will definitely do anything for his daughter. As long as it is for his daughter, he wouldn’t mind losing his face.”

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan only listen. He didn’t say a word. He only stands there respectfully and waits for the crippled old man’s order.

The crippled old man pondered for a moment and said: “Go and cited anyone in Xiao Wangfu to cause trouble for Mo Yuer. I don’t want to see Mo Yuer married into the Xiao Wangfu.”

“Yes, I understand.Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan said and cupped his hands. But, before he left, he specifically ask the crippled old man’s condition. The crippled old man looked pale, but he only said: “That old man Mo is still alive, so how can I die early.”

Although Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan is feeling distressed for the crippled old man, he stayed silent. Because he knows more than anyone else how much the crippled old man hated Divine Doctor Mo.

Between them, there must someone die.

When Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan left, the crippled old man look at the sky. And after a long while, he revealed a smile with full of ridicule: “Master, after 18 years, we, master and disciple will meet again. But this time, I now know your real color. I am kept in the dark, so can you still beat me?” 

In the past, the crippled old man was Divine Doctor Mo’s disciple. But now, he is Divine Doctor Mo’s greatest enemy. And the reason why they had a fight, is all because of that special herb called dragon soul.

In Xiao Wangfu, Lin Chujiu was burning hot due to fever the whole day and night. But during the middle of the night, she woke up but sees no one. Lin Chujiu’s lips were dry, so she wanted to drink some water. But, she doesn’t have a strength to get one for herself.

“Why you’re suddenly feeling sad?” Lin Chujiu felt uncomfortable. She feels like she’s getting more and more fragile. In her previous life, she wasn’t like this. She doesn’t need anyone to look after her even if she was sick for two to three days. So, why now she’s here, she ended up like this? 

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  1. Things look like they’re stabilizing. Albeit in a more sinister manner. Hmm… another person with leg issues… and a dragon soul. … Did something go wrong before or am I overthinking things?

  2. Can we have a new ML please? I didn’t like this one from the start but hung in there hoping he would have a turn around. He certainly did indeed turn around, but only enough to bite us!

  3. Ok honestly i feel that every thing happens with here because she made a high expectation from a person that he never treat her good..after he smiled for her once she fall in love with him..come on are you serious shojyo i feel realy sorry for her but some how i find her stupid with her reactions for someone that until now not worthy…she have to got power to endure this pain that she got it right now😓😅

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