Chapter 115: Big Misunderstanding and Search (Part 2)

Everyone doubted her, but she still chooses to save him. So, if he will say that he didn’t feel touched, then he must absolutely deceive himself.

So, without further ado, Xiao Tianyao decided to personally accompany Lin Chujiu to Mo Yuer’s room. Well, he is not denying that he would also like to see what will she find in there. 

The both of them arrive at the same time. And seeing him appeared in this place, Lin Chujiu didn’t get surprised. Xiao Tianyao doesn’t believe her, so it’s only natural for him to monitor her personally.

Mo Yuer’s door has long been opened. But both Lin Chujiu who is sitting in the sedan chair and Xiao Tianyao who is sitting in his wheelchair were blocking the way.  Xiao Tianyao orders his guardsmen to carried her in first, but Lin Chujiu refused and said: “No, I can go in.”

Lin Chujiu took out the white gloves in her pocket and wear them. Then, with the help of her left hand, she tried supporting herself and stand up little by little.

Before she went here, she injected herself a potent painkiller. So, right now, she almost feels no pain. However, she broke her bones, so she’s still having a hard time.

“Help Wangfei.” Xiao Tianyao cannot stand seeing Lin Chujiu like that, so he ordered his guardsmen. But, Lin Chujiu once again refused: “No, I don’t need help, you just need to look.”

Look? What a nice word to hear, but in fact, she knows that they are monitoring her if she will put or mix a thing inside.

“You only have one hour.” Xiao Tianyao said this to put a pressure in disguise on Lin Chujiu. But, Lin Chujiu just smiled and still refused Xiao Tianyao’s proposal.

If it was like before, Lin Chujiu will follow him, but… …

What was the result of being obedient?

She still didn’t get the peaceful days that she wants. And since it was like that, she’s just going to live the life she wants.

She can still live well anyway, without Xiao Tianyao’s protection.

Before entering, Lin Chujiu took off her shoes and only wear her socks so that she won’t leave any trace nor produce a sound. The guardsmen step in their foot directly, but when they saw what she did. They silently retreated their foot and doesn’t know what to do next.

“Open the door and the window.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t let his own people embarrassed. And with that, the guardsmen breathed a sigh.

Facing their well prepared Wangfei is really pressuring ah.

WithLin Chujiu’s condition, she can only walk slowly. But because of this, she can monitor each place more attentively.

Lin Chujiu began her inspection to Mo Yuer’s dresser. And in there, she checked all her belongings one by one. And with the help of the medical system, she traces all her fingerprints to check if there is a suspicious thing.

The medical system can trace the danger if she was nearby, but it cannot distinguish the exact cause until it was checked or analyzed thoroughly. So right now, she must find that suspicious object.

Dressers, tables, cabinets, beds, wardrobes … … Lin Chujiu even checked all Mo Yuer’s personal belongings. Especially her clothes and jewelry.

Lin Chujiu is suspecting Mo Yuer, but more like she believes that she was used.

Unfortunately, Lin Chujiu came late. All Mo Yuer’s clothes and belongings that day has already been washed and cleaned. And although Doctor Wu had checked them, his skills are limited. So, he didn’t find any.

After checking all over the place, the one hour limit was about to come. Fortunately, only the writing box was left unchecked. Xiao Tianyao and the guardsmen were nervous, but Lin Chujiu is not anxious at all and just quietly sitting there and doing her own thing.

Why isn’t she saying anything? Right now, their relationship won’t get any worse than this, right? So, what she is afraid of? Besides, didn’t the emperor gave her to make him suffer, so that he will leave the palace… …

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  2. i really can’t handle this pressure. This situation is killing me… I really hope that LCJ will find the medicine substance in Mo yue’er’s room…… Please…please dear author, please dont torture LCJ any more… let her continue to live in peace.. I dont have heart to see her suffering like this..

  3. Next chapter…fast. this cliffhanger is heart attack.
    LCJ should start living the way she wants. Not for a cold heartless man. Forgive him then u will fall deeper into the abyss…dark lifeless.


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