Chapter 118: Stop and I’m okay (Part 2)

Everyone was so anxious to know what’s in the book, but they didn’t rush Lin Chujiu. They just patiently wait for her to stop walking

It’s just a couple of steps, but Lin Chujiu took a quarter of an hour. Lin Chujiu arrived inside the room, but she didn’t hand over the book. Instead, she spoke to Divine Doctor Mo: “I know you don’t believe me. So, I’ll give you a quarter of an hour to check if I have harmful drugs on my body or if I had a contact with any of it.”

If it was only a normal incident, Divine Doctor Mo will say no. But, Mo Yuer’s life is involved in it. He cherishes his daughter, so he dared to abandon his own face.

“Excuse, this old man” Divine Doctor Mo said even if he felt uncomfortable.

Lin Chujiu lifted her hand, she also lifted her hand that was holding the book in front of Divine Doctor Mo. But, she didn’t open it up.

Lin Chujiu was heavily wounded, so Doctor Wu had put a lot of medicine in her body. But, those drugs were merely normal painkillers, so Divine Doctor Mo will be able to distinguish them.

This is related to his only daughter, so Divine Doctor Mo carefully examine Lin Chujiu from head to toe to make sure that she couldn’t tamper anything.

Think is also the same for Xiao Tianyao, Xiao Tianyao needs his medicals skills to cure his legs. So, he wouldn’t let Lin Chujiu slander his daughter.

That was what Divine Doctor Mo is thinking, but the more he thinks the more he felt uneasy.

Lin Chujiu didn’t let the others wait for too long because the moment Divine Doctor Mo finished examining her. She opens up the book and put it on top of the table. And then, she turns the page and said: “Miss Mo, you must be very familiar with this, right?”

Lin Chujiu pointed out a specific page of the book. And this page happens to be where Mo Yuer gets her answers to Lu Yuan’s series of questions.

Mo Yuer’s facial expression drastically change, but still strongly ask: “What did you say… …”  I don’t get it.

Mo Yuer wasn’t able to finish her words because a series number of coughing interrupted her. Hearing this sound, she thought the others felt distressed for her. However, that is not the real case, because the person who coughs is the one that asked her.

Doctor Wu look at Lin Chujiu with full of worry, but Lin Chujiu shook her head and just smile while saying she’s okay.

With this reassurance, Doctor Wu came forward and said: “Divine Doctor Mo, you go and check it first please.”

Seeing Lin Chujiu’s determined look, Divine Doctor Mo doesn’t know what exactly to do. However, he couldn’t refuse, so he only bites the bullet and moves forward.

That page of the book now has a color of dirty yellow. The handwriting was now a bit shallow too. Showing that the owner was often using this book. From the surface, it looks very ordinary, but Divine Doctor Mo didn’t take it lightly. So after inspecting it, Divine Doctor Mo tried to smell the page to avoid any possibility of fraud. However, when Divine Doctor Mo smells it, he felt something was wrong.

“How could this be?” Divine Doctor Mo looks so shocked and even keep shaking his head: “Impossible! It’s not my daughter’s thing, this book is unlikely belongs to my daughter.”

At this moment, Divine Doctor Mo’s facial expression reveals everything. Doctor Wu secretly felt relieved for Lin Chujiu, but still, he didn’t neglect his duties and came forward to check too.

“Dad, what’s wrong ah?” Mo Yuer becomes more nervous than her father. Because she’s afraid that Xiao Tianyao might misunderstand her. And so, she busily explains: “Dad, I haven’t seen this book for so long. I only used this the other day because Lu Yuan came to me and asked me a couple of questions. But, I swear, I didn’t do anything, I only turned that page.”

Mo Yuer explained, but this explanation only made Divine Doctor Mo more nervous: “Lu Yuan… … when did he come to see you?”

“It was on the day before Wangye’s treatment.”

After Mo Yuer finished saying her words, she saw her father got frozen stiff… …

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