Chapter 120: To climb and Instructed by Mo Yuer (Part 2)

Divine Doctor Mo knows that this is his chance, so he busily said: “Wangye, this old man has an effective drug for Wangfei, so please… …”

“No need.” Xiao Tianyao interrupted and did not wait for Divine Doctor Mo to finish. All the guardsmen followed behind him. Liu Bai was the last person in the line. So before leaving, he looks at Mo Yuer with his troubling eyes. 

All the people left. So, only Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer were inside the room. Mo Yuer look at Xiao Tianyao’s leaving figure and murmured: “Dad, how did things become like this ah?” In just a few seconds, Lin Chujiu became a sinner in Xiao Tianyao’s eyes, but after the whole day, it changes tremendously.

“I also want to know why things turn out like this. How can you be so careless? How can you let Lu Yuan exploit you?” Seeing the white jade hairpins and the book on the table, Divine Doctor Mo couldn’t help but feel sad.

Right now, he doesn’t want to think of anything. He just wants to cure Xiao Tianyao’s legs and then safely leave this place. And after that, he’ll never go back to this country.

“Yuer, I think father can no longer help you to marry into the Xiao Wangfu.” He is only a renowned doctor. So, if Xiao Tianyao decided to stop their treatment, he can’t do anything about it. He may not turn into a corpse, but he offended the god of war.

Mo Yuer doesn’t believe her father, so she turned her head and ask: “Dad, what are you talking about? Wangye had already promised to marry me.”

“Yuer, don’t be so naive.” Divine Doctor Mo couldn’t even afford to sigh. He thought his daughter is far better than Lin Chujiu. But, it turns out that his daughter is not good as he thought.

“Dad, we can still fix this, right?” Two tears flow down on her face. Mo Yuer bite her lips and then said: “It’s because of Lin Chujiu, right? It’s because she said that I cannot marry Wangye, right?”

“No, it has nothing to do with Lin Chujiu.” Divine Doctor Mo looked at her with pity. “Even if Lin Chujiu died. Xiao Wangye will still not marry you.”

Divine Doctor Mo doesn’t think Xiao Tianyao will marry a stupid a girl to bring himself a trouble.

“No, obviously it was because she doesn’t want me to marry Wangye. Dad, I hate her, I hate her so much.” Mo Yuer said, then she turned around and run away.

“Yuer … …”Divine Doctor Mo heavily sighed and tried to catch up to her, but his old body couldn’t hold it.

Lin Chujiu said that she will never let Mo Yuer marry into the Xiao Wangfu. She said it herself, but it’s more like she’s saying it on behalf of Xiao Tianyao. Because Xiao Tianyao would likely refuse now this marriage. But, why his daughter couldn’t understand it?

Really, really naive!

Liu Bai went back, so he was able to see this scene. But, he didn’t do anything but look. He stayed in the dark and then turned to go.

Liu Bai indifferently turns around, then walk with very firm steps.


After Xiao Tianyao had sent Lin Chujiu to the room next to his. Doctor Wu immediately gave Lin Chujiu some medicine. They wait for her to open her eyes, but Lin Chujiu didn’t wake up.

Doctor Wu can’t think of another way, so he only asks some of his people to boil her another bowl of medicine. However, almost half of it was spilled.

Doctor Wu felt distressed, he wanted to open his mouth a couple of times. But, when he saw Xiao Tianyao’s closed eyes and indifferent facial expression. He knows he will only feel depressed, so he asks again his people to boil another two bowls of medicine.

Three bowls of medicine were poured to Lin Chujiu’s mouth and so her body got wet. The maidservant wanted to change her clothes, so Xiao Tianyao no longer insisted to stay. And besides… …

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  1. wtf, XTY could make amends by making sure LCJ drank the medicine, but he just looked at her. XTY is the most disappointing ML I’ve ever read *smh

    Thank you for the chapters!

  2. And besides what? Huhu XTY, i am so disappointed you know. So sad.

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      1. Thanks for the chapter ^_^

        The novel is called I Shall Seal the Heavens, it’s completely translated in wuxiaworld

        It’s a perverted parrot who have obsessions with furry/feathered creatures who he wants to “screw” them, he calls himself Lord Fifth. His kind of knowledgeable that informs MC stuff and comes with strange useful things for battle when at first MC thinks his messing about with Lord Third.

        Lord Third is a chatty meat-jelly who talks non-stop, if MC want some kind of information out of him, MC must lead him on to talk about and try to prevent him from changing the subject but first MC must endure listening to the never-ending-chatterbox. He also have an obsessions with bullies calling them “immoral” that he must convert them, this in turn uses Lord Third or meat jelly as torture devise for MC’s enemies (in this case “bullies” for Lord Third) as they have to listen to the torturous-chatterbox, later joined with Lord Fifth. He can only count up to 3.

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    Thank you for the sponsors, translators and editors… And reluctantly to the “S” author who made this series….

  5. He sits at her treatment with an indifferent expression. Did his face freeze like that? Is that his “at rest” face? The woman saved his life – he can help, or get the heck out.

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