Chapter 122: Moving away and Non-physical violence (Part 2)

And when the emperor learned that nothing bad happened to Xiao Tianyao, he got angry: “You let him escape death? Hmmp, he is surely very lucky ah!” He used drastic means to distract Xiao Tianyao’s attention, but he still falls short in his plans. So to say that he’s not angry, he’s simply deluding himself.

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan immediately crouched on the ground and said with his trembling voice: “This subordinate is incompetent. Huangshang, please punish this incompetent one.”

“This matter has nothing to do with you. So, stop it!” Although the emperor is angry, he still didn’t lose his mind.

“Thank your highness for your kindness.Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan said, but he didn’t get up. Instead, he continued to report: “Huangshang, this subordinate received a news. But, this subordinate found it strange. Because they said that it was Xiao Wangfei who saves Xiao Wangye’s life.”

This type of conversation is also a skill. After all, if Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan just directly mention Lin Chujiu. The emperor will think that his skills are getting rough. So with this, the emperor didn’t blame and just also find it strange.

After hearing it, the emperor’s face become pale: “Xiao Wangfei? Lin Xiang’s daughter?”

“Yes, exactly.” Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan is not afraid of Lin Xiang, so he didn’t hesitate to answer.

He and Lin Xiang were the emperor’s henchmen, so the two of them are… … always together.

The Emperor coldly hum and ambiguously said: “Lin Xiang had really raised a good daughter ah.”

After discovering what happened, the emperor didn’t say much and just wave his hand before he left. Leaving Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan all alone.

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan was still kneeling, but suddenly a eunuch came and shouted: “Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan, hurry, Third Prince’s sickness attacked again!”

“What? Third Prince sickness attacked again?” This is only the third day, but it happened again?

“Yes, hurry, hurry, the emperor is waiting for you.” The eunuch said and drag Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan.

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan‘s medical skill is extraordinary. But, he couldn’t find a cure for the Third Prince. He can only stabilize his condition, so he won’t be in too much pain.

The plan to assassinate Xiao Tianyao failed again. But his beloved son keeps suffering again and again. So, the emperor’s mood turns bad and shouted: “Zhen will give you one month to cure Third Prince’s disease. If you failed, Zhen will take your life.”

“This subordinate will do his best.” Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan‘s face becomes pale as a ghost.

The emperor might have said it due to his anger, but Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan didn’t dare to refute him.

Because if in case it was true, who will he ask for help ah?

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan knows the Third Prince’s condition very well. Not to mention, he didn’t only took care of him for a month, but years ah. He knows his skills are not bad, but still, he walked all to way to his master’s place.

“Master, the emperor told to this apprentice that he will take my life after a month if this apprentice failed to cure the Third Prince’s disease. After learning this, this apprentice felt bad, so this apprentice went to ask master to save me.” Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan said while chocking from crying.

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan is the crippled old man’s trusted apprentice, but when he heard his words, he couldn’t help but coldly smile and said: “Third Prince’s disease… … I cannot save you, but I know someone who can save you.”

After hearing this, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan busily asks: “Master, please enlighten this apprentice.”

The crippled old man is not selling him off, but he still directly said: “Divine Doctor Mo’s medical skill is known to the whole world. So, if he can cure Xiao Wangye’s disease, then he can also cure the Third Prince’s disease, right? He has the dragon soul in his hands, so he might also have the other priceless herbs. So as long as you can make the emperor bring him inside the palace, you don’t need to worry about the Third Prince’s disease.”

When Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan heard these words, his eyes shine brightly. He knew his master doesn’t have a good heart, but still… …

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  1. Hm… I guess Mo Yu’Er is pretty much slapped into the ground. I guess we’re moving onto the father next.

    As well as probably unveiling more characters, (hopefully a secondary ml as well in the process…. >_>; Again, I’m vindictive okay? I don’t like XTY XD;)

  2. Hm? *smiles widely and immediately carries LCY to the palace* Seond male lead here we coooomeeee!! *flies like superman with background music*

    CLY: ……..wth?

    Thanks for the chapter! Finally caught up to the current translated chapters whew! Well now I dont dislike XTY as much as befor but really, he needs to shrink his pride for a bit and learn from the great Su Cha. Never mess with womens lol

  3. Sure, but Lin Chujiu had already assessed that she could fix Xiao Tianyao’s legs. She can cure his… whatever. Send Divine Doctor Mo (not so divine if he can be threatened so easily by mere mortals) to the palace. Let him do whatever he can for the third prince; that poor guy’s been suffering for years. Then let him fight it out with his former apprentice. Or let XTY help him with that, I don’t care. But get them out of the way, and more than likely, XTY’s legs will be healed sooner.
    Yeah, yeah, I know, LCJ is still maimed and she cannot move as she would need to be able to physically help him herself, but she can instruct Dr. Wu, and she can get him better drugs.

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