Chapter 124: Woman is really troublesome (Part 1)

Divine Doctor Mo had failed to make Xiao Tianyao keep him. And because he was out of choices, he agreed to go the palace. But before leaving, Divine Doctor Mo went to see Xiao Tianyao to give him medical advice or rather to push his anger to Lin Chujiu.

“Wangye, about massaging your acupuncture points, Wangfei knows them very well. And as for your medicinal bath, I will leave a prescription. Wangye, please follow this treatment strictly, your legs may not be able to walk again, but at least it won’t shrink.”

If Divine Doctor Mo only said those words, he won’t be so shameful, but still, he continues to say: “Wangye, your legs were badly damaged by the dragon soul’s side effect. So, please don’t stop this treatment. And make sure to ask Wangfei to give you a lot of massages. This will really help your legs to recover.”

Obviously, he knows Lin Chujiu was badly injured. But still, he insists her from doing this. So, isn’t he pushing Lin Chujiu to her own death?

Everyone’s eyes rolled up and down when they heard Divine Doctor Mo‘s words, but if Xiao Tianyao himself wouldn’t disagree. Who are them to say no for Lin Chujiu?

DoctorWu and Housekeeper Cao look at each other. Because deep inside, they know that Divine Doctor Mo is only making things hard for Lin Chujiu. But, because it is related to Xiao Tianyao’s recovery, what else could they say?

Sure enough, after returning to Jing Tian Courtyard. Xiao Tianyao ordered his people to pack up Lin Chujiu’s things and move them back to Jing Tian courtyard.

Lin Chujiu’s courtyard is very far from Jing Tian Courtyard. She will spend a lot of time from walking before she arrives in his place. With this, Xiao Tianyao’s intention is self-evident.

“Wangye, Wangfei’s injuries are very heavy. So, this time, she won’t be able to put force to your acupuncture points.” Doctor Wu said out of concern.

No need to mention Lin Chujiu’s chest injuries. Because her broken arms already made her lose the chance to perform her daily needs. So, with Lin Chujiu’s current situation, how will she be able to give him a massage ah? 

“Benwang has his own plans.” Xiao Tianyao waves his right hand because he doesn’t want to speak anymore.

Housekeeper Cao didn’t dare to defy Xiao Tianyao’s order. He quietly asked a few servants to move Lin Chujiu’s things. So, the next morning, a few servants went to Lin Chujiu’s courtyard.

When Lin Chujiu learns this, she didn’t say anything. After all, even if she says something it will only be useless. This is Xiao Wangfu, the place where Xiao Tianyao’s lives, so he doesn’t need to explain to her.

The sound of her moving things are loud, but Lin Chujiu only stayed in her closed room and didn’t join the fun.

After moving her things, the servants busily cleaned Xiao Tianyao’s place. So, no one bothered her until the afternoon. The time for Xiao Tianyao’s massage arrives, so Doctor Wu open the closed door and carefully said: “Wangfei, Wangye let me come in here to ask you about acupuncture points.”

When Doctor Wu said these words, he’s particularly feeling embarrassed. Actually, he cannot understand why their Wangye is feeling confident.With the previous event, isn’t it natural to have a grudge?

Doctor Wu had already prepared himself to Lin Chujiu’s sudden cynical act. But, Lin Chujiu didn’t even lifted her eyes and only said: “Bring out a pen and paper.”

“Huh?” Doctor Wu got for a short moment, and then hurriedly said: “Wangfei, your hands were injured. You cannot write.” Is their Wangfei an iron lady that’s why she cannot feel pain?

“You will write.” Right now, in front of Xiao Wangfu’s people, Lin Chujiu is not only stingy in her smile but also stingy in words. Because aside from that, she didn’t say anything else.

Doctor Wu inexplicably look at Lin Chujiu. He would like to understand what’s the meaning of her words, but then, he only busily brought out a pen and a paper.

“Wangfei, you can tell them to me now.” Doctor Wu look at Lin Chujiu seriously.

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  1. Hmm….I wonder what he has planned though….I wonder if he’s gonna try to close the gap between them again like he did with the treatment before….Curiouser and Curiouser!

  2. …. Come on XTY, they already directly told you her *ARMS ARE BROKEN*. She can’t do your massages.

    Even if you don’t like it, go find someone else. LC simply *cannot* do your massages for you until she can function as a basic human being again…

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