Chapter 125: Suppression and not fatal (Part 1)

No need to say a word, because Divine Doctor Mo’s medical skill is indeed excellent. Doctor Wu treat Xiao Tianyao’s legs according to Divine Doctor Mo’s treatment plans. Xiao Tianyao’s legs didn’t improve, but at least it also didn’t get worst.

After half a month, Lin Chujiu’s injuries get better. She can now perform some light works. Third Prince Xiao Zian’s condition also improves a lot. So, only Xiao Tianyao’s condition didn’t have any improvement.

Because of this, Doctor Wu felt pressured. So, every time he goes to Lin Chujiu to change her wound dressings. He tried saying a word or two. Hoping Lin Chujiu would express some concern to her husband, but… …

Lin Chujiu only acted like she didn’t hear anything. As if she totally doesn’t care whether Xiao Tianyao lives or die.


Xiao Tianyao’s legs didn’t have any improvement. But, the palace doesn’t have any plan to wait for him to recover. Rather, the emperor doesn’t want to waste this great opportunity.

And so, after the Emperor successfully took away Divine Doctor Mo, to make sure that Xiao Tianyao will not recover. And after his beloved son’s condition improved. The emperor uses his energy to wipe Xiao Tianyao’s army and continues pursuing the corruption that happens to the dead soldier’s pension.

In addition to that, the army’s food supplies suddenly got empty. So, the problem in the military got even worse. Fortunately, Xiao Tianyao’s soldiers didn’t get affected by this problem. But because of that, who would say that he was not involved?

So, with the emperor’s quick action and Lin Xiang’s careful planning. A large number of military officers appeared in front of the emperor to be impeached. These people didn’t mention Xiao Tianyao’s name even once, but nine out ten of them are Xiao Tianyao’s confidant. 

And according to the law, if these people were proven convicted. Xiao Tianyao won’t be able to escape the royal punishment.

In addition to this impeachment issue, rumors about Xiao Tianyao’s corruption and brutality started spreading again. Even the big commotion that the group of scholar students had caused in front of Xiao Wangfu before had been brought out. Lin Xiang was assigned to verify this accusation. But, after careful investigation. Who would have thought that the result will be far worse than that?

This result came out not because of Lin Xiang’s power, but because Lin Xiang was able to deal with it in time. Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu were so busy to pull up a good show to cover their own charges, that’s why nobody notices anything. Thankfully, Lin Xiang was able to find a loophole.


Right now, everything they had planned has vanished. The rumors keep spreading day by day. So more or less, Xiao Tianyao won’t had a chance to reopen this case. And as for Lin Chujiu?

She doesn’t care whether Xiao Tianyao lives or dies. And if Xiao Tianyao had died at that time, she might have been freed from all of this trouble a bit more early. 

The emperor pressures them more and more because he doesn’t want to give Xiao Tianyao an opportunity. And so, the situation got more and more unfavorable for Xiao Tianyao. So in these past two days, Su Cha’s eyebrows didn’t get straight.

“Wangye, this time, the emperor’s suppression become more and more ruthless. If this continues, we won’t have any place to go.” Su Cha walked all day to change the court’s mind. So, he knows about it more clearly.

Liu Bai also said with a calm face: “Wangye, if your military confidants fall to the emperor’s plan, we will not only lose their support, but we will also lose their heart.”

Under great pressure, loyal people will change. If that happens, who else will be loyal to Xiao Tianyao?

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao nodded his head and said.

Seeing Xiao Tianyao’s emotionless face, Su Cha anxiously said: “Wangye, you have to make a decision.” If they won’t fight back, only death will await them.

“Let benwang think again.” If they didn’t hear these words, they wouldn’t know how deep Xiao Tianyao’s mood is.

Su Cha still wanted to pursue this case further, but when he was about to open his mouth, Liu Bai pulled him and said: “Su Cha let’s go out for now.” 

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  1. Internal trouble’s mostly dealt with, time for some external stimuli I guess.

    Time for LC to go into the spotlight again if this is per past chapters. Although I don’t know if XTY can rely on her right now considering her mood.

    he’d better be thinking of a contingency plan, because this one could potentially get messy.

  2. Welp dont tell me your gonna use our poor girl again to check on the situation and buy you time dear ml. Cuz if that happens I’ll be dropping this novel again until the crisis is solved.

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. I’m almost hoping mc’s father will take her back into the family to get dirt on XT, and he’ll either let her go (finally), or XT figures some way out by himself. I’m also hoping MC fixes 3rd prince and they get together. Just throwing it out there for the author.

    Thanks for the chapter

    1. I had a similar thought about the third prince when she was in the palace. Of course, she was already married, so yeah, she’d have to jump ship, and that isn’t going to happen. But he sounds like a good enough guy, and he’d be an ideal replacement for his father, if he or his mother could manage to get rid of the other contenders.

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