Chapter 129: More terrible than death and Compromise (Part 1)

Xiao Tianyao going to the battlefield after six months has something to do with Lin Chujiu?

Of course!

But, will Lin Chujiu listen to Xiao Tianyao regarding in this matter?

The answer is… … No.

“Before the battle starts, benwang’s legs must be cured.” In history, getting disabled is the end of prestigious general’s career. But, not for Xiao Tianyao.

Lin Chujiu who only vaguely heard Xiao Tianyao’s words felt something wrong. But, she didn’t dare to formulate her own speculation, so she only said: “Congratulations.”

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t know why, but he suddenly felt Lin Chujiu’s reaction is rather cute and lovely.

Especially, when she’s playing dumb or pretending to be confused in front of him. Xiao Tianyao’s bad mood swept away, so his eyes light up and he couldn’t help but smile: “Didn’t you understand what benwang had said?”

“Understand what?” Lin Chujiu thinks for a moment, but then, she really didn’t understand a thing. What is the main point of this topic?

Xiao Tianyao, do you think after what happened she will just listen to you? Do you think she is so cheap? 

Xiao Tianyao thinks that Lin Chujiu is still playing dumb. He himself was not in a hurry, so he explained: “Divine Doctor Mo was still in the palace. The Emperor wouldn’t let him go out in the palace. But of course, even if Divine Doctor Mo gets out from there, benwang will not dare to use him again. Because looking for another doctor to heal benwang’s legs is easier.”

“What does it have to do with me?” Lin Chujiu put down the teacup in her hand. And then, put her hands on top of her thighs while slightly leaning backward in silence to resist him.

Seeing this, Xiao Tianyao felt disappointed. His smile that reflects in his eyes faded too. ” Benwang remembered, you once said before that you could heal benwang’s legs.”

“You believe that?” Lin Chujiu said those three words with full of ridicules. However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t get angry, instead, he slightly nodded his head and said: “Your medical skills are good, benwang is willing to believe you.”

Xiao Tianyao’s tone is dull, but a person can still sense his sincerity. But, Lin Chujiu only laugh at it and said: “I feel so honored.”

“Your laugh is too ugly.” Her laugh looks too fake, so he couldn’t help but felt a blockage in his heart.

“Wangye, cannot take to look at it?” Then, it’s best for us not to meet.

“You are now in benwang’s presence.” Where there were tons of people dying to see him.

“Then, I’m going to leave now.” Lin Chujiu stood up when she finished saying those words, but Xiao Tianyao stops her from leaving: “Sit down, benwang haven’t finished saying his words.”

His tone sounds very harsh. So, it can be said that Xiao Tianyao is not only angry but very angry.

“Then, what else does Wangye has to say?” Lin Chujiu sit down leisurely and look at him proudly. Seeing her domineering eyes, Xiao Tianyao sees her like a spoiled a brat: “We are married, benwang doesn’t mind doing it with a little girl.”

Was she just got harassed by Xiao Tianyao?

When Lin Chujiu was able to react, she got dumbfounded. So, she looks at Xiao Tianyao with wide eyes open and mouth. As if she just realized that she was in hell.

This is not hell, right?

Lin Chujiu pinch her own face to shake away her shocked and said lightly: “Wangye must be joking. If Wangye is finished saying his words,  I’ll leave now, I won’t send you off.” Lin Chujiu felt annoyed more when Xiao Tianyao harassed her.

“So impatient to see benwang?” Xiao Tianyao said with a long and low voice. As if he was sighing and feeling helpless. Hearing this, Lin Chujiu felt upset, so she said even though he doesn’t really like to see him: “No, Wangye’s time is precious, I dare not to delay him with his business.”

“Benwang doesn’t care, so why do you care?” Xiao Tianyao just couldn’t understand Lin Chujiu’s annoyance. So, he regretted not saying his intention a bit earlier. After all, Lin Chujiu doesn’t have this air before.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 129: More terrible than death and Compromise (Part 1)

  1. *blinks* XTY needs some lessons in negotiations >_>; jumping from requesting something almost immediately into a threat…?

    Especially since she already nearly died the last time, I don’t think it’s going to be very useful, especially since even serving XTY to the best of her ability doesn’t save her from being killed on his premises >_>;

    1. He is definitely not a master negotiator.
      Nor capable of empathy. And he lacks imagination, except as regards potential threats to his life. Putz.

      She’s obviously not going to be eager to assist him, or anyone, since every moment she is alive is a moment one or more person(s) is trying to kill her. And Xiao Tianyao still flips like a switch as soon as he doesn’t get his way? He needs classes in emotions – other people’s if not his own.

      1. Personally I’m quite curious how far he thinks he can threaten her.

        I mean.. the worst he can do is threaten her with death and uh…. she kind of already nearly died. What are the chances of her responding in a way that he likes to that? Presumably not too high.

        Also, seriously, it would be nice for him to feel like a human at some point rather than a caricature in the guise of a human. I feel we’ve been pretty patient with em, but this “development” just nearly isn’t enough of a payoff for what we had to go through the past few chapters.

        Guess I’ll stick with Author’s ploy is working, we’ve definately still invested in waiting for him to turn human heh.

  2. Fck off XTY
    .. tsk why does it feel like I’m more mad than LCJ
    I just can’t stand this dumba_s who won’t even check up on LCJ while even his servants are worried. He doesn’t deserve any affection from her.

  3. Men like him are so clueless…even purely dumb. Can’t you try to coax a girl before demanding for something~ But still, waiting for him to redeem himself. I need a second lead, where u at?

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