Chapter 129: More terrible than death and Compromise (Part 2)

“Oh …” Lin Chujiu continued responding, but she just sat back in a daze.

Well, since Xiao Tianyao doesn’t care wasting time, so why would she, right?

The two of them relatively stayed in silence. Lin Chujiu sat in the chair in a daze, while Xiao Tianyao who is sitting opposite to her only looked at her. Eventually, the two of them just stayed like that for about half an hour. Lin Chujiu didn’t even felt a bit embarrassed because Xiao Tianyao no longer exists in her eyes. 

This feeling of being ignored felt really bad.

But, Xiao Tianyao believes that if he wouldn’t speak. According to her pride, Lin Chujiu will just sit like this all day.

So, Xiao Tianyao shook his head helplessly and look at Lin Chujiu with a trace of tolerance in his eyes. And said: “Chujiu, you are benwang’s wangfei.”

This is the first time Xiao Tianyao addresses Lin Chujiu with her name. And also the first time he admitted her as his wife. Unfortunately, he was… … too late.

Lin Chujiu felt a tremendous discomfort in her heart and so her eyes redden uncontrollably.  Lin Chujiu secretly took a deep breath to hide her feelings, and smile while saying: “Wangye, you don’t need to remind me. I know, I am Xiao Wangfei.”

Xiao Tianyao felt unsatisfied with Lin Chujiu’s reply, but then, he accepted it. Xiao Tianyao didn’t insist Lin Chujiu speak more, he only added: “We will be together in honor or in shame.”

“Really?” Obviously, Lin Chujiu doesn’t believe in his words.

“When you were in the palace, didn’t you already experienced the benefits of being the Xiao Wangfei?” Xiao Tianyao pointed out the time when Lin Chujiu shames the Crown Prince with her identity.

If Lin Chujiu is not the Xiao Wangfei, will she be able to challenge the Crown Prince head on?

“If Wangye didn’t mention it, I will completely forget about it.” Because in Xiao Wangfu, her identity is useless.

“Benwang doesn’t like listening to lies.”

“I don’t like lying too, it’s a total waste of brain cells.”

“Then, we’re really matched.”

When these words came out from Xiao Tianyao mouth, it really sounded ironic. But,  Lin Chujiu didn’t hear them, so she just continued staying in silence.

The meaning to Lin Chujiu’s action is too obvious. Xiao Tianyao himself is a man that is not good in coaxing a woman. So, their conversation was cut off once again.

Xiao Tianyao frowns his eyebrows because there was this unknown fire that is burning his heart. Fortunately, his mind control is greater than his emotions. So, even if this fire completely swallows his heart, he won’t forget his real purpose in meeting Lin Chujiu: “Chujiu, in four months, you must cure benwang’s legs.”

Lin Chujiu lifted up her eyes and look at Xiao Tianyao. She doesn’t want to flatly refuse, so she only said: “I’m sorry, I can’t.”

After she said those words, she suddenly remembers Xiao Tianyao’s words about honor or shame. Why will Xiao Tianyao visit her without any purpose?

Lin Chujiu refuse so that Xiao Tianyao will get angry. But, because Xiao Tianyao has been eating her toast pride, he doesn’t mind eating some more: “Four months is too long? Then, how about in three months?”

“I said, I can’t.” Lin Chujiu still refused, but then her voice sounds a bit louder than before.

Xiao Tianyao’s eyes turn cold just like during their wedding night: “Chujiu, you have no right to refuse benwang.”

“I have.” This time, Lin Chujiu is not afraid of death anymore, so she stared back at him and said: “I’m not afraid of death anymore. Wangye, you can kill me anytime.”

She was too afraid to die before, that’s why Xiao Tianyao was able to control her. But right now, aside from death, she believes Xiao Tianyao has no other away to threaten her.

“Chujiu, you are too naive. There are much more terrible things in this world than death.” Xiao Tianyao smile, but this smile didn’t reflect in his eyes, so a person couldn’t help but get chills.

Lin Chujiu admitted that she got intimidated. But this time, she, Lin Chuji will never bow. And will never compromise!

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24 thoughts on “Chapter 129: More terrible than death and Compromise (Part 2)

  1. Oh yes Chujiu!!! Continue!!! Don’t ever back out… Make it very long (10x linger than when HY forgave LF)… Hahahaha… She already experienced torture and near-death (I considered her being imprisoned with critical injuries as torture, nobody disagree), so unless you, Tianyao, rape her, there’s nothing else more revolting and scarier than that I think?

    1. There are plenty of other tortures which are actually more painful that broken ribs with a possible lung puncture (which pretty much requires surgery for survival), and a dislocated arm. People can get incredibly creative in that field. Blerg.
      She won’t give him what he will want most any time soon, but I think she will see the benefit to fixing his legs before long. Or else become a total butt-kicking general herself, which is… unlikely.

  2. Lin Chujiu admitted that she got intimidated. But this time, she, Lin Chuji will never bow. And will never compromise!

    That’s my girl.. 😎😎😎

  3. Good, Continue Lin Chuji!! You can do it!!!! Have some more will and don’t be easily sway! You go girl! Let him suffer!!!

  4. You go girl 😀 Don’t forgive too easily, because XTY must learn his lesson. He needs a lot of EQ lesson. Instead making threats he should start with apologize her…

  5. Chujiu my girl just go on a journey and leave that place so that this dude could realize his own feelings.

    Thanks for the chapter

  6. This is getting more interesting, LCJ I think XTY need a lot of coaching and need to open up more… Thanks for this part.

  7. i like the fact that LCJ strongly rejects the idea of going back to XTY. I mean realistically when you already let go of your feeling, it’s pretty hard to get the feeling again.. XTY your so screwed.

    ps: I enjoyed other novels too but I hate the part when some of them when the FL forgave the ML to easily.. like ” I hate him/ wont forgive him” but just by a bit of coaxing everything is ok again.. if it is simple lover spat, i can understand but if not =_= than… seriously?

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