Chapter 13: Meeting the bride (Part 1)

The guests look for a long time, but they didn’t even see Prince Xiao’s shadow. Instead, they saw a black sedan was entering the hall.

The whole body of the sedan was painted in black. An ordinary citizen may not know, but a citizen with a high position in society knows that this black sedan is very unusual.

“Is Prince Xiao inside the black sedan?”

Some people made a bold guess and then refuted the message earlier. If Prince Xiao came by using a sedan, then how could he miss the auspicious hour?

In reality, the wide black sedan was already parked securely in front of Lin Mansion. A thick curtain was blocking the gate of Lin mansion to avoid the crowd’s eyes. No one will be able to see the person who is sitting in the black sedan unless Prince Xiao will open the door to marry the bride!

Everyone is determined that the person who is in the black sedan is really Prince Xiao. But, just like before Prince Xiao didn’t come out.

Is this also called meeting the bride personally?

Everyone stare at each other, they didn’t say a word but they really want to laugh out loud in embarrassment.

Although it is really laughable, but Prince Xiao personally came. So, this situation can already be considered as giving face the Lin Family. After all, Prince Xiao is in a special situation so who would still be picky.

The people that weren’t able to see Prince Xiao felt disappointed. But, no one dares to say anything. Especially, when they saw the guards on both sides of the black sedan. Just by looking at their bloodthirsty looking eyes makes them scared and shrink their body.

Does Prince Xiao really need to bring these bloodthirsty looking guards to meet the bride personally?

Is this a wedding or a kidnapping?

No one really agrees with Prince Xiao’s action, but no one dares to come forward and start a battle of words.Even Lin Xiang the bride’s father only respectfully approached the black sedan but didn’t dare to show even half of his dissatisfaction.

With the arrival of Prince Xiao and his group of retired soldiers as guards. The atmosphere in the wedding hall that should have been lively has quiet down immediately. In addition, the sound of the gong and flute-like musical instrument didn’t even add enjoyment to the guests to make them start a conversation or laughter.

Several guests have seen the awkward atmosphere, so they decided to open their mouth to adjust the atmosphere. But, once they saw the sharp eyes of Prince Xiao’s guards their half open mouth immediately closed.


Because the guards that Prince Xiao has brought is not only for show!

These guards are soldiers that have experienced hundred of thousands battle in the war. A chilly atmosphere was emitting from them and an eye-catching scars from swords are visible in their body, but showed their dignity as heroes of the country.

At this moment, who will have the guts to start a word with them?

With these shocking group of people, the marriage ended up simple. Prince Xiao and his guards rushed to the bridal chamber. The bride will ride another sedan and they will carry her out.

Yes, she will use a sedan!

According to the traditional wedding ceremony, this time Lin Chujiu should go out with her younger brother. But, Prince Xiao didn’t follow the traditional wedding ceremony and instructed his guards to carry the bride out.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t care about this stuff and don’t even try to mention about Lin Family.

Since the beginning, Lin Furen (Madam Lin) couldn’t wait for Lin Chujiu to became a big joke. So, why would she come forward and stop Prince Xiao?

Lin Xiang is very dissatisfied, but when he saw Prince Xiao’s guards he can only swallow his pride. Especially, when he took the bride without saying anything to him

Did Prince Xiao really come to marry the bride?

The guests got confused and stunned, so they just stayed on their initial place. When the wedding team went at least hundred meters away from the Lin Mansion they started firecrackers!

The noises from the firecrackers sounded behind the wedding team, so the quiet procession got a little festive.

Lin Chujiu who was sitting in the sedan couldn’t help but smile. Acting like a puppet is really absurd, the wedding is so boring and is more like a funeral. But, Lin Chujiu can accept this. And if it is another woman, maybe that woman will attempt suicide.

Prince Xiao, so this is how you will treat me ah?

I, Lin Chujiu will see what you can do, but I will face them one by one!

The more the wedding team gets farther and farther from the Lin Mansion the more it was getting quiet. Aside from the uniform footsteps of the guards, a festivity sound couldn’t be heard. If the prominent sedan is not present, no one will notice that a wedding is happening.

“Who is getting married? How come it looks like a funeral?”

Prince Xiao’s guards look too serious, so the people couldn’t help but whisper. What even worst has they said that their wedding is even colder than a ghost wedding.

Unfortunately, Lin Chujiu couldn’t hear them. Or else she might even make fun of them. She has a chronic poison in her body and Prince Xiao is crippled for the rest of his life. Seriously, they should really turn this into a ghost wedding.

While on the sedan chair, Lin Chujiu made a blind guess. What if Prince Xiao kick her out when they arrive in the Prince Mansion?

Does she really expect him to kick her out in his current situation? Isn’t he crippled?

Anyway, Lin Chujiu doesn’t have so much expectation, to begin with, so there won’t be despair.

With the sound of another firecracker, the Xi Niang (Matron of Honor) helped Lin Chujiu to get out from the sedan and step by step walk inside the Prince Mansion.

Upset? Nervous?
Lin Chujiu doesn’t feel any of these feelings. Now, she only wants to hurry and go to her room so she can remove already this heavy wedding coronet in her head. But… … That’s only her wishful thinking!

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