Chapter 131: Affection and Wronged (Part 2)

She had no elder brother or sister in her previous life. Or an elder like Meng Laofuren that talks harsh but full of concerns. 

So for the love and care of this old lady, Lin Chujiu cannot afford to be cruel and just use her. 

Just go with the flow ah!

Lin Chujiu’s independence really made Meng Laofuren both happy and sad, so she said: “My good girl, you must have felt wronged. Grandmother is bad. Grandmother shouldn’t have left you alone in the capital. You must have felt very lonely.” 

Meng Laofuren doesn’t seem to refer to Lin Furen and Lin Xiang. Which made Lin Chujiu very puzzled, but she didn’t dare to ask, she simply replied with: “Grandmother, I didn’t felt wronged, I’m okay, I just miss you.”

This is not the proper place to discuss such things. Meng Laofuren knows her own indiscretion, so she only smiled softly and said: “It’s good if you didn’t felt wronged.”

“Meng Laofuren, Wangfei, please… …” A servant came forward and lead them to the sedan chair. Meng Laofuren‘s eyes squinted and had guessed that her granddaughter must not be staying in the main house. 

“Grandmother, please be careful.” Lin Chujiu personally helped Meng Laofuren to sit in the sedan chair. And then, she also sat back. 

The scenery along the main gate of the Xiao Wangfu up to the very last place got more and more look desolate. So Meng Laofuren‘s face got more and more gloomy.  And her eyes were seemingly burning with fire.

Lin Chujiu sighed and regretted that she didn’t explain anything in advance. But right now, they were sitting in the sedan chair, so it’s very inconvenient to speak.

Fortunately, they soon arrived at her place in Jing Tian Courtyard.

When the servant stopped in front of her place, Lin Chujiu busily went forward to help the old lady: “Grandmother we’re here.”

“A dignified Wangfei lives here?” When Meng Laofuren got up, her face becomes more ugly. And due to anger, she didn’t wait for Lin Chujiu’s explanation and directly ask: “Your father and mother came to see you, but they didn’t find out that you’re living in this kind of place? Or they just didn’t say anything? Is it so good to bully a girl from Meng Family?”

This is the first time that Lin Chujiu received so much concern from a loved ones. So although Meng Laofuren is getting angry, she was so grateful to her.

“Grandmother,” Lin Chujiu suppressed the deep affection she felt and said while smiling: “I volunteered to live in this place. It’s very quiet here, so it’s easy to recuperate.”

She doesn’t want this stern, but very kind old lady to worry. And she doesn’t want to use her family ties to her as a bargaining chip. She wants to keep this warmth without any hidden intentions.

“Grandmother cannot understand why you volunteered to live in this place.” Lin Xiang had married her two daughters but she never saw them lived in a desolate area.

Lin Xiang is not a good father to Lin Chujiu. But, Lin Chujiu didn’t lack in any material things or foods. So, Lin Chujiu grew up just fine.

Lin Chujiu blink her eyes a few times to move back her tears. And said with a smile: “Grandmother, you got it wrong. I volunteered to live here, but I’m not alone. Wangye also lives here.” Originally, Lin Chujiu wanted to complain in front of Meng Laofuren and let Guo Gongfu saves her, but now… …

She just wanted to dispel Meng Laofuren‘s worry. So even if she doesn’t want to, she said that Xiao Tianyao recognized her as his wife.

“Is what you’re saying is true? Xiao Wangye also lives here?” Doubt was written all over Meng Laofuren’s face, so Lin Chujiu vigorously nodded her head and added: “Grandmother, if you don’t believe me, come with me and see for yourself. Wangye has also been waiting for you. It’s just, his legs are not in a good condition, so he didn’t come to pick you.” 

While talking, Lin Chujiu escorted the old lady to go inside.

Lin Chujiu’s face looks so tender. Her face didn’t show any trace of hesitation or cautiousness to Xiao Tianyao. So, seeing her optimistic and lively behavior, Meng Laofuren felt relieved… …

Perhaps, Xiao Wangye really treats Chujiu nicely!

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  1. Grandma take your baby and RUN LCJ why don’t you see this as the opportunity to escape from XTY I know she has her pride and all but come on, shr almost died several times in there
    XTY I hope he doesn’t threaten LCJ using her grandma

  2. I believe Grandmother (Meng laofuren) is bribery – the carrot, if you will, while potential torture is the stick; he’ll do almost anything to get his legs back, revenge on his crumby brother, and from there, the world perhaps.

  3. *cough* imprisonment *cough* threatening her *cough* mood swings *cough* treats her like those woman in the capital *coughs* thinks that his too high *cough* also leaving her with a high fever and even left her to lose so much blood *coughs and smiles* totally treating her great!

    Thanks for the chapter

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