Chapter 132: Covering and backing (Part 1)

When Meng Laofuren enters the courtyard and saw Xiao Tianyao sitting in his wheelchair, waiting for them near the door. Her face becomes soft and gentle.

Xiao Tianyao nodded his head as a greeting to the old lady. Then, he waved his hand to the servant next to him to push his wheelchair closer. Xiao Tianyao’s eyes swept to Lin Chujiu, but he only speaks to the old lady: “Meng Laofuren, benwang wasn’t able to greet and pick you personally. May you forgive this prince.”

It can be said, Xiao Tianyao’s appearance is still very deceptive. He is still so proud and indifferent to other people. But because he took the initiative to speak, Meng Laofuren felt surprised.

Xiao Wangye is known for being cold to others.

But seeing Xiao Tianyao’s eyes right now with a trace of gentleness, Meng Laofuren felt at ease. So, she said gracefully with respect: “Wangye, your words are heavy. This old lady doesn’t dare to tire the prince.”

Meng Laofuren is Chujiu’s grandmother, and so is benwang. Meng Laofuren doesn’t need to be so modest.” Xiao Tianyao had no expression on his face, but because his words showed goodwill. Meng Laofuren felt touched. Especially, when he called Lin Chujiu only by her name. Inside Meng Laofuren’s heart, she couldn’t help but believed Lin Chujiu’s words a bit. She believes that Lin Chujiu lives well in Xiao Wangfu. 

Meng Laofuren no longer tried to be modest, but she said with a smile: “If Wangye said so, this old lady won’t disagree.” Xiao Tianyao is a prince, his identity is much higher than her. And if this identity becomes the main issue, Meng Laofuren cannot guarantee that she can fully support Lin Chujiu. Xiao Tianyao accepting her as his elder is something she can only hope for.

Meng Laofuren, speaking casually is just fine.” Xiao Tianyao had already given enough face to Lin Chujiu. But, Lin Chujiu didn’t feel happy because her grandmother has been standing for long. Lin Chujiu didn’t want Meng Laofuren to notice it, so she smiles and walks behind Xiao Tianyao to replace the servant: “Wangye, we’ve been staying here for long. Let’s go inside and continue our talk. Grandmother is too old to stay outside.”

Even though he didn’t see it, Xiao Tianyao can imagine Lin Chujiu’s brilliant smile. But, he knows that she’s unhappy and her bright smile was fake.

However, there will be more chance later.

Xiao Tianyao nodded his head toward the old lady. “Meng Laofuren, let’s go inside first.”

“Alright, Wangye, you may go first.” Seeing Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu getting along well, Meng Laofuren felt more and more happy.

Right now, she is not worried about Lin Chujiu anymore. Because she felt that Xiao Tianyao is really good to her granddaughter. Her worries have completely dissipated.

After entering the house, Meng Laofuren and Xiao Tianyao continue their talk. But because Xiao Tianyao doesn’t like to talk much. Meng Laofuren was the one who speaks most of the time. However, Xiao Tianyao listens to her and occasionally answer her questions.

Meng Laofuren couldn’t help but find Xiao Tianyao’s actions warm and kind. But, she still didn’t stop showing respect. Meng Laofuren had a long interaction with Xiao Tianyao more than Lin Chujiu, so she had a tacit understanding about him. With that, she got more and more satisfied with him. She got even happier when she learned that Xiao Tianyao really lives in this kind of place.

When Lin Chujiu had said earlier that she volunteered to live here. She boldly guesses that Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianya had a fight. But if that is the real case, with Xiao Tianyao’s personality, he will not come and lives here.

So, Meng Laofuren directly said to Lin Chujiu: “Chujiu, if Wangye was so busy with his work, you should take care of his needs. You shouldn’t lose your temper.”

“Grandmother, when did I?” Lin Chujiu felt depressed. But, she could only brightly smile, so that this old lady won’t get worried.

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  1. thanks for the chapter 🙂
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    To be honest, I’m not sure if XTY can ever redeem himself in my eyes, but I hope he does for LCJ’s sake ;v;

  2. XTY if you use this grandma as a stepping stone to treat your legs, this young lady swears that she will take away LCJ and say goodbye to your face. If you wanna coax your wangfei, get your legs treated then you better treat this grandma with genuine affection and care to make our dear mc feel a bit happy. If not, then say goodbye to your dear legs.

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